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    Chapter 3

    Well, Richie did want his father to hate him... Hitting Richie was wrong in so many ways, but his father did try to apologise. However, it's clear that Richard is not cut out to be a father. You think he would've had to courtesy to inform Richie he would be sharing a bedroom, rather than present it as a fait accompli. I'd be upset, too, if someone did that to me. The only defence I can make for him is that he was intending to tell Richie that day (like he did with Andrew), but Richie went to school instead. But he still could've told him the day before. I understand that Richie thinks that reporting his father would be a waste of time because his father is a cop, but I don't understand why he lied to Gabe's family about it. I suspect that was just an instinctive reaction, rather than a considered response. Partly wanting to fix things himself, and partly not wanting to get Gabe's family involved. On other topics, I found Richie's wild mood swings very believable. He's struggling with the death of his mother, and that's being mixed with hatred for his father. He goes from depression to mania as the two conflicting emotions take successive control. He's coming over as a very human teenager...
  2. Graeme

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 1 made it clear that Richie's parents separated while her cancer was in remission. So, his dad didn't leave while she was sick, but he equally didn't return when the cancer reappeared...
  3. Graeme

    Chapter 2

    One of the things I love about this story is the complexity of the interactions. Richie's emotions are not one-dimensional. Yes, he hates his father and that colours everything when they interact, but his interactions with Linda and Freddy are more shaded. He wants to hate them, but he doesn't know them. He may call Linda names when he's talking about her, but his interaction with her was much more polite, though still aimed to thumb his nose at his father. He's got nothing against her personally, apart from the fact that his father left his mother to sleep with her. As for Freddy, Richie decided he's innocent in the matter and was civil to him. Oh, and I love the hair cutting incident A typical impulsive action that he soon regretted, but he laughed about it (and I suspect he was desperately in need of a laugh at that time). And Gabe was wonderful in finishing off the episode by using his experience at cutting his dog's hair to fix Richie's. Regarding the will, if Richard contested it (like he's threatened to do), a court would probably grant him custody of Andrew and Melinda because of their age since he's their father. After all, he has only been separated from his wife for a couple of years, so he was an active parent for most of their lives. Richie would probably be asked about his preference because he's older, but that would put him in the difficult position of whether he wanted to be separated from his siblings. The most likely reason the courts wouldn't grant custody was if there was reason to believe the children were at risk staying with him. That would be hard to prove, especially as he has a 'respectable' job. Yes, Richie's Aunt and Uncle could win in court, but can they afford the cost of fighting Richard? He says he's prepared to spend the money; do they have the money to spend to fight him?
  4. Graeme

    Chapter 4

    That sounds plausible, but doesn't explain Tracy's comment about Jack not wanting a friend like him. It would've been more "I don't want a friend like you." There's something that is causing Tracy to feel he's bad news as a friend. Exactly what, we still don't know, though I think we can be pretty confident it has something to do with what happened at his last school. Maybe he had a closeted friend who he accidentally outed, with disastrous (and possibly tragic) consequences? That would explain why he's comfortable with an openly gay friend, but not a closeted one. One other thing, which I alluded to above: I'm not convinced Tracy is gay. I know the story description talks about whether Jack can be friends with an openly gay boy, but maybe that's talking about Jeff? The way Tracy said “You don’t like watching a gay boy dance?” may have him being sarcastic, though it's unclear in the text. I'm remembering the show Billy Elliot where a friend of Billy thought he must be gay because he's a male dancer, but Billy was straight. I'm wondering if the same is true here.
  5. Graeme

    Finding a story - help!

    The story sounds familiar. It may be something that @Cia wrote. I'm fairly confident if it's the story I remember that it's here at GA because I haven't read much gay SF at other sites.
  6. Graeme

    Chapter 4

    I'm still not sure about Tracy. Is he gay, bi, or straight-and-gay-friendly? He pushes away Jack, but he's friendly with Jeff. If Jack doesn't need a friend like him, why is it okay for Jeff? Is it because Jeff's been ostracised already, and being friends with a male dancer won't hurt him, but Jack would get a negative reaction from his friends if he did the same? As for Jimmy, I'm beginning to think he protesteth to much Again, he's happy ignoring Jeff, but he's become very defensive about Tracy. Maybe he's noticed Jack's attention being on Tracy and not himself... As for Jack's parents, they've really put their foot in it. None of it was malicious, but it hurt anyway. It's similar to what I call casual-homophobia. They didn't even realise they were being insulting and hurtful when they said what they said. It was what they considered to be the cultural norm, with no malicious intent. That didn't stop it from hurting Tracy and his parents, and making Jack wonder if he'll be able to come out to his parents.
  7. Graeme

