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[Dezlboi] Awakening by Delzboi

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An interesting study of an all-too-common human trait -- the fear of change.


When I started reading the story, I had the impression that Beckett was not on the train through his own choice. The way he "sat sullenly" implied he was there against his own wishes.


It was only later that we learn that it was by his choice, but one that he wasn't comfortable with. The status quo is a known state, even if it isn't comfortable, and it is hard to move away from it. Why was Beckett sullen as he sat in the train? Was it because he wanted the best of both worlds -- his status quo with all his material belongings, and his desired new state with all his new emotional belongings?


Beckett's episode with Drew shows how important communication is in any sort of relationship. Beckett appears to have read more into things than Drew. Was it just wishful thinking that had Beckett thinking there was a future there? The story implies that that was the case -- Beckett wanted something and appeared to think that sex would help him get it.


There was one thing I noticed in the ending, and that was Beckett had largely committed himself before he rang Shawn. I have to wonder if that was because he didn't want to give himself a chance to back-out, and go back to the unwanted status quo, if the phone call didn't go as well as he hoped.


I wish Beckett and Shawn all the best :) Things are unlikely to be smooth sailing, but at least Beckett knows he's doing his bit -- he's making a commitment, rather than waiting for someone else to do the hard work.

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Maintaining the status quo, just getting by, being what everyone expects, that's the easy life. You can live a long time like that. It can be a bit boring, but only if you look at yourself.


Beckett had a chance to change, to go out on a limb, to risk being hurt, and he took it. How many people would've seen 2,000 miles as an uncrossable barrier to an unknown future?


Yeah, this was a good story about taking risks and not knowing what's to become of oneself. Beckett got on the train. He may not be too happy about it, but he bought the ticket.



Carl :boy:

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Well Dez, you know how I feel about this story... I think it's great. I was thinking about the difference between your style and Viv's the other day, and what I think is... with your style, the words do more to me, and with Viv the focus doesn't seem to be as much on the words... yours is a bit harder for me to read... probably because the English is a bit harder. But it's all good, it's worth it... and I like both your styles.


I may like this story more now because I may relate to it more soon, in some ways... who knows? The message is good. And I love how it's constructed, with the flashbacks. However I think the present time sections were nicest to read for me somehow, and I think that's, well odd, because less happened there, so however you did that, you did well at making those interesting :D


It's been a short while since I read it, but I still remember most of it... I can read it again though :) I might.




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