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  1. Yay! Soooo..., do you by any chance have a gay brother? Good evening. My day was crazy but I caught the train the last minute! 😄 Ice cream is the best invention, ever. I like strawberry ice cream.
  2. Good morning everyone. I am off to work. Hope I don't catch any nasty disease....
  3. Good night everyone. Umm..., I think I shall take that glass away from you. Sharing is caring.... *drinks the other half of the glass*
  4. Yesterday I heard this radio show, The Gondolier (rebroadcast I believe for the Pride Month) from my local radio station. I couldn't finish listening because I had to cook the Father's Day BBQ and stuff, but today I remembered. I tried to find the podcast all over the Internet to find the source. I finished listening the whole broadcast today, about the first "female" gondolier, but she is actually a he, and his internal struggle with it, the label. Part of it is just being human, and part of it is the same career struggle many of us go through, disregard of your gender identity. Alex just has this gender thing caught in the middle. It's almost one hour long, but I assure you it's worth listening through it. And nope, it's not your typical love story with a clear hero. It has its twist and turns, because it's real.
  5. Yeah... I thought it was vernacular, too. So does vermicelli comes from the same root?
  6. My mental image of you is always a friendly one. When you smile at people, people smiley back at you. :) I know you are a good soul, Tim. From time to time it's difficult, but like that quote says, we're all battling something we don't understand. Sometimes it doesn't matter. Sometimes I don't ask myself what's that thingy I am fighting. It took me a while before I realized I am not alone in it. Whatever you're fighting, we're here. When everything fails, there is ice cream. LOL.
  7. Good night. Everyone @Mikiesboy@MichaelS36@kbois@mollyhousemouse@rickproehl@Reader1810@Brayon@Wayne Gray Do nothing funky, drink nothing funky, paint the wall purple (with a bit of brown and silver). Hug someone.
  8. Ashi

    Groundhog Day

    Hey, it's summer.
  9. Ashi


    You're very good.
  10. I don't care anymore if I got to hold hands. It might give me blush because I know he loves me, not because I am self-conscious nowadays (but I need a BF first. LOL). Michael sounds so cool.
  11. I don't think anybody was trying to attack one another. Communication via the Internet can be difficult sometimes as we missed 60% of the communication, which is the non-verbal cues. Sometimes I reread my post and edited it just to put a smiley to it, as I realize with or without that smiley, the message can be interpreted very differently sometimes.... No harm is done, as far as I know. I just wish you sleep well and stay healthy. I almost woke up last night to see if I needed to modify my post, but I decided not to. It bothered me a lot as I was strange enough, had been writing a chapter where MC kind of stopped caring what other thought of him, but he did care.... It's one of those strange thingy when you do something, and someone else you know (and care very much) suddenly has something happened in RL, and my funny little brain begins to draw parallel and it bothers me no end (and I am probably overthinking). I had a feeling you knew what you were doing, you just needed time, so I left the post the way it is. You have Tim, who like your meme suggests, is a very strong person, always next to you (physically and emotionally, I can feel it). I've always wondered if I shall get a BF, and the situation should arise that he decided to hold hands in public, would/should I be bothered by other people's look? You're probably rolling eyes as this is like nothing when compared with D/s relationship, but you see, you've come farther than I have. You have a loving hubby, and you're proud of him (and he is to you, as exhibited in that poem), so if anyone judged you (which I don't think anyone here did), it's actually quite petty when compared with the love you have for one another. Now I just need to find a hubby and see if I could overcome my mental block of doing public display of affection. LOL. Oh, I just remember another thingy.... I used to have a coworker who was involved with a married man who promised him he'd divorce his wife to marry him.... Every time I think of him or when I am precariously infatuated with a married person, I'd be feeling so sad. I don't think my other coworkers were judging but our concern might have come across as such from his PoV. But guess what? He never let it bother him, but then he's ten years older than I am, so you gotta remember things about us older gays.... At the time people were just starting to accept homosexuality a little better, so he finally could be him, but the timing they met was just plain bad when one was already married. He finally found his happiness, so I don't think he'd let that affair go. I met him one more time after I quit that job, and his BF still did not marry him as promised. Anyways, things have come far for LGBT+ people.... Hopefully things would be simpler in the future. You young folks are very brave and paving ways for us older folks sometimes. I would have stayed away, which is my normal policy in such situation, but your conspicuous absence at the time.... I am glad you are back.
  12. To love is to forgive. I don't think any one of us was born knowing everything in life, but I am sure we were all born with an open mind.
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