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People are jerks. Just an observation. Some days it shows more than others. Today was one of those days. At L&J some kid opened a door for a woman on crutches and as she tried to move forward a guy on a cellphone barged right past her. At the grocery store they opened a second lane and the lady at the end of the line with the largest order cut everyone off to get to it. At the pharmacy I waited 25 minutes to pick up my dad


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You are right, Dom. The world is full of them. You can't do anything about most of them.


The wait at the pharmacy may have been an exception. You should have said, "Excuse me" and requested your prescriptions. I don't think you would have gotten any reaction from the people behind the counter other than a little embarrassment when they remembered why they were there...to serve the customer. If they did give you a negative reaction, you have other remedies, like complaining to the manager or going over the manager's head when you find that he/she is also a jerk.


Pharmacies are slow enough on a good day.

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After all the bad luck and crap you still think postive, I like that though. You know that when you have repeated bad luck, something good always comes from it, usually. Good luck finding it Dom.



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Travel a lot and you'll see that this varies around the world. There are rude people everywhere but what I find most fascinating is how different societies deal with them. In some countries, for instance, the pharmacy clerk wouldn't have had the opportunity to ignore a customer for more than about 5 seconds flat before getting majorly yelled at or bitched out. In others, the pharmacy clerk would have been amiably greeting the customer politely the minute he or she walked through the door, but would have insisted on wrapping up the prescription carefully and going through a long, elaborate procedure for the sake of ritual before they could leave. When in Rome...

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