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Civil War



I have remembered a while back talking to this right wing kook. He thought that anyone who happened to be liberal was a communist and an anti-American. He was from Tennessee as I recall (not that all people from there think that way), and he said that he had build a compound. He was supposedly preparing for a second civil war, one basically between conservatives and liberals. Thinking about it now I wonder. What if there were actually a civil war in the US, one fought between liberals and conservatives? I'm sure that if it happened many of my fellow liberals might sing a different tune about guns. As long as there are crazy right-wing f**ks with guns, I figure it doesn't hurt to have an arsenal of your own.


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I've actually pondered that quite recently. I think gun ownership requires a commitment to the security of the weapon, and that's a responsibility I personally haven't been willing to assume. That being said, I don't begrudge anyone else their right to do so, provided they act responsibly as well.


I'm going on the assumption that if there is a new Civil War, whichever side I end up on (there would be many IMHO) would have an arsenal at their disposal. Otherwise, they're going to lose, and who wants to be on the losing side of a war?biggrin.gif

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Very true.


I am completely opposed to anyone owning/using a gun.


If Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh, however, showed up at my door step-


I'd turn into the biggest hypocrite in the world.

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Gay people who oppose gun ownership are in the same category as Jews that thought that Hitler would just blow over.

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