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  1. Zuri


    πŸ˜‚ I just wonder if I can get my hands on the original version out of curiosity I guess, I know what you mean. It is hard to find a colleague who's like-minded so that working together actually works.
  2. Zuri


    1. You're totally right. Maybe, to be more nerdy, he could have used RGB, HSL or Hex rather than RALβ€”but let's not get carried away πŸ˜‚ 2. Of course. When it's a character with very special traits, it's easy to emphasize that in the way they talk, maybe exaggerate that a bit, but that's that. But it's harder with more common tropes, I guess … 3. I'm sure, I should know this, but in this instant, I do not πŸ˜… I guess, you don't, but I have to ask: Does the original ending still exist somewhere or do you know what you changed in general? Yeah, the feedback can be both encouraging and disco
  3. Zuri


    Much obliged Thanks for the story! Okay, we mostly project ourselves on the main character and a wee bit also on a fair amount of other characters in some aspects. Must be nice to know a real life Ethan ^^
  4. Zuri


    Hard to say who made the most difference: Jacobs family or Ethan. Because I wonder if having Ethan as a friend could help Josh to be more like Jacob. His parents in return, he cannot exchange so easily. @Sammy Blue Besides your inspiration for the twins, would you say that any of your characters is influenced by anyone you know? I wonder if they vote for the Democrats. If that's the case, Mr. Adams would really hate them if he knew them πŸ˜‚ Gosh, did I miss writing comments! :3 It's interesting, also after Ethan's and Josh's hug at the pool, to hug someone you just metβ€”
  5. Zuri


    There's no reason, Parker would only bully Josh. @Sammy Blue It's not necessary to give the other victims names or screen time. It's enough to know they exist. But to me, it's not that surprising that it was just a random locker. If Parker was really pissed, destroying the locker might have been affect based, so he might not have chosen a particular locker to destroy but just the one right next to him. n Honestly, I never noticed Josh having a special eye color when I read the German version. Shame on me! πŸ˜… So I'm not the only writer with that "problem"β€”very relieving πŸ˜‚
  6. Zuri


    Well, she won't. But I wouldn't be so sure about Mr. Adams if he finds out that his own son is gay. Jokes aside, until this point of reading I don't know him well enough to know how serious to take what he said and implied in the TV scene in the last chapter. It's good that Josh now has a rescuer. But as he said it doesn't free him from Parkers constant torture. Parker's right about the fact that Ethan won't always be there to help him. Josh still needs a more permanent solution. I knew most of it, but I learned one or two new colloquialisms among a couple of other wordsβ€”y
  7. Zuri

    The Public Pool

    I totally get that, I guess ^^ It totally makes sense. The adults don't need to be understood nor do they need screen time. We don't need more information to know that Josh fears his father for example. It's enough to understand Josh's world and how and why things happen the way they do. Frankly, I experienced the same issue in my own last two stories. My readers described the parents as "cold"β€”now it's hard to figure out whether that's because I wanted them to be that way or it's because something's off and the characters are not realistic anymore. It's not much of a comparison but at le
  8. Zuri


    I haven't read it, let alone heard of it. But I'll put that book on my read list (it's too full already πŸ˜…). Thanks for the recommendation anyway Well, it's not mainly about being naked, but I get what you mean ^^ It just sounds like I observe Josh being naked πŸ˜‚
  9. Zuri

    The Public Pool

    Oh boy, I've been there, too, so many times. It doesn't matter what you do; as long as you attract attention, it's embarrassing. You just can't do it right. Fun fact: In the early days, it was the democrats who were more conservative. Now that I follow American politics more closely, I can imagine Trump saying exactly that πŸ˜† I really wonder to what church Josh's parents belong. Maybe Mr. Adams even watches televangelist TV channels or just FOX News? Is this energetic, crazy guy his love interest? By the way, @Sammy Blue you kinda destroyed my creativity in
  10. Zuri


    I can relate to Josh being bullied. I've never seen teachers joining in, but I noticed another misconception about dealing with bullying at school. Teachers, parents and classmates always say stuff like "it's just normal social interaction", "they have to deal with that themselves to learn" and so on. Back then, I wondered why they always picked me. Something about me must have been different (I wasn't bullied for being gay). And damn right, it was: I always looked to the ground and wore that ugly-as-hell second hand clothes (of course, second hand can be awesome as well but not if my mother b
  11. Zuri


    Sounds like a fantasy/medieval age setting πŸ€” Quite interesting …
  12. Zuri


    I really enjoyed reading resp. the recording by Ben W. Blue. Yet I still don't fully understand why Ricky see's himself in the future. Maybe I just have to re-read it some day.
  13. Zuri


    Hey Sammy, wow, I didn't know this. Quite interesting. Thanks for that in-depth research!
  14. Zuri


    Heartbreaking but an understandable decision, even though I wonder if it is more common to give your children to a baby hatch. Will they ever see their mother again? Will the situation of their mother have a huge impact on their later lives?
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