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  1. KevinD

    Chapter 47

    Too short, tooo short, toooo short😪 more please - Thank you Team Arbour
  2. KevinD

    Chapter 12

    As much as I’m enjoying this Will focused story, it is always a welcome treat to have Grand & Stef join the scene , so to speak... A very nice Easter treat indeed - Thank you Team Arbour!
  3. KevinD

    Chapter 11

    Well, Will certainly got his answer about Tom, now let’s just hope that Connie doesn’t pick this time to come back looking for Will… Thanks Mark & Team Arbour for another great chapter Gap Year!
  4. KevinD

    Chapter 10

    Not in my wildest dreams did I expect the ending that Mark and his Team provided for us.😳 On reflection though, Randy certainly was an unhinged character, wasn’t he? More please?🤗
  5. KevinD

    Chapter 8

    As always, I’m never disappointed in the writings of Mark along with Team Arbour’s contribution to my reading delight, even though this isn’t about me😇 Welcome back Mark - hope all is well and COVID is far behind you and even though your “absence” was short, you’ve been missed 😚
  6. Hello Mark, please rest and take care of yourself as that is most important! We may miss a chapter or two as things slow down and wish they were out there, but in the overall scheme of things that is not important. Know that you are much loved by your reading community and I/we hope and pray for your speedy recovery! Screw the figurative distancing, a big bear hug for you😘
  7. KevinD

    Chapter 7

    Thank you Mark &. Team for the New Year’s Eve gift of this chapter and that of Northern Exposure... Happy New Year to All!🎉
  8. KevinD

    Chapter 6

    I enjoyed this chapter immensely and really was happy that Connie came to Will’s rescue. The blowback from family would have been intense if he’d been able to make his “panic button” call before Connie stepped in... Thanks Mark & Team Arbour for the usual great job! To borrow from another member & and steal a movie line - “Thank you sir, may i have another?”; chapter that is😉
  9. KevinD

    Chapter 1

    Wow...this chapter was loaded with so much. Is it possible that Will can settle down and finesse Malo so he feels good about making a bit of legit money selling the house to Will? Which will come first, the Kai/Will reunion or the Jaws surfing competition? Anyone care to bet on that one?
  10. KevinD


    Tough start for Will in this new story segment. Your description of “Gap Year” tells us more surprises are coming...😬 I can hardly wait - thank you Mark & Team Arbour😋
  11. Thank you Mark! Rey much looking forward to the next book in this amazing family saga😋
  12. KevinD

    Chapter 75

    Quite the confrontation at the end! I would almost call it a scaled-back cliffhanger because as others have noted already neither Elizabeth or Sabrina are to be entirely trusted... Thank you Mark and team for the outstanding story!
  13. KevinD

    Chapter 21

    A much welcomed return to the adventures of Lord Granger and his men... thank you Mark and team Arbour😋
  14. KevinD

    Chapter 22

    What a happy surprise I received today via the notification of Mark’s newest chapter to Northern Exposure. I stumbled upon the fan club which must’ve been a relatively new creation and was very dismayed to hear of the health situation in Marks family. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with you and your family Mark as you all deal with this very difficult situation...
  15. KevinD

    Chapter 73

    Perhaps the old saying is true “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true - and with that I am referring to my feelings about Zach and Will😛 I am really hoping that Zach and Will at the right time somewhere down the road will be together like Brad and Robbie. I guess I’m just a sentimental old softy at heart. Thank you Mark and Team Arbour for this latest installment – so, where’s the next one? More please...😘
  16. KevinD

    Chapter 72

    I wonder what choice JJ would’ve made if instead he had to be chauffeured around in a mere Genesis luxury vehicle - assuming Brad hadn’t been so severe as to make him ride the subway? Zach - Hmmmnnn, Will Will run over some major potholes here and end up denting a rim or two...(sticking with the driving theme😉) I’ve been remiss in welcoming. Mark back so let me extend my apologies and tell you how happy I am to read you work again, and ask why the chapters are still so short? 😖😜😘
  17. I just stumbled upon this great news and I am very happy for you Mark on your hard earned achievement! Congratulations Dr. Arbour! I’m sure I can speak for many saying that we hope to one day soon see you back in fine writing form for your fans – until then, will be waiting for you! 🎉🥃🍷😘👍
  18. Like many others I sure do miss Mark’s story additions. If he happens to see this I hope he knows that we all wish him well and would love to hear from him, even if he’s not yet ready or able to get back into writing mode – just want to know that he’s doing as best he can... And a shout out to Will and all the other CAP September birthdays 🎂 🎉
  19. KevinD

    Chapter 16

    Always love reading new chapters of George’s exploits and want more! Thank you Mark & Team! 🤗
  20. KevinD

    Chapter 60

    I can only speak for myself but I expect you will soon remedy that situation? Zach needs to be just a roadbump in Will’s past and you”ve set Dillion up to seemingly be ideal on sooooo many levels.🔥🔥🔥
  21. KevinD

    Chapter 58

    Thanks Mark for not leaving us in agony with a cliff-hanger, even if it got a bit tense for a bit!
  22. KevinD

    Chapter 13

    Loved every bit of this chapter especially the fact that everything seemed so nice, happy and friendly that once George was alone with the prince, the “real situation” cames out. I’m sure that the prince considered all of George’s exploits as he worked to paint a picture of what difficulties lay in front of our hero in an attempt to preempt the mission. Thank you Mark and team!
  23. KevinD

    Chapter 12

    I am a bit distressed but it certainly has nothing to do with Mark in the story… I can’t seem to figure out why it is that I’m not getting notified in a timely manner when my favorite authors post stories that I am following. I’m reading this on the evening of April 29, well beyond the date it was posted. I will have to contact One of the site admins to figure out what is wrong with my settings. OK, now on to the story - It certainly is wonderful to see Cavendish return to his normal state and also that George recognizes the importance of his renewal of affection, confidence and trust in Caroline. I love the way that Granger forced the hand of the Danes to get recognition of the white flag and even more thoroughly enjoyed his facing down Admiral Dickson. It’s fun to think about the legend of Granger spreading when the junior officer shares how Grainger handled Dickson. Thank you Mark and team for another stellar effort!
  24. KevinD

    Tangled Webs

    And to make matters even worse, it was the accursed garlic crusher that betrayed Trevor...
  25. I can only wonder if Trevor’s drawn picture of a goat’s head bears any resemblance at all to our very own cliff(ie)-denying author? This is my third read of Circumnavigation and since it has been a while since the second read, I am finding this to be just as enjoyable as the first time around – bravo CJ & Team!
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