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  1. shadowgod

    Killing your babies

    It is weird to revisit stories written. Kind of like wondering down the street you used to live on as a kid. There are a lot of memories bound up in the words. The gloss of nostalgia is tempered with the clarity of experience. Its hard to say what my aim was with the stories I wrote. I do know that if i were to write them today they wouldn't be the same. Who knows maybe there is yet still another draft or two living inside of Living in surreality. Decimate it to the basics of the story, and build it back up stronger and better than what it is. I spent too much time trying to emulate domluka, trying to mimic CJames. the truth is I can't. I get lost in Dom's interrelationship intricacies. I utterly lack Cj's flair for plot building and tension. So I have to wonder what am I left with? a characters personal struggles, seems the most obvious. Perhaps that is what I should focus on. Jacob and Matt both want to ditch there past. Poor Valerie is just along for the ride. She needs to fight harder against the change that rushes at her. Can she accept that change in the end and remain a friend? That seems a more compelling story than just a willing cheerleader. But everyone needs a cheerleader, especially Matt who seems so left without. And then there is Cody, suck waiting to find who is outside that door. Trouble with Cody is that everyone wants him, when he truly wants no one. I need to cut out all the chasing boys and focus on Cody. The big problem is I just don't know where to start. from the beginning. Thats always the best place.
  2. shadowgod


    lol it isn't Cody I want to recreate, its the world around him. it needs to be better, and more believable. =)
  3. shadowgod


    Ive heard its best to pick up where one leaves off. It makes sense, but it was never a philosophy given to writing. Especially when there is a prolonged gap. You just can't get back to it. The rhythm changes, any cadence established gets lost. You can try, Im sure, but the fracture of time will stand like the grand canyon in the story. Plus I know I write better now then I did two or three years ago. I am however not sure any of the characters are as good as some I have left here sitting on a shelf waiting to be read again. So what's next? the rewrite. I tried to emulate DomLuka in a little way with DnCW Multiple characters and story threads. Spur interaction with readers as they tried to guess who was going to end up with whom. I failed. I built a story that became top heavy. A story that was sitting on a single central character. The story became unstable, and began to lack a defined direction. It needs to be rewritten. From chapter 1 onwards. somethings may stay. Others may go away. Im not sure, but I know it has to be done, because as the story is now, I can't write anymore of it. It's hopelessly broken.
  4. Miss you and yer words Steve.

  5. I think its bound to happen Lugh. We always make mental comparisons He has his deceased wife to make this comparison to. Having this mental connection will keep him a rounded character.
  6. time to start dusting things off

  7. feels like I have been gone too long

    1. TalonRider


      Long time no see oh Shadowy one.

    2. Toast


      Hey Shadowgod.

  8. shadowgod


    dick =p
  9. Steeeeevveeee.. where are you? :P Hope everything is ok...

  10. shadowgod

    My frailty

    A poem which, in ways, is very personal. After going back and forth about posting it, I decided I would.
  11. shadowgod


    My Frailty: My frailty was you, perfectly damaged you. What was at first forever, slowly faded, into something more like maybe never. Yet I remained steadfast for you, shunning all else who came. For simply complicated you. Even when you said when we have nothing left to lose, I still remained true. I still do. I still do. My frailty
  12. chapter 28: : edited by viv : Something had ended in the last seven weeks Jacob had spent in the hospital, and try as he might, he couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. Innocence? Freedom? They were possibilities for sure, and undeniably linked to the absence of the midnight blue Mustang he knew he would encounter when he arrived home. "You alright?" Matt asked, stealing a glance at Jacob from the driver's seat of Joanne's Explorer. Jacob averted his gaze from the
  13. chapter 27: : edited by viv : The laundry list of injuries sustained had been substantial; broken femur, broken wrist, broken ulna, fractured radius, three broken ribs, and what the doctors went on to describe as near-catastrophic internal injuries. Including the internal bleeding that was collapsing Jacob's lungs, the bulk of the injuries were all on Jacob's left side, apparently the side that had taken the initial impact, or so the doctors surmised. Matt knew the number
  14. chapter 26: : edited by viv : Independence Day in Oak Meadow typified everything small-town America stood for; homemade floats parading down main street in a blur of patriotic colors, a barbecue picnic in the park put on by the local firehouse, all leading to an evening capped with fireworks at the local high school. All of these festivities, and the sense of community they gave Matt, made this his favorite of any holiday. He had grown up attending them as a matter of duty in h
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