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    I seem to end up everyone's bitch... I like pie... After a good two hour workout I go straight to Yogurt Land. I like to skip in crowded public places. I love Mochi balls. I'm a nerd.

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  1. Hello Meeko


    11 yrs with 686 content, is a 62+ a yr average. Now last year there was nothing. Hopefully you come back to us and get re-involved, you have been missed. I want to wish you a Happy 31st Birthday and that you had a great day of it. Don't be a stranger.


    Take care


  2. Happy Birthday! Again!

  3. I have done this, and his response was that he was just scared, but I'm not quite sure what he's scared about nor has he told me yet.
  4. Hey Drought, He knows I'm bi, and I know he's straight and he was more afraid that I did have a crush on him, and thats why I was doing everything I did for him.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Let me just clarify that he knows I'm bi and leaning towards female. And he is also currently 17 years old. I'm mostly just upset that he even considered I could have a crush on him I think.
  6. Happy Birthday Meeko, you disappeared again :(

  7. I'm not new, I'm actually very, very old =)
  8. I haven't ever told my mom or dad, but I'm sure they expect it. However I am a super private person and considering i am Bi, I feel like its really no ones business but my own. =)
  9. In case anyone was wondering, which I doubt since I've been MIA for so long... I have unpublished all of the chapters of "Last Goodbye" and I am currently re-editing and fixing some minor stuff that has been bothering me as I re-read these chapters and re-familiarize myself with this story. I've already spent the entire afternoon / evening writing the next chapter and will slowly begin to re-release the chapters already written on a new discussion board to keep things new and fresh. However I won't start re-publishing anything until I get at least 2-3 new chapters written so that there isn't another long hiatus from me. So with that being said, if you've never read this story before I can't wait to share it with you, and if you're an old soul who's been dying for me to publish a new chapter, your wish will very soon come true. Meek!
  10. There was a time I would live on this site, read every story published, know every author here. Boy oh boy has time passed. Well now that school is over, and I only work fulltime now, I foresee much free time. I hope to once again brush off the rust and continue my writing! THE RETURN OF THE RACOON!
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