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  1. 1. Do you think Miley Cryus is mocking people of Asian descent?

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I had a discussion about this with a friend earlier and I had to repeatedly tell her that Miley wasn't a racist! Ok, I'm sure by now, all you Miley Cyrus fans out there know about the latest scandal about her being accused of "mocking" Asian people.


http://www.tmz.com/2009/02/02/asian-group-...f-these-people/ (... this tells you a lot about the media, not Miley... it highlights the "asian" guy in the group... yep... they have to go ahead and play the race card... both the TMZ staff writer (who wrote the headline) and the OCA need a good slapping!)


I know it may be offensive, but her goofy appearance was meant to be a joke. I have people doing that to me so often I know whether he or she is being racist. In Cyrus' case, I really don't care about what she does because a) it's her personal life and b ) she is being silly in the picture, but since this is blown out of proportion in the NEWS -especially by an Asian group - and everyone has to make it into such a big issue, I see a problem with that.


I'm not bothered by the fact that Miley was making goofy faces; rather, I'm offended when comments such as "People need to get over themselves SO WHAT !!!!! Get tougher skin !!!!", or when people start to complain about how Japan and Hong Kong are the most racist countries out there. I mean, come on. Since when did something so meager as a joke or silliness turn into a blame game??


It was just a joke. Yes, people need to "get over it", but don't start blaming ethnicities or telling one race off, because that to me, is considered... kinda racist.

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I have some thoughts on this.


Let me preface them by saying that I have a great deal of positive regard for Asians. I've dated several Asians, and I really like Asian people. Indeed, I'm slightly positively biased toward them.


Anyway, I think this is completely blown out of proportion. What everyone needs to remember is that Miley is just a teenager. As such, she and her friends probably thought that was funny. It was in bad taste, and hopefully in the next several years she'll develop a greater sensitivity to such things, but isn't it the prerogative of youth to be indiscreet and flippant?


What everyone ought to do is roll their eyes, shake their heads, and generally dismiss the whole nonsense.


Actually though, I do agree with the "Get over it" response. I think anyone and everyone - regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. - has that reaction coming when they go out of their way to be offended by something. Mind you, while I think they have that reaction coming, that isn't the reaction I generally give to offended people. That usually only escalates the situation (case in point). It's generally more productive to be conciliatory and soothing.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, the world would be a much better place if everyone went out of their way to avoid doing anything that might be construed as offensive while everyone else went out of their way to avoid being offended. The people involved did neither. Instead Miley and her crew acted in a way which can be perceived as offensive (even though I don't think it was meant to be and don't think it should be construed as such) and everyone else got all up in arms. In this case two wrongs certainly don't make a right.


Now responding by blaming other ethnicities are calling groups of people racist most certainly is offensive, and definitely dirty pool.



Anyway interesting thread, and I hope everyone who is offended gets over it feels better soon :)



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I don't even like her, but this is just ridiculous. It's obvious she meant nothing bad with it. IMO this is the media at its lowest; grasping at straws to find something scandalous on children(She's what, 15? 16?). More or less of everyone I knew while growing up have pulled that face at least once, and I doubt even one of them meant it in an "I hate Asians" way. Grasping.

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Miley Cyrus is a mildly talented pre-fab Disney kid star much like the Jonas Brothers.


Beleive me: these guys have no original thoughts that the Disney Corp didn't have first.


They don't think or write for themselves and you can be damned sure that they stay well clear of the typical sex, drugs of rock & roll scandals. If they say or do anything even mildly offensive the Disney PR machine will go on a full court press to clean up the mess.


They are Disney's answer to the Boy Bands which fell out of favor after the rather lurid Perlman scandles*. There was a marketing void left by the demise of the Boy Bands and Disney grabbed it with both hands. They are typically clean-cut fresh faced pretty boys and girls that don't scare parents or address any issues any more difficult than birthday parties and yapping on the phone.


They are every bit as pre-fabbed as Perlman's bands ever were are are plain vanillia eye-candy for pre-adolescents.


They deserve no ones attention over the age of 14. When the Jonas Brothers appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, I canceled my subscription because it was clear that they were no longer relevant and were nothing more than a political propaganda rag-a-zine.


They are a plain vanillia corperate property and don't expect anything more edgy than bubble-gum from them.




* Perlman Notes

Lou Perlman's Wiki Page


NYT: The Sleezeball Behind Boy Bands


Boy Bands

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