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What are warnings, and why did I get one?


What are user warnings?

  • Warnings are a bit like traffic tickets.  They may not be issued for every minor offense, but if you violate a rule at Gay Authors you may be issued warning points.  Different infractions incur different numbers of points depending on the seriousness of the rule broken.  Different points remain on your account for different lengths of times.  Some points might be permanent depending on the seriousness of the infraction.  Points can add up over time; if at any time you reach 100 points you will be banned from Gay Authors.

How will I know that I have had a warning/points applied to my account?

  • When you log into the site, you will have to acknowledge the warning.  The moderator who issued the warning will have entered a reason for the warning.  It’s to inform you of the violation and encourage you to correct whatever the behavior was.

How will I know how many points I have?

  • When you are on your profile it will state how many warning points you currently have under your community reputation level.

What are warn levels?

  • Warn levels are determined by points.  Different warn levels trigger different responses within the system.  The points shown here are the default.  The Forum Moderation Team/Administrators may override the penalty based on the situation and prior moderation, if applicable.  The levels that involve more than verbal warnings are as follows:
    • 20 pts – 12 hours no posting
    • 25 pts – 3 days no posting
    • 30 pts – 7 days no posting
    • 35 pts – 2 days content moderation
    • 40 pts – 7 days content moderation
    • 50 pts – 7 day site suspension
    • 75 pts – 14 day site suspension
    • 100 pts – Permanent Ban

Can other members see how many points I have?

  • No.  The only people who can see your warning information is yourself and members of the moderation team.

Will the Forum Moderation Team share with other site members that I’ve been warned?

  • No.  To protect member’s privacy, Forum Moderation Team and Site Administrators will not discuss moderation matters with anyone other than the member involved and ask that the member only discuss their moderation with the moderation team. Extremely rarely, site members may be appraised of a major site violation, but typically only if the members or site as a whole have been placed at risk and the member moderated has been banned for a serious violation.

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