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  2. I'd say that Three for Jake is one of my all time favourites. It takes a hard subject to write in my mind, one that would be hard to believe in reality, but he nailed it
  3. Page Scrawler


    The fruit of the cashew tree. The small, kidney-shaped part on the bottom is the seed/nut, while the large red bulb is called a "cashew apple". The apple is commonly processed into drinks alcoholic and soft, or used in cooking.
  4. Any of his stories in which my name is NOT used for one of the characters 😱
  5. Sorry, but I have my integrity to worry about. I can't attest what he wants me to attest... After all, I haven't read the complete story, yet.
  6. *readies the torches and pitchforks*
  7. No one has told me how long my new story is, either, so how would I know? Seriously though, for once (I'm notorious for massively underestimating), I think it's coming in roughly where I guessed - just under 20 chapters. Of course, I shall refrain from either mentioning or admitting that this is mainly due to the chapter length being around 20k words, about 4 times my usual. Chapter 14 is currently showing as 50 pages, 21k words. My current guess - 2 chapters to go (after the one I'm just about done with, 14.). Then I can send it out to the team. I really can't do so yet, as some key details keep changing, which has required a few changes to early chapters and will do so again. The new story is called "Going Sideways". For those not familiar, it's mainly a southern US colloquialism, meaning things not going as planned, and doing so badly. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Go Sideways Beyond that, the only thing I can say at this point is that, as always for my stories, it will be 100% utterly and totally cliffhanger-free - not even a hint of one, as I'm sure Graeme will be happy to attest.
  8. It's his usual complex story, so I appreciate why he wants to finish it before he starts posting. It's great so far, though, so when it starts posting, I can thoroughly recommend it.
  9. @Graeme How is his latest story coming along?
  10. 😎.....….…..It is a hard choice, but in the end Circumnavigation won out! It also expanded my spelling skills in learning how to spell it!
  11. He's working on a new novel (I'm one of his beta-readers), but he wants to complete it before it's posted. I don't know how much more he has to write, though, as he doesn't tell me that much...
  12. Wondering how our illustrious goat is these days? Last I heard, he was taking some time off after Circumnavigation, but was thinking about a sequel to "For the Love". Missing the weekly cliffhangers
  13. Though I feel that whatever story by C James I am currently reading, is my favorite, I would have to say that Circumnavigation is my all-time favorite, probably because it was the first one I read and also my introduction to the treasure chest of stories on GA. We always remember our 'first time' with a rosy aura, don't we?
  14. I am casting a vote for Circumnavigation as it was the first story in GA that I ever read. I just happened upon it by accident and stuck with through the whole thing. Mark Arbours series Bridgemont would be a strong number two, but apparently, he has dropped it with the ship and crew stuck off in the Baltic Ocean. I am waiting, however Mark. Now we shall see what happens with James and 'Let the Music Play'. I have just started that and notice there is also a second book.
  15. If CJ can come back, I guess I can too!
  16. @Timothy M. See post above. There is some activity apparently.
  17. In the distance, a rumble. Closer to home, chapters get updated. He stirs.
  18. I only just found this thread. I’m so happy to hear that you have moved through your rough time. I’ve often felt this system of connection between writers and readers has sucked writers into more than is realistic and may have been one of the reasons that several of my favorite prolific writers have disappeared from the board. Hope you can find your way back at a level of endeavor that works for you. Pax.
  19. Is this the icon you're looking for? I'm sorry, but that icon has become restricted, so only those who are truly worthy are allowed to use it.
  20. I'm ashamed to see it's been over 4 months since I returned, and this is my first visit since. I'm so sorry. I'll be back more often from now on. I have actually been writing (though with glacial slowness) and finally have a few chapters. I'm only now at where I thought I'd be in October, and starting to reach out to team members (Frankly, I wouldn't blame them if they told me to shove it, seeing as how I've been so remiss) but it's starting to come together now, at last. And... Wildone, shame on you for disparaging me so; you know I'd never, ever, even come close to a cliffy! And oh no, I can't seem to find my most-used emotion, the angel-halo one, but I'm innocent, I tell, ya, innocent! @ Tallonrider; even I'll admit that my vanishing act was so bad as to be almost a cliffy! @ Anubis; no need for climbing gear. As I'm sure anyone will tell you, I'd never, ever, go anywhere near a cliff or a cliffhanger. <Innocent look> @ KevinD It shouldn't be too much longer before I can post. (meaning, months) because I need to complete most of it first. One reason is plot; minor changes may need to be made to early chapters, depending on how later ones shake out. The other reason, to be honest, is fairness; it would be wrong of me to post anything unless I am 100% sure I'll finish it in a timely manner, and given my absences, the only way I can be certain is to have it already done. And, to one and all, as a sign (as well as a test) of whether my long hiatus is at an end, expect me to drip back by within a week.
  21. Welcome back CJ - And we already have a cliffy, waiting for your new story’s first chapter post! 😬 How appropriate that you have a cliffy without anyone being in danger - 😳 Though you have been gone for a while I was able to compensate (somewhat) by re-reading your stories hoping/knowing that someday, you would be back entertaining us once again - thank you, thank you, thank you… 😉
  22. Welcome back! Glad to see you were able to disconnect for a while and take a breather. Now that you're back it looks like I am going to have to go dig out and dust off my climbing gear so I can handle all those cliffs you seem to wind up on -- at no fault of your own, obviously.

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