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A fan club for C James to chat about his stories and share images related to them


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  2. I found CJ's summer home. You can find it here.
  3. I'm curious how this ended? Did you get into bed with Kyle Also wondering if Steve from For The Love was written with him in mind (this is also the oldest topic in your club , but not anymore)
  4. "You were supposed to be here an hour ago! Why are you so late?" "Uh...."
  5. Only for the Wildone do these things happen.
  6. I now have a horrible scar, both on my mind and on my soul Yesterday, with the lockdown still on, I decided to take a little drive. Well more like 7 hours. I decided to head from my home in Calgary, through the Rocky Mountains to a town called Radium Hot Springs. The weather was a bit cloudy and the two mountain passes you have to cross over you were up in the clouds and snowing a bit. Oh, BTW the Rockies have been covered with snow for probably the past month now. I should have taken pictures. So it is a narrow two lane road when going through the second pass near Olive Lake when I came around a corner to find a female mountain goat just stopped in my lane licking the asphalt for the salt from the sanding and salt they put on the roads. To my right there were about 10 others all either in the ditch or up on the rocky wall on my side of the road They were doing construction down the road and the northbound lane had just been let though and it was a steady stream of traffic coming through on that lane so I can't pass said goat. She wasn't impeding that lane. The guy behind me was getting impatient and started laying on the horn. The one thing I have learned of the multiple goats on the roads over the years, if you blow your horn, they will look at you, give you a fuck off look and then some will even lay down on the road. Cheeky bastards. Luckily my nanny didn't lay down. But, in fact a young billy, wandered onto the road and circled the road-licking-nanny and started sniffing her butt. Before my eyes, Mr. Billy got an erection within seconds and tried to mount the nanny All about 4-5 feet in front of my bumper Isn't there something illegal about watching animal porn, if not, there should be For my luck, she was not having anything that he was offering in front of my very own eyes. She took off running and up the rocky wall, with him and the rest of the heard following behind. How does one wipe that from your mind I would really like to know. Now I'm willing to guess it isn't CJ, as the Canada/US border is still closed to non essential travel. Also, after the incident of 2004, the Canada Border Agency has a high risk alert out to not let him in the country. Lastly, said billy had sexual interests in a nanny. Since we all know CJ is our resident gay goat, he wouldn't be having any of that
  7. Hmmm, so I was looking at this discussion of eating lunch and losing your own car keys So, I have these questions on how you got a driver's license? You probably only filled out half of the test, telling the DMV, that you will finish it up on the next visit (cliffhanger) With spectacles the size and thickness you are wearing, I doubt you could see 2 inches in front of you. Maybe the reason you don't see a cliffhanger when you write it.
  8. I'm actually trying for this Christmas, but I'm getting some annoying and disruptive obstruction from my calendar, which has recently, and inexplicably, taken to telling me that this month is September. I am, however, trying. I need to write about 3 more chapters to finish it, then go back and make certain all the details and clues fit, etc, which will require a few changes (hence why most team members have not seen it yet - I need to make some changes to early chapters, and I don't know all of what they are yet). It has a mystery component (kind of akin to a detective novel), so there are things the reader needs to be able to figure out based on clues in the story (or, they can just read along if they prefer, but it's my job to make sure the option is there). Oh, and of course, I need to go through it with an incredibly fine-toothed comb to make absolutely certain that there's not even the slightest hint of a cliffhanger, or any tension at all, in it. I can't remember if I've mentioned the title yet - it's Going Sideways. Apropos of nothing at all, I see that the Urban Dictionary defines that phrase as; "Used to describe when a tense situation, usually an operation of some kind, suffers a catastrophic breakdown and devolves into near-chaos, usually requiring violence and/or aggression to restore order."
  9. Car keys are sometimes called another name; "lunch". This perhaps explains why I often can't find my car keys right after my lunch.
  10. Maybe the goat is planning it as Christmas present for the community. He just isn't saying which year! 🤔
  11. Some things will never change Looking forward to Chapter 1, or will it be a prologue? Can you at least tell us that
  12. The Goat is still up to his old habits. He's giving us a cliffhanger and the story isn't even posted yet.
  13. Welcome back, and I look forward to reading the new story
  14. I'm still working on Going Sideways, and I hope all of you are coping okay with the virus, lockdowns, etc, that have made 2020 a year I, and I am sure many, would like to forget. I expect to be around here much more often from now on - and also I'm spending more time writing. I know my timelines on posting never pan out, but I do hope to have Going Sideways online by the end of this year. (Note to self; it ain't gonna write itself, so quit slacking!). Currently, I'm only on chapter 15 (And need to finish it all before it can be edited, etc, as some later developments need alterations to early chapters). I still expect to bring this in under 20 chapters. Recent chapters have run around 20k words - and my current count on chapter 15 is 79k words. (erm, might need to split it, I think...). I can't say much about the story (Graeme hates spoilers, and he might see this, so...) but I can say that it will have words. Those words will usually have vowels and consonants, often several of them. Hrmmm. What else can I say? No cliffhangers, of course. Oh, and there are things in it that might seem... familiar to some.
  15. @emmanuelglover, CJ was referring to a chapter for Circumnavigation that he was having issues getting uploaded.
  16. Hi there! Where can I find all the chapters of Countdown to Doomsday? Also, I would like to know, where do you download your books? I don't know why I always have issues downloading some content or I'm not using the right websites. I always get errors and can't finish downloading it. I even got a free registry cleaner to try to fix that but I still have issues. Is there ant website or platform where it's easier to download what I want? Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. I'd say that Three for Jake is one of my all time favourites. It takes a hard subject to write in my mind, one that would be hard to believe in reality, but he nailed it
  18. Any of his stories in which my name is NOT used for one of the characters 😱
  19. Sorry, but I have my integrity to worry about. I can't attest what he wants me to attest... After all, I haven't read the complete story, yet.
  20. *readies the torches and pitchforks*
  21. No one has told me how long my new story is, either, so how would I know? Seriously though, for once (I'm notorious for massively underestimating), I think it's coming in roughly where I guessed - just under 20 chapters. Of course, I shall refrain from either mentioning or admitting that this is mainly due to the chapter length being around 20k words, about 4 times my usual. Chapter 14 is currently showing as 50 pages, 21k words. My current guess - 2 chapters to go (after the one I'm just about done with, 14.). Then I can send it out to the team. I really can't do so yet, as some key details keep changing, which has required a few changes to early chapters and will do so again. The new story is called "Going Sideways". For those not familiar, it's mainly a southern US colloquialism, meaning things not going as planned, and doing so badly. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Go Sideways Beyond that, the only thing I can say at this point is that, as always for my stories, it will be 100% utterly and totally cliffhanger-free - not even a hint of one, as I'm sure Graeme will be happy to attest.
  22. It's his usual complex story, so I appreciate why he wants to finish it before he starts posting. It's great so far, though, so when it starts posting, I can thoroughly recommend it.
  23. @Graeme How is his latest story coming along?

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