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Server Update and Story Archive Updates



Gosh, it's been busy around here lately.  We have done a number of updates in the background and some front facing. 

First up, if you didn't click on the announcement banner, Gay Authors has switched from our own dedicated server to our own cloud dedicated server.  From a technical standpoint, that means we abstracted one layer giving us future flexibility and ease of upgrades. This also got us off a server we could no longer upgrade who's Operating System was going unsupported in June.  As an added bonus, we are on a more powerful (faster) set up, and the price is going down a bit.  This lowers are operating costs for a bit, where they were raising rapidly previously.

We have also deployed a ton of bug fixes and minor feature tweaks to our Story Archive.  I have not posted about them all as most of them were in the background.  We even discovered that one of the more annoying bugs wasn't actually one of ours... we've reported it to Invision so they can fix it.

Some of the changes to Stories in the last couple of weeks:

  • ALL: Mobile size screen had Story buttons reversed. This is now working properly.
  • Authors/Staff: Unpublished stories/chapters have consistent info bars on top of page
  • ALL: Various button location tweaks/spacing clean up
  • ALL: Story of the Moment widget working properly.  STAFF:  can now use filters (genres, tags, status)
  • Authors: Saving Chapter to the system unpublished now works properly
  • ALL: Recommend Story button now shows on all chapters
  • ALL: Reading History Widget now properly dismisses
  • Authors: Series with multiple authors permission system improved and moderator functions work
  • Authors: Chapters can no longer publish while story is unpublished.
  • Authors: Pagination now works properly with Series, allowing to move stories across pages
  • All:  Setting author discussion area wastes a lot less pace.
    • image.thumb.png.f4708ae4d9a0c470bd6af199
  • Staff/Authors:  Moderation controls have been tweaked.  When situation calls for it, any story or author can now be easily put into the moderation queue.
  • ALL:  Text editors are now separated from descriptions and comment sections for story comments, chapter comments, reviews, etc. 
  • Authors: The system now enforces the rules on posting images in the story description.  The story description is for text only and that's it.
  • All:  Story Table of Contents page has been updated to put the book cover next to the descriptive text, if it exists. This should correct for the issue where people want to shave an image into the description text without breaking the rest of the archive.
    • image.png.9514e13a033145b5a63c3330e4d155
  • ALL: Book Cover (image shown with story description), Story Cover (Image at top of header), Story Banners (images that show in the story listing), have all been defined and clarified. Banners will be usable by promoted authors.
    • example of how Banner shows for promoted author groups
    • image.png
  • All: Posting Time check now more robust.
  • ALL: Genre filters now more robust.  3 options when selecting multiple genres "Any, ALL, Only".  Working significantly better, but it still has some minor quirks.
  • Authors: Some date/time items corrected with more communication.  Also discovered and reported a Invision Community Bug related to date checks.  (That is, the bug is a forum bug, not a Stories bug)

These updates fix all of the known issues that we can control. 

There are a bunch more updates already written up that will be coming this year

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