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  1. I'm actually trying for this Christmas, but I'm getting some annoying and disruptive obstruction from my calendar, which has recently, and inexplicably, taken to telling me that this month is September. I am, however, trying. I need to write about 3 more chapters to finish it, then go back and make certain all the details and clues fit, etc, which will require a few changes (hence why most team members have not seen it yet - I need to make some changes to early chapters, and I don't know all of what they are yet). It has a mystery component (kind of akin to a detective novel), so there are things the reader needs to be able to figure out based on clues in the story (or, they can just read along if they prefer, but it's my job to make sure the option is there). Oh, and of course, I need to go through it with an incredibly fine-toothed comb to make absolutely certain that there's not even the slightest hint of a cliffhanger, or any tension at all, in it. I can't remember if I've mentioned the title yet - it's Going Sideways. Apropos of nothing at all, I see that the Urban Dictionary defines that phrase as; "Used to describe when a tense situation, usually an operation of some kind, suffers a catastrophic breakdown and devolves into near-chaos, usually requiring violence and/or aggression to restore order."
  2. Car keys are sometimes called another name; "lunch". This perhaps explains why I often can't find my car keys right after my lunch.
  3. I'm still working on Going Sideways, and I hope all of you are coping okay with the virus, lockdowns, etc, that have made 2020 a year I, and I am sure many, would like to forget. I expect to be around here much more often from now on - and also I'm spending more time writing. I know my timelines on posting never pan out, but I do hope to have Going Sideways online by the end of this year. (Note to self; it ain't gonna write itself, so quit slacking!). Currently, I'm only on chapter 15 (And need to finish it all before it can be edited, etc, as some later developments need alterations to early chapters). I still expect to bring this in under 20 chapters. Recent chapters have run around 20k words - and my current count on chapter 15 is 79k words. (erm, might need to split it, I think...). I can't say much about the story (Graeme hates spoilers, and he might see this, so...) but I can say that it will have words. Those words will usually have vowels and consonants, often several of them. Hrmmm. What else can I say? No cliffhangers, of course. Oh, and there are things in it that might seem... familiar to some.
  4. No one has told me how long my new story is, either, so how would I know? Seriously though, for once (I'm notorious for massively underestimating), I think it's coming in roughly where I guessed - just under 20 chapters. Of course, I shall refrain from either mentioning or admitting that this is mainly due to the chapter length being around 20k words, about 4 times my usual. Chapter 14 is currently showing as 50 pages, 21k words. My current guess - 2 chapters to go (after the one I'm just about done with, 14.). Then I can send it out to the team. I really can't do so yet, as some key details keep changing, which has required a few changes to early chapters and will do so again. The new story is called "Going Sideways". For those not familiar, it's mainly a southern US colloquialism, meaning things not going as planned, and doing so badly. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Go Sideways Beyond that, the only thing I can say at this point is that, as always for my stories, it will be 100% utterly and totally cliffhanger-free - not even a hint of one, as I'm sure Graeme will be happy to attest.
  5. I'm ashamed to see it's been over 4 months since I returned, and this is my first visit since. I'm so sorry. I'll be back more often from now on. I have actually been writing (though with glacial slowness) and finally have a few chapters. I'm only now at where I thought I'd be in October, and starting to reach out to team members (Frankly, I wouldn't blame them if they told me to shove it, seeing as how I've been so remiss) but it's starting to come together now, at last. And... Wildone, shame on you for disparaging me so; you know I'd never, ever, even come close to a cliffy! And oh no, I can't seem to find my most-used emotion, the angel-halo one, but I'm innocent, I tell, ya, innocent! @ Tallonrider; even I'll admit that my vanishing act was so bad as to be almost a cliffy! @ Anubis; no need for climbing gear. As I'm sure anyone will tell you, I'd never, ever, go anywhere near a cliff or a cliffhanger. <Innocent look> @ KevinD It shouldn't be too much longer before I can post. (meaning, months) because I need to complete most of it first. One reason is plot; minor changes may need to be made to early chapters, depending on how later ones shake out. The other reason, to be honest, is fairness; it would be wrong of me to post anything unless I am 100% sure I'll finish it in a timely manner, and given my absences, the only way I can be certain is to have it already done. And, to one and all, as a sign (as well as a test) of whether my long hiatus is at an end, expect me to drip back by within a week.
