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A little update

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OMG he is writing again! :lmao: okay so I really wouldn't call it that, though I do have something I am planning.


It's not little by any means and just thinking about it makes my head spin. . .


I have been RPing with a friend since the 12th of September, now that don't seem like a long time but I have since desided I'm going to turn are RP into a Ongoing Novel or story. I have dubed it "My Angel".


It Primarly will revolve around my Main Charicter Jessy. For those of you who have read "Black Book" or any of my Short Stories with Jessy in it you will know who I am talking about.


In Jessy's time line this story will take place after "White Rose" (that I never got around to writting) it will consist of 6 'Main' characters and a whole slew of supporting roles (as of now) I have enough RP logs to run the story for 50 + chapters so it won't be short by any means.


This is just a little heads up so you know I'm still out there and I have this little writing project going.



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