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The parade in Houston,Texas

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Did anyone else watch the parade in Houston last night?


i don't want this to read like I'm on a soapbox,


but I have to say, comparing last night to every other parade I've watched or ridden in, that I was disappointed.


Yes, the US economy is tanking, but not here in Houston,or the rest of Texas.


Yes there are a number of gay landmarks along the parade route about to be demolished and replaced.


The parade was boring. Normally there should be over 150 entries. Last night there were 93.


THE CROWD... The spectators were photogenic, a number of the guys and girls were very,very pretty. I spotted several dozen of my favorites... GINGERS.


But, the parade.....dismal.


Also it was above 90 degrees and I was SOBER dammit!!!!


It was still fun,

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Hmm..., no one answered this, I guess there isn't a lot of Texan around.


No I didn't watch it. I am not near the area. It's a shame some landmarks are going history though. Thanks for the post.

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I'm not from Texas, but from what I gather about Houston, they're similiar to Los Angeles in the whole "let's bulldoze everything not built after 1980" deal so it's not surprising.

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