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  1. @astone2292 He's very on point 👍
  2. Apposite to the church location:
  3. If people just give you a thumbs up—okay, be my guest. But that doesn't tell you if they did that because they like you like that you post at all like the storyline like your craft That's why I prefer comments to reactions. They tell you if your readers understood the chapter and that they thought about it as well. Comments like "Good! More!" could have been sent by a bot just as well. So if I see, this really came from a human being who cares about my work, I'm very happy.
  4. In have no clue why YouTube recommended that video to me, but now I have an earworm. I love their vibe!
  5. Someone recommended that one to me earlier this week in another forum with a similar thread, and now I can't stop listening to it.
  6. Zuri


    @drsawzall Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The initial idea was if I could write a story like these video games where you have to figure out who you are. But I didn't want to make it too easy. That's when I added additional layers. The idea to Stella was more like a coincidence. I hadn't planned to give her that much screen time in the beginning. Even I couldn't have imagined, she would have the last sentence in the story. What exactly do you mean by "a road less travelled"?
  7. Zuri


    Gareth was having stage fright. Even though, it wasn’t his first time. Yet, every time was a first time. Somehow. Every time was different. Every time was unique. His team leader entered the room. “Five minutes left,” she fluted. She was a drag queen and had been for decades. Today, she was going to moderate this event. Normally, she was always hyped up, but in the critical phase before an event, she calmed down and was on an even kneel—professional. “Just a bigger crowd today,” she added when she saw his worried face in the mirror, and he didn’t answer. “Besides that the u
  8. Stella thinks, that he poses as the victim while in fact she was the victim. I'm not sure how much she remembers, and maybe she ran away before she could witness what happened to Gareth. That's why she thinks, what he does is trans erasure—she's obviously wrong, but Gareth didn't try to talk to her when he left town. When I was plotting the last chapter, I really thought about giving Chase and Gareth a happy ending, but it just didn't make sense to me. There were no possibility for me to write it in a way that wouldn't sound far-fetched. The problem with Chase as a character was, that he
  9. “I don’t … understand. Why?” he grasped. “Your video. You were very clear in it. Didn’t you get enough attention? Do you want eternal gratefulness for every little shit you do? I’m tired of this! We are done.” Then, she took off. “What just happened?” he mumbled and headed to his own class. During the periods he couldn’t concentrate. After school, Chase fastened his steps to get to Gareth. “Thanks for keeping me out of that,” he said while breathing heavily. “That was brave.” “There was no need to include you in the story. That was not the point of i
  10. That reminds me vaguely of this: I normally don't like that schlager/pop vibe, but in that case, it was okay
  11. Hey folks! Sorry for not posting for a while. I can assure you, I'm still here. It's just that the story is drawing to an end and I want to make sure, it's fitting. It took me a while to consider different possibilities and trade them of against each other. But now I guess, also for me the puzzle pieces seem to fit together now. So stay tuned—the next chapter is on its way!
  12. It was a huge surprise to me when he came out as gay since the last song of him, I knew was "Empire State of Mind" ten years ago ^^
  13. Zuri


    😂 I just wonder if I can get my hands on the original version out of curiosity I guess, I know what you mean. It is hard to find a colleague who's like-minded so that working together actually works.
  14. Zuri


    1. You're totally right. Maybe, to be more nerdy, he could have used RGB, HSL or Hex rather than RAL—but let's not get carried away 😂 2. Of course. When it's a character with very special traits, it's easy to emphasize that in the way they talk, maybe exaggerate that a bit, but that's that. But it's harder with more common tropes, I guess … 3. I'm sure, I should know this, but in this instant, I do not 😅 I guess, you don't, but I have to ask: Does the original ending still exist somewhere or do you know what you changed in general? Yeah, the feedback can be both encouraging and disco
  15. Zuri


    Much obliged Thanks for the story! Okay, we mostly project ourselves on the main character and a wee bit also on a fair amount of other characters in some aspects. Must be nice to know a real life Ethan ^^
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