    Chapter 1

    This is one of the most powerful first chapters I know. Normally, not giving a significant character a name indicates poor writing, but in this case it portrays Richie's anger and disgust so strongly that you can feel Richie's emotions dripping from the words. Every little thing he says, does, and thinks is seeped with his anger, so much so that the sorrow from the loss of his mother is almost lost at times. It's clear that the pain of the loss is being morphed into hate for his father...exactly like his mother told him not to do. 😢
  8. Graeme

    A Mourning Storm

    This is one of my favourite stories by @Ronyx It is very powerful, with strong characters.
  9. Please join us in congratulating Mike Arram on becoming GA's newest Classic Author! @Mike Arram has been writing and posting stories on the Internet for many years, and we're pleased to announce that he's now started to also post them here at Gay Authors. Mike Arram is the author of The Peacher stories, The Crown of Tassilo, as well as the first story he's posting here, Terre Nouvelle. Checking out Mike's bio, we learn that even as a child and then into adulthood, he has an amazing imagination to create worlds and characters to fulfill them. Some with a touch of royalty or pagentry, some with a touch of sci-fi, more than a few gay characters, it all adds to the escape that readers find themselves absorbed in. As Mike says, 'My characters live in that alternative place as well as in the alternative worlds.' Leave a note here to congratulate Mike Arram on his promotion, and then check out his stories here!
  10. Graeme

    Chapter 12

    Gary recognised the risk of going to Shaun's house. It was smart of him to let his mother know where he was going, even if going there wasn't the most intelligent of things to do in the first place. But Gary understood Shaun more than we do. He clearly weighed up the risks and decided to go. There was something that told him that Shaun was probably not setting him up, and that he really did want to talk. It's not something that I would ever recommend to someone in Gary's situation, but it worked out in this case. As @Wesley8890 indicated, this is a great wrap up to the story. Thank you, @Ronyx
  11. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    Peer pressure can be amazingly powerful when you're a teenager. I can understand, though not condone, why Shaun did what he did. In his own way, Josh fell to the same peer pressure in that bathroom after Gary was outed. It's the ones who resist peer pressure who can be the real heroes. Josh eventually came around and now it looks like Shaun may, too. The support that Gary received from Josh and co in the last chapter will help Shaun if he wants to try to return to being Gary's best friend. Shaun now knows that he won't be completely ostracised if he publicly supports Gary, but it's still not going to be easy for him.
  12. Graeme

    Chapter 10

    If you ever check out my stories, you'll find that there's a Scott in almost every novel... Don't ask me why. It seems that whenever a need a male first name, "Scott" seems to be at the front of my mind. This is something I only noticed recently...
  13. Graeme

    Chapter 10

    I started to wonder why Carl Hobson and Bobby Watson stood up for Gary, and then I started to wonder why I was wondering. We don't need to consider things like team loyalty as fellow basketball players, or whether Josh had spoken to them earlier to ask for their help as a reason for their actions. We don't even need to speculate as to whether there's someone else they know who's gay, like Josh does. The simplest reason for them to stand up for Gary was because it was the right thing to do. It can take courage to stand up for what's right, but that's a different discussion. Regardless of their reasons, Carl and Bobby showed that courage, and, along with Josh, taught the school a lesson in the process. Then I noticed the names: Hobson, Watson, Carson, and the bad guys, Hanson and Clayton. It seems that when he started writing, Ron has the same problem I did with coming up with names. I personally have to make a conscious effort to ensure all the female names in my stories don't end in 'a' because, for some reason, when I think of a girl's name, it usually ends in an 'a'...
  14. There are two stories by Ron that stand out, in my opinion, because the plot is so different to most stories I read. They are Down a Darkened Path and A Delicate Situation. Both take us to places where we normally wouldn't go, and with Ron's great writing, we're drawn in and feel the emotions with the characters. Thanks, @Ronyx for sharing your stories with us I understand about taking hiatus after a traumatic event. I did, too, but came back after a couple of years. Take your time and write when you want to write -- being creative is something that should never be forced.
  15. Graeme

    Chapter 9

    The ending prompted the thought that we haven't heard about Shaun for awhile, now. Is that good news or bad news? Is he willing to ignore Gary, or has he been planning something? I guess we'll find out in the next chapter...
  16. Graeme

    Chapter 3

    Intriguing...but I think we're still in the early days. This is just the setup. Since there's been no new characters introduced, apart the girl that Jimmy met at the mall, I think the story is going to revolve around the interactions between Jack, Jimmy, Jeff (the Triple J's) and Tracy.
  17. Graeme

