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Creating a new story failed and the error message didn't help

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Hello there!


When I tried to create a story, I wondered: Shouldn't there also be sub-genres below fiction, not just below FanFiction? Anyway, I chose Fiction for now to go on, but there, I encountered an error which frankly puzzled me a bit.image.png.434b9079d29f5090a7049733bc2c5f8d.png

When I clicked on "Submit To Moderation", the error message on top showed up. So far, so good. But shouldn't one form field be marked with an explanation what I should change in it? Since that is not the case, everything seems fine, yet, I can't continue.

Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance!

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8 hours ago, Zuri said:

Shouldn't there also be sub-genres below fiction

No. That's not the purpose of a category in our system. (Fiction, FanFiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, World Building, Special Event Fiction, basically).  All other categorization occurs through the deep genre/sub-genre categorizations.

8 hours ago, Zuri said:

When I clicked on "Submit To Moderation", the error message on top showed up

I'm rather confused. The picture you included  tells you to go through each Step. And two different Steps have a showing you there is an issue on that step. 

Just follow the "How Do I Post A Story on GA FAQ"



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Ah, sorry, I guess, I didn't create a new story since the new sub-category system 🤦‍♂️

I considered this button a "Proceed" button that would also go through the steps, despite its label indicating, it would directly submit the contents. Stupid me. 😬😅

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