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Be A Fanboy!

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If any of you guys enjoy something...then enjoy it to the fullest! What the heck are you holding back for? It's *OK* to love something with your whole heart, talk about it openly, and get excited for it to the point of almost breaking down into tears! Why is this a BAD thing? Find your favorite story, your favorite Movie, your favorite Video Game, your favorite TV series, your favorite musical artist or band, and go WILD!!! Why not? Life is short! Get as much JOY out of it as you possibly can! Lose control! What the hell are you keeping it a secret for? Hehehe! Fine...don't have fun! The REST of us are having a ball!


Whatever it is that you're passionate about? Go out and ENJOY it to the fullest! NOW! And never once feel silly about it, k? Because joy is what life is all about! Remember that!
Life is good! Be a fanboy! And be PROUD of it! No matter WHAT it is that you're a fanboy of! Let them know! A day without the kind of rush that 'fanboyism' brings....is a day wasted! So quit wasting them! :P
New chapter of "GFD: Fanboys" is coming as soon as I finish with the others! K? Have fun!
Experience some real fanboy love here: http://www.voy.com/15900/79721.html

And be sure to check out the "GFD: Fanboys" story here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfdfanboys


Happy hugs to you all! Hehehe!

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