  6. Thank you, thank you all so much. To be honest, I was expecting (and couldn't very well object ) some righteous flames for my vanishing act. I have been in contact with some here during my hiatus, and should have at least asked if they'd post a message here for me (my usual browser doesn't work with GA software, so I had to install a different one before I could log in) but I didn't. Sorry. But, I'm back... and yep, writing has begun again. I very sporadically wrote a bit during my hiatus, but it was piecemeal, often on a laptop during free time such as waiting for a plane, but I didn't get very far. Even when I did have free time, I found it hard to concentrate (working long hours didn't help). But, it's moving again, so there will be a story coming soon. It's called "Going Sideways" and barely exists yet, just a few chapters, but it does exist. I'll be reaching out to all of our old team members very soon. What can I say about the story? Hrmmm. I'm not really sure what I can say for fear of spoilers, but it's both adventure and interpersonal, plus I do my usual thing of trying to make it as realistic and accurate in the details as possible. Oh, and, of course, like all my stories, I go to great lengths to keep it utterly and entirely cliffhanger-free, guaranteed! CJ
  7. I can only offer my sincere and abject apologies for my vanishing act. I was spending far too much time online (and writing) and it was hurting my career. So, coupled with a case of writing burnout after Circumnavigation (which was nearly 100 chapters, and was often hard to get the chapters out in a timely manner) I had to retreat from the online world. I didn't even fully realize why I was doing it at the time, it was a compulsion, and it did save me financially. I'm fine now, but it was a bit hectic for a long time. What there is no excuse for is me not returning occasionally. I am deeply sorry, and I apologize. I am working on a story, just a few chapters so far, but it feels good to be writing again. I'll also be answering the posts I see in other threads in the forum (thanks!) and also a lot of PMs I have waiting, during coming days.
  8. Thought I'd start a new thread, just to harass everyone. I think I'm back now... I got into some of why I've been gone in the other threads, but I plan on logging in once or twice a week from now on, though probably no more than that until lightning season is over (it plays hell with my transceiver, which is my only link to the 'net). I hope y'all have been staying away from all cliffs and cliffhangers!
  9. Huh? WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? But but but..... I never, every use cliffhangers!!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had internet problems, plus life got super hectic. I basically had to deal with a lot of things, including an illness in the family (thankfully resolved, but it was a rough go), so my internet time went basically to zero. I've been away on business a lot, and had a lot of work to do at home as well; I had to create a wildfire buffer zone around my house, so I spent a lot of quality time with my chain saw. Thankfully, Monsoon season is here, and the rain has ended the fire danger, so I'm far happier. To be honest, I think the writing pace of Circumnavigation burned me out for quite a bit; it was a struggle to churn out a chapter a week for a 99 chapter novel. It was also a real challenge to get it all posted by the end of December (December 186th, I think?) Actually, seeing as you bought it up, I'm going to have to admit another of the reasons for my absence; the cliffhangers in your novel made me catatonic for weeks on end! <shudder> I was traumatized... Yep... at best lately, I have a lag state of 300 miliseconds and packet loss. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get satellite internet (which is my only other option here...). And... things are at last less hectic for me, so I'm really back this time, which means I'll be logging in one or twice a week at least.
  10. I think I heard from him, whilst talking to myself.... And yup... I do have a new story in mind for GA. But Benji... you know that a goat would never have anything to do with a cliff.
  11. Chapter 51: Changing the Game The wedding party and Felecia’s force arrived at the hotel in Be’er Sheva, almost unnoticed due to it being the middle of the night. Jansen made it clear that he and Eric would be sharing a room, which surprised no one, not even Jane, who had guessed at the relationship almost before it even began. Exhausted, Eric and Jansen climbed into the room’s single bed, and before sleep claimed them, Eric said from the heart,
  12. C James


    Epilogue It had been a trying six months, time passing in a whirlwind of activity. Two weeks after their return from Israel, Eric and Brandon had organized a biker funeral for Jim and Linda, where Eric had introduced Mad Mike and his bikers to Jansen and Keith. Then, taking Mad Mike aside, Eric had made him a business offer: full employment on generous terms for himself and his entire club. The money was not an issue; Helen and the band had set aside
  13. C James


    Chapter 49: Falling Blinking in surprise, not yet realizing the danger, Survov stared for the briefest of moments at the woman standing before him. He’d never met Felecia, but the unexpected appearance of a woman’s face astounded him, because there were no females amongst the henchmen. His attention fixed on Felecia as had been intended, Survov didn’t have a chance. Horst, moving with catlike grace, seized Survov from behind, and with one fluid move put hi
  14. Chapter 50: Refuge and Allies The eruption of Cumbre Vieja continued unabated. The massive cloud of ash and volcanic gasses boiled into the stratosphere, but the airport was still in clear air. The fading southerly breeze was just barely enough to keep the ash cloud to the north. It would continue to do so, but not for a great deal longer. Then, the ashfall would resume at the airport, closing off any chance of escape for Flight Three, if the aircraft was still o
  15. Chapter 47: Fatal Mistakes The desolation and darkness looming ahead gave Helen and General Bradson second thoughts. They lasted only for a moment, because both realized that there was no other way. “It’s going to be bad, isn’t it?” Helen said, while staring up at the towering wall of ash, its gloom only interrupted by flickers of lightning. General Bradson could only nod in agreement. After a quick stop to swathe the air intakes with sheets to keep
  16. Chapter 48: Desperate Measures The tow truck, festooned by Horst’s men riding on its bed and sides, arrived at the airport fence at the south end of the runway. Horst and his men dismounted, their faces wrapped in strips of sheet and towels in an attempt to keep out the still-falling ash. General Bradson sent two men forward to cut a hole in the fence, and then he checked in with Felecia via walkie-talkie. Felecia, knowing that the military-grade walk
  17. Wow... thanks!!!!!!! I'll take this opertunity to mention that Circumnavigation, like all my novels, is a TEAM effort, so this award, like any, rightly goes equally to all members of the team, not just me. And Low Flyer is absolutly right - in spite of the scurilus, unfounded rumors, I never, ever use cliffhangers!!!!
