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How is it Christmas again? Who said that was okay?


Things have been good. Plugging away at school. I missed the deadline to apply for a TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee). Which is okay I guess because I didn't think I was going to have the credits required for that by next Fall. Instead I find myself applying with out the guarantee. This is scary, considering the filing period for the application closed on the 30th. However, it seems UCR and two other UC campuses are still accepting transfer applications through the 15th.


So now I have a list of crap to get done. Its going to be a busy week. I have a Spanish homework packet due. Online Spanish lab work due. both on Tuesday. Tuesday I also have a chapter test for Spanish that is online. Then Thursday I have a Spanish final.


I am also quite sad. Tuesday is the last meet of this Spanish class. I can honestly say it has been the funnest class I have been in. I'll miss all the people from that class.


Also on the to do list: Two personal statements which need to have and approx 1000 word count combined. Definitely have to be complete by the Thursday, but honestly the sooner the better. Just so I can not worry about that and focus on worrying about being accepted and how Im going to pay for it if/when I am accepted.


Need to go get a tree... which means about four hours spent stringing lights.


Need to Christmas shop. I only know exactly what I am getting one person. Everyone else is up in the air. I dunno what to get them. I dunno what that says about me as a person lol.


Well hopefully Ill survive this week of total madness. Get my things done and submitted and focus all of my attention on the writing that is coming back.


Catch you all on the flip side



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Save the environment, buy a pre-lit fake tree! They're quite real looking, now. And they store with the lights already on the branches, so you only take it out each year and open the branches, then decorate.

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aww...I advise breathing, slowly...cause it sounds like that is all you have time for stress relief this week! Good luck!

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