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So do you suppose that Trevor placed Gray's transmitter somehow with the VCR tape? Not quite sure how that might've been done but how else would the police be able to close in on Bridget while she is watching the tape?


Too bad about Julie...but reading how Bridget put together her web of surveillance on Trev, she sure seemed to have covered all eventualities...



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The transmitter is roughly the size of a deck of cards so could easily be concealed in a cassette case after removing the tape.Posted Image Gray has now departed so there's no-one apart from the police tracking the device...Posted Image All Trevor has to do is contact the authorities and let them know that the transmitter is headed to Bridget. Nassau might become a very hot destination for the Sea Witch.Posted Image I wonder if Xaviers homophobia is going to get him into trouble.

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Hmm, the list of people who need to have very nasty, repeated and public accidents with bacon slicers is growing!


To say this tale is making me wish my life away is an understatement. No doubt about it, the goat is bringing to a conclusion one of the all time best novels - of any genre.

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