  18. Thanks!!! It was fun to write. This was actually written before Circumnavigation, but is being reposted thanks to AJ and Graeme. (thanks guys!!!!)
  19. Welcome!!!! Okay, flight routing; I'm going from memory here, but if we're talking the flight from Rome, they changed planes in Hong Kong, so would not be going the firect route, which is as you say over the Indian Ocean. Toowoomba is in Qeensland,inland of Brisbane, not in NSW. I probably screwed up on "lorries". I'm American, and though I've been to Oz, it was long ago, thoguh I go to the UK often. I probably, and wrongly, assumed that the usage was correct. West of Brisbane, yep, cattle in the main, but once you're well past the Darling Downs and well west of Toowoomba, it's more arid, and you start to get more sheep. They flew into Brisbane for a reason (such as photoshoots and a vacation) not just for the Perth concert. Also, their tour was arranged by the ever-freindly Jerry. That's absolutly true, but limited to the first 48 to 72 hours of having the cast. Solar power absolutly would not have worked for them; the kind of equipment they were using pulls a heck of a lot of amps (for example, metalurgical furcances are most often electric), so they'd need a vast array, plus a heck of a lot of batteries. A generator system makes far more sense for their particular needs. I really don't remember where I got that "lorry", but it's an error on my part. One thing I do want to remind everyone of; I'm the author and do the final checks and reveiws, so any errors are mine alone, not those of the team.
  20. I'm finally back, and appologize for my long abscence. I hope to be here on a more regular basis from now on. I'm about to go look at the threads now.
  21. C James


    Chapter 45: Ragnarök D minus 2:54:00 Suitcase in hand, Keith strolled up to Eric and Jansen, who were sitting by the pavilion’s pool in boardshorts, their shoes and socks strewn under the table. Taking a seat, Keith said, “I’ve got some spare clothes in here. You guys might want to get dressed; I hear the other side of the island is covered by ash. It’s gonna be a rough trip, I guess.” As Jansen opened the suitcase, he replied, “Yeah, when w
  22. Chapter 46: Out of the Frying Pan... On board Flight Two, The Scar watched with exuberant pride and delight as the western horizon filled with ash and fire. “We have done it, Yuri,” he said in a triumphant tone, “Prepare for takeoff. The high-altitude portion of the ash cloud will be overhead first, in about a minute from the look of it. As soon as it obscures us from satellite observation, we can leave in a blaze of glory.” Survov ordered his screeni
  23. C James


    Chapter 43: Nemesis Jansen raced past the lobby, into the main pool area, and called out Eric’s name. Jansen kept running, only barely able to hear a distant reply, “Over here.” Smiling with relief, Jansen turned towards the sound of Eric’s voice. Jansen raced up, and found Eric sitting in a lounge chair, cradling the tequila bottle. “I dropped it in the pool and all the tequila was gone before I got it out,” Eric said, in a slightly downcast voice.
  24. Chapter 44: Countdown to Ragnarök D minus 6:00:00 Pulling Helen aside for a private conversation, General Bradson said, in a hushed tone, “I didn’t want to say anything in front of the others, because some of them know nothing about the bombs, but we may have a further problem. We’ve got Jerry Clump on the island with forces unknown, and we’ve had a nuclear warhead go missing. It’s not much of a stretch to think he might have had something to do with
  25. Chapter 41: Pushing the Limits Helen wheeled into the parking lot and screeched to a halt, finding almost the entire wedding party waiting. Hopping out, she told the General, “Leave me the phone but you’re taking the first load. You know the way and my place is here.” General Bradson got out. “I can be of more use on the phone, and I got you into this mess. I’m staying. I’ll circle the hotel’s location on the map, it’s not hard to find. You, or someb
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