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So, massive tech fail this morning.


Sitting on the computer, reading the overnight news from CNN, and suddenly the computer comes up with a '0% battery' warning. So I double-check the power connection, decide that everything's in order, then go back to reading my morning.


Anyway, two minutes later, the laptop cuts out.


So, in my wisdom, I phone HP tech support. Raj in Kolkata tells me 'I can do a software check, but it will cost you 33 dollars.' I say 'well, the laptop won't turn itself on, dickbag.' He says, 'ok, phone Melbourne'. So, I hang up and phone Melbourne. In Melbourne, I speak with Amy. Straight away, Amy says 'no, phone Hobart', and agrees that Raj is a dickbag. So, I hang up and phone Abby here in Hobart. Abby says '250 dollars, please'. I say 'thank you, you've just inspired me to buy a new computer'.


So I went down to the local computer store and bought a shiny new HP Pavillion dv6.


Gosh it's pretty.


So anyway, now I have a new computer.


And, since I spent over $1200, I also have a free xbox.


Hooray for xbox.


But anyway, since I'm a douche and hadn't backed up my files since before Christmas, I'm now in a position where I can't access the 'good' copy of The Things You Fear The Most until at least Thursday night, which is f**ked, cos I'd written 1,000 words last night and I was only a couple of days away from getting it finished.




So anyway, now I've gotta wait til Thursday when the computer shop gets the part that they need to convert my old hard drive into a USB drive.




So now, instead of getting a new chapter of TTYFTM out by the end of this week, I've decided to turn my attention to something else. Another story, in fact. One that I'd posted in Sneak Peeks a while ago, and have been itching to write for quite a few weeks. The first couple of chapters are all planned out, so I'll see if I can get the first chapter of that done before I get my proper copy of TTYFTM back later in the week.




Well, we'll see.


I really think that the new story is gonna be awesome, so if you see a new story unexpectedly pop up over the next handful of days, you'll know that I made some solid progress while on TTYFTM hiatus.



Also, while I'm here, I've gotta mention something else.




Tennis, tennis, tennis.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.


The Australian Open is about to start and all the tennis stars are down here in Australia for the next couple of weeks.




Gosh tennis players are hot.


Andy Roddick, Richard Gasquet, Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin Del Potro, Marat Safin...


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Marat Safin.


The things I'd do to that man.


Um... yeah.


That's all, really.


Wish me luck with this new story!


...and Marat.




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Bleargh.. yeah... i may not have spoken to the same guys but I have certainly had the same experience. While I'm thinking of it I really have to back up my new stuff.


Looking forward to the new story, which truly is as awesome as claimed :)

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