    Chapter 8

    I agree with @Rndmrunner Josh isn't a bully, at least based on what we've read. As Todd explained, what he did was a reaction, not premeditated. Bullying can be done unthinkingly and unknowingly (think about casual homophobic comments made to someone who is in the closet), but it's premeditated. What Josh did is still unacceptable, but it was a mistake, not bullying. Bullying is a pattern of behaviour, and we haven't seen that pattern, just a one-off incident. If anything, Todd's comments indicate that Josh is very much not a bully. The behaviour of the other two guys, however, is probably bullying. What they said was premeditated and repeated. They didn't assault Gary physically, but they did verbally. So, even what they did was less than Josh, I am more inclined to call them bullies than Josh. On a completely different topic, one of the things that struck me is the very close relationship between Gary and his mother. Even though he comments mentally that they don't spend much time together, he thought it was cool that she was trying to be a matchmaker for him. That is so much not a typical teenage male reaction, and it shows that his relationship with his mother is much closer than most guys in his peer group.
  18. Graeme

    Chapter 7

    Gary's finally come clean. From what's been said, and from how Todd has been acting, I'm wondering what's going on with Josh? It seems what he did was out of character, so why did he do it?
  19. Prosthetic limb made from Lego by man missing an arm. If nothing else, you have to give him marks for coolness, but that latest arm looks fantastic!
  20. Graeme

    Chapter 6

    I'm glad that Josh feels remorse about what happened. The fact that he told Todd that night also indicates that the two brothers are close. I also like Josh's integrity in wanting to admit what he did, even though the consequences could be severe. I had the impression from Todd that it isn't their parents telling Josh to admit what he did; Josh seems to want to do it. That says a lot about his character.
  21. Graeme

    Good News Thread

    I'm not sure if this is going be a flop, but I'm going to try anyway What I'd like this to be is a thread on Good News stories. I was surfing the Internet the other day and stumbled across the CBS Good News Page. I'd like to see if we can do the same, with a thread on just good news stories. As they state on their page, this will be for: Stories that show the best of human nature; people helping people, triumphs of the human spirit. I'll start with my favourite from the CBS Good News Page: Michigan Middle School Football Team Conspires for Touching Touchdown Feel free to add your own!
  22. Graeme

    Chapter 5

    Gary knows Josh, but I never had the impression they were friends. Teammates on the basketball team, yes, but not friends. So not knowing Josh has a brother isn't unrealistic.
  23. Graeme

    Chapter 5

    If there's one 'good' thing about being outed, it's that the other gay guys in school now know who you are. I think it's pretty obvious that Todd is gay, but he's taking a big risk in coming forward, given what his brother did. All I can hope is that, as I said in last chapter's comments, that Josh is feeling remorse, because otherwise Todd is in a great deal of danger.
  24. Graeme

    Chapter 2

    I'm concerned about Tracy's comment about school. When he said "If you're lucky, we won't be" in response to Jack's comment about being in the same classes, that tells me that Tracy's got some self-esteem issues. It sounds like he's expecting to be ostrasized, or worse. Given what little he said about why they moved, I'm guessing worse.... So, we have two characters, one we know has little in the way of friends, is hiding the fact he's gay, and the one friend he does have has just told him he doesn't want to hang around gay guys, and the other who is clearly afraid of social interaction and has probably has something bad happen to him where he previously lived. Can they help each other? Is this a story by Ronyx? I think we know the answers, but it's the journey that counts, and that's why I'm sitting back waiting patiently to see how the story unfolds.
  25. Graeme

    Chapter 4

    I understand why Gary's lying to everyone. I'm sure the people who he's lying to think it's because he's scared the person will do it again, or because of the classic 'don't tell the adults anything' stance. But he made it clear in his early thoughts that he's not saying anything because he doesn't believe it's Josh's fault. Gary started the fight, and that has consequences. What he's not seeing is that the response was out of proportion to his action. They went too far. I'm hoping we'll find out soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if Josh is the one filled with remorse. He's older and bigger than Gary, and hopefully a little more mature. I'm sure everyone at the school knows that Gary has been in the hospital for two days, and it looks like he'll be in there for a bit longer, too. It's also implied that the police have been at the school, questioning students. If Josh is feeling remorse, the police are probably the ones stopping him from telling Gary he's sorry, because if Josh said anything, it could result in him being arrested. Four short chapters, but there's already a lot of material for possible directions in which the story could go...

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