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  1. new blog. would really appreciate feedback on a prologue I've been working on!

  2. So, I'm writing again. I'm sure that'll excite the 2.7 people who remember when I used to post stories here. I don't think I've had writers block, it's just rare that opportunity and inspiration intersect in my schedule these days. The only reason I'm even writing this week is because I'm recovering from surgery to insert plates in my face. Bad hockey injury, cheekbone broken in three places. Do not recommend. Anyway, would really appreciate feedback on the prologue I've been working on. I have thirty-two chapters mapped out in Scrivener, so hopefully the words start to flow nicely now that I've figured out the beginning. Enjoy!
  3. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. That may seem like a strange opening sentence, considering my five-and-a-half year absence from GA, but I guess it'll do. I can always go back and edit it later. Anyway, back to the tattoo. I've been tossing around the idea of getting a tattoo down my right forearm (my writing hand), with the first line of the very first story that I ever attempted to write on GA. I won't bore you with the details, as I doubt any of you will remember it, but I do like the idea of having a little in-joke tattooed in plain sight. Who knows, maybe I'll even meet my future husband when he walks up to me in the street and asks, "Why do you have 'It all started with a potato' tattooed on your forearm?" Then I'll be able to tell them all about my mad writing skillz and how I used to write stories for public consumption and oh-my-god-marry-me-you-amazing-attentive-man. Anyway, enough of that. You're probably wondering what I've been up to for the past five-and-a-half years. The answer is: A LOT. Won't bore you with all the details, but here's a pretty reasonable snapshot: - Put a deposit on my first house, then withdrew the offer two days later and bought a one-way ticket to London instead. - Lived in London for two years. Worked as a barman for a while, then got sick of that and worked as a tax consultant instead. - Did the tourist thing. Visited Dubai, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, and Spain. - Went to Toronto for Christmas, twice. Flew from London to Toronto to surprise my best friend the first time, slept on her couch for two months the second time. Fell in love with Tim Horton's. - Spent a couple of weeks in the States in early 2016. Did the gay pilgrimage to San Francisco, then caught the Amtrak from SF to New York. Spent time in Chicago, DC, and Boston, along the way. I also marched in my first pride parade in London, which was pretty cool. Almost as cool as the time my live-in landlord terminated my lease because I had a boyfriend (not even joking). And finally, I did a whole lot of writing. Hours and hours and hours of writing. In coffee shops, in bars, in airports, in aeroplanes, on trains... you name it, I probably wrote in it. I also joined a writers group in London, and met some of the most insanely talented people on this earth. Critiqued a lot of work, did some public readings of my own, and made some lifelong friends along the way. ...which brings me to what I'm working on. I'm probably sitting on 120,000 words' worth of material right now, all in varying stages of completion. Some of it good, some of it great, some of it absolutely rubbish. Most of you probably won't care, but for the 1.15 of you that do, here's a brief rundown of my two major projects: Project 1: Novel-length, coming-of-age, approx 60,000 words in. Teenage protagonist makes a stupid mistake that almost kills his younger brother, and leads to the breakdown of his best friendship and the separation of his parents. With his closest relationships now in tatters, protagonist begins exploring friendships with two intriguing new characters, one of whom is harboring a dark secret. Project 2: Novel-length, suspense/thriller, bit dystopian, approx 50,000 words in. Twenty-something protagonist gets caught up in a biological terror attack on the Tube. Thousands die on the spot, and thousands more fall terminally ill in the aftermath, including our protagonist. Protagonist subsequently learns of an underground casino operating out of a disused Tube station, where the alleged prize on offer is a cure to his disease. We follow the protagonist as he tries to hide his illness and his participation in this dangerous underground casino from his friends and family, while he effectively plays for his life one poker hand at a time. I might eventually get around to posting project 1, as it involves a gay protagonist. Project 2 is way too hetero for this environment, though. Anyway, that's enough for my opening blog. Once you've finished rejoicing in the fact that I'm still alive (or simply wondering who the fuck I am), feel free to leave a comment and say hi. Give me some reading recommendations, as well. I've no idea what's good around these parts nowadays. Later.
  4. Okay, now you have your 100 likes. Now get your act together and show us what you are capable of. This is the first day of a fresh start here at GA, good luck.

  5. Hey. :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kev de Cauchery

      Kev de Cauchery

      Are you still writing blogs?

    3. PlugInMatty


      don't really find the time to blog nowadays. might write a blog on GA over the weekend, if I get the time. I imagine there's a bit of ground to cover haha. and yes, still writing. a big part of my motivation for moving to London was to focus more on my writing, and see if it goes anywhere. don't think my current project will be ready for public consumption any time soon, but I've managed 53,451 words, and I have full scene-by-scene breakdowns for all 32 chapters, so things are...

    4. Kev de Cauchery

      Kev de Cauchery

      I'm glad. :) i look forward to your blog.

  6. so, my housemate's ex-girlfriend came to visit last night. she was running early and my housemate was running late, so we ended up hanging out on our own for an hour and a half, watching Back to the Future and having a really intelligent conversation about product placement in Hollywood. fast forward to now, and my housemate's current girlfriend is sitting on the couch, talking about how funny Will Ferrell is and shouting quotes at the television while watching Step Brothers. fuck my life.
  7. me, way drunk, wearing my (female) friend's train conductor hat. bringin' sexy back, y'all.
  8. my first purchase as a 25-year-old: Totem Tennis.

  9. my first purchase as a 25-year-old: Totem Tennis.

  10. so, today is my 25th birthday. today is also 'R U OK?' Day. these two facts would be mutually exclusive, except one of my friends inboxed everyone on my Facebook account and told them to ask me 'R U OK?' instead of wishing me a happy birthday. so now I have 95 wall posts (and counting), all asking if I'm ok. I also had the following interaction with my mother this morning: it was somewhat amusing. anyway, on the writing front, I can happily say that I sat down and plotted A Shot of Clarity in its entirety last night. frame-by-frame, scene-by-scene. there'll be seven parts to the story (plus Prologue and Epilogue), and they should all be written in pretty quick order. in terms of its marketability... I'm not sure. I have this dream of completing a longer story and seriously workshopping it within the local writing community, but I feel that the final product will be a weird, in-between length. 10-15k sorta range. too long to be a short story, not long enough to be a novella. I'll figure it out, though. after all, if it's really, really good, who's going to care about its length? I feel like there's a that's what she said joke in that somewhere. maybe another time. Peace
  11. - GA forum (srsly) - GA.Stories - Email account - my blog - CNN.com (always check news before bed) - TV Tonight (local tv news website) I'm a simple man, easily amused.
  12. A Shot of Clarity: Part One now online.

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