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So I'm wasting time right now until Kevin decides to wake up. I've been basically living at his apartment, going home to shower/shave/change/grab stuff and then I pretty much come right back, and I go to class. I gotta say it's sort of funny how now that I've backed away from my social circles, everyone's paying a lot of attention to me. It's so ironic that when I actually wanted attention, I could never get anyone to give me the time of day, and now that I have Kevin, everybody wants me to play with them all the time.


Kevin and I are officially dating, as in boyfriend status. He's a sweetheart, and I really can't believe I'm spending so much time around him without wanting to kill him. Most people really bother me after a while, but I've yet to come across anything that really annoys me with him. The most aggravating thing is having to actually pay attention when he talks about some random paranormal/spiritual type shit and I blatantly don't believe in any of it... but even that doesn't really get on my nerves too much because he usually is kind of cute about that, sorta like watching a little kid play pretend, y'know? Same way I feel about the few Christians I like, lol.


Trenden seems to be a bit upset at the sudden acquisition of Kevin, considering as how he seemed to be wanting to hit on me. Sorry, but that's totally all on him. I was nice to him, tried to spend time with him, and he very likely could've totally captured my attention way before Kevin even came along, but he didn't seem to want to make the effort to find alone time with me. It's sort of hard to get to know someone if you're constantly in a big group of people, much less get close to them at all. Anyway, I was hesitating about him anyway for a while because I wasn't sure how well we would jive together, so it's likely a very good thing that it happened the way it did.


So yeah, I'm quite fond of Kevin. He's just delightful. The guy is absolutely mouthwateringly sexy for starters, plus he's very affectionate, he's very sweet, and he catches a lot of things that people don't normally pay attention to. He just... he's very good about doing what he can to keep me in my comfort-zone and making me feel relaxed and calm. Good sense of humor and he's playful, too! I have pictures of him taking a bubble bath 'cause he was sore from us playing racketball. :P Stuff like that makes me smile, being all playful and silly and whatnot.


Hm, so really all I have to talk about is Kevin, and let's face it, no one really wants to hear that much about someone's boyfriend or girlfriend, ever. :P I've been just generally hanging around and going to class, my friend Liz got a ferret which she named Morris Freeman Malfoy McDougal, I lost a bit more weight so now I'm 135 even, and yeah... I'm quite happy. Okay I go bye bye now, but you guys take care and have fuuuun!


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