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How do I add images to my profile?


How do I add images to my profile?


Adding a cover photo:

This is the long banner image that goes across the top of your profile. Size: 848x121 ppi.  

Click on 'Cover Photo' drop menu on the banner. 

Click on 'Upload Photo'.

Upload Image*


Use the reposition or remove option as necessary. 


Adding an profile photo:

This is the round image on the left side of the banner. 

Click on the gray button with the image on it.

Click on the Photo type (upload from your device, URL (on or off-site), Sync with social media, or No Photo

Upload photo or copy/paste link*



*Please ensure you check the detailed information available before uploading. Both areas share the max file size for your group. Images cannot exceed those file sizes. Reduce the image quality to shrink the file size rather than the image size for best results. 



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