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Having A Gay Main Character In A Straight Genre Category (Military)

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I just published my first book The Reflection of Innocence

        Being a first time author, I found it to be trick to write, because of the sexuality of the character. I patterned many aspects of the main character against myself, and I am a gay man that never came to terms with my sexuality till my late 30's. So his sexuality was hidden away (except for a few passing references in the book), but here is my question.

         Since my book if I had to classify it is a Fiction-Thriller-Military genre (with some paranormal elements)  it's appeal is mostly going to be straight men/women I imagined. My feeling was to try endear the readers to the character and essentially gloss over his sexuality (since his sexuality really isn't a major factor of the story anyway), and hope they can connect with the person, rather than just this facet of who he his.

         Later on when the character comes to terms with who he is as a person, and he finally accepts his  sexuality (and being an alcolholic), I had hoped that the readers would feel close enough to the character so it really doesn't sway them. Again I base this on my own life where I was scared to death to do the 'big reveal' to family/friends, and when I did most just shrugged their shoulders,and said we like you for who you are, and your sexuality doesn't change that. .

           So I am hoping by trying to create that closeness with the characters with words, the readers feel the same way. Was just curious how others have dealt with writing books for markets geared for  meat & potatoes  middle America crowd, and showing that G&L go through the same struggles as they do?




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