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  1. Yup. I did pair it with a fine cab I had left over the other day. Pumpkin cake sounds absolutely nice after spaghetti and wine. I am feeling better! Thank you for asking! Ice cream is great too. And it's the time of the year pumpkin ice cream is coming out. I am sure you can have a spaghetti sandwich. LOL I am fine and dandy. Wish you all have a great day too!
  2. Me not around a lot lately either. But I do think of you guys often. I had some sh*tty mood because of the orange sky in California lately. And then some bad stuff happened to my *ss, which made me wonder if I didn't use it, why it's broken anyways (yes, I need a BF to work it... LOL). Today I went out to Dollar Store and found out, how come there was some cool air circulation near my behind. Then I remembered that pair of jeans I wore had a hole in a rather provocative place.... I haven't been very choosy with my apparel lately. I should've paid more attention (I was too happy to learn I could fit into those pair of jeans again, I forgot they had a hole in them).... I hope your hubby is just having a regular cold. Stay healthy and safe! @MichaelS36Happy belated birthday! Ooh, pumpkin cake. How nice of Tim! Think all the positive parts of your life, like your husband's birthday. Ooh hoo! I made spaghetti for myself today! I love my own spaghetti. LOL
  3. I've already watched that. I have a thing for red heads, so..., yeah, I watched quite a bit of Damian Lewis's stuff, and he played Henry VIII quite well. Love the political intrigue of that series. Highly recommended. Wish it's longer, actually. My arm makes typing difficult. But I am alright. Hope Tim is alright too.
  4. Praise be. May the Lord open. *offers Handmaids to JayT*
  5. My deepest condolence. RIP I do need some ice cream. It's a long week, but nothing like what you guys been through. Busy with resume and stuff hoping will get a career this time. @Fae Briona @Kitt @Mikiesboy Hang tight. Love is all around you. Wonder where @JayT is....
  6. LOL.  This is so freaking 90's home video....  "Oh, I can mix the sound with reverbs.... let's add this."  Can you say Nerdcore?  LOL

  7. @rickproehlIt's not your fault to be kind. It's that person's problem. I've lent money to another person and same thing happened. That's why I call him my evil twin. I haven't heard from him for a long time now.... I should stop caring about people who burned me.... But anyways. Cute kitties are so evil.... But you just can't stop staring. LOL.
  8. I am doing okay.... My right arm and back hurts. My doctor will say I am getting old.... He never really cured any of my ailments, only telling me something I already know.... Anyways, I am getting a new desk chair, hoping it'll cure my arm issue with better ergonomics. Using keyboard and mouse hurts nowadays. Yesterday I went to San Francisco, and wore a mask. I can't bear to stay in home or just kept within in vicinity forever.... Last night there was a strange lightening fest. I was waking up by the lightening (but no thunder for a while). Initially I thought it was me too exhausted came home from SF, so my eyes were seeing things that was not there, but later after a couple dozen of lightening, one thunder clap finally happened, confirming I wasn't imagining things.... Here in San Jose, we shouldn't have rain this time of the year (or any time between late Spring until Thanksgiving (US, which is end of Nov)), but last night there was a flash storm lasted maybe half and hour, with ridiculous gusty wind.... Fortunately my car is in garage. I can imagine some tree branches might be on the ground if I went out today. I am sure there is no news coverage for it..., as news wants to drill us with politics, not everyday stuff that affects our lives.... Oh, I just remembered, the refinery was on fire on Friday across the bay when I was working.... I need to search and see if there was a news coverage for it.... Won't hold my breath.... EDIT: Here it is.... Apparent a google search shows quite a bit of results starting 2019, but after adding the keyword Friday, this is exactly what happened last Friday. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/08/14/flaring-at-richmond-chevron-refinery-triggers-community-alert/ Apparently refinery on fire is so frequent last couple of years, this is considered minor issue..... Last year or year before, same Chevron refinery was leaking toxic fume.... Richmond had to evacuate its residence. This is the new normal nowadays.
  9. I use that word a lot.... Given I love taking photos. Silhouette rhymes with pirouette.
  10. Congrats. Great customer service is always appreciated by people, whether your boss recognize it or not, but it's better when you get an Amazon gift card. Yay! That didn't seem long ago though it also feels long ago.... I don't make sense. But I do miss chat room. I hate vaping.... I heard bad news about it before COVID-19 also, but it's just bad for you even without publicity around it. I even saw a guy vaping in front of hospital one time.... But I do hope he recover from it.... I think that's a hard lesson if there is one.... One day.... But you have your husband. 🙂
  11. I am good. Thank you for asking. I know one of those callers, because I get them myself also. In our current condition, some people really are just isolated feeling strained. We're all humans so let's just all be a little kinder to each other. Everyone deals with the issue slightly different. Some want to be left alone and some if you kept them from working, it'll just get worse..., as working is their outlet. I prefer doing something, anything, if I don't feel well. So just let Tim be. On other notes, feeling down doesn't automatically equate bad! Many great poems and music are created when one feels awful! His cooking looks amazing! You're so lucky to have Tim.
  12. Yum yum. I think Tim is a great enough cook, you don't need to try. LOL. Gosh, you two are too sweet together.
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