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  2. Oh! Also...I'm answering a bunch of emails tonight! So check your inbox! I might have left a happy little prezzie for ya!
  3. And that means a bunch of your all time favorite authors from the site have gotten together to wish GA a very happy 20th anniversary this year! So stop by as soon as you get a chance, and read all of the stories that they've got waiting for you! And leave a comment or click that like button to give these hard working authors the praise and thanks that they deserve! Cool? Support our all-stars! It'll be worth it! https://gayauthors.org/blogs/entry/20898-2022-anthology-anniversary-week-3-now-live/ Enjoy! And I'll seezya soon!
  4. Wow...that was quick! 😮 I thought they might have been too young at first, but considering how quickly they sprouted up in the past year, they may actually be able to use the same actors to play Billy and Tommy (Wiccan and Speed) by the time the "Young Avengers" movie rolls around! SWEET!!! Because they were perfect in those roles! I wonder...will 'Billy' still be gay in the movies like in the comic books?
  5. Hahaha! He finally got him to do it! And why are they randomly living together? Hehehe, that's weird. Can't wait for the big debut, dude! Squeeeeee
  6. @Comicality I guess Avi Angel and Noah Jupe have the same stylist.
  7. Hehehe... ::Blush:: I love the new look, Avi. It's...ummm...nice. Hi, Asher! Still waiting on "Shazam 2"! Bye, Avi... ::Kisses:: ::Runs Away::
  8. Me wrestling around with other boys growing up? Hehehe! All...the...TIME!!! And a lot of them wrestled around with each other too, so it was normal. But we were all really young when we started, so that was about as close to 'sex' as we could get at that time. But I do remember things sort of getting a bit more heated as we got older. I can't really say that it was in a sexual way, but it wasn't the same playful activity that we were involved in before. I was starting to write a story about this for a future issue of Imagine Magazine, and it just brought back soooo many memories all at once. Just the pinning down of the arms and the struggling and the heavy breathing and the thrusting...hehehe, how can that not make for a quick one shot story, you know? However, there was only one time that I can remember the wrestling ever turning into anything 'else', and it sort of caught both of us by surprise, I think, because it only happened that once and then never again. Still, I remember it being really sensual and slow when the sexy stuff happened. Anyway, his name was Seth, and we were hanging out after school. I think I had just turned 14 at the time, and we were looking at video game magazines or something. (This was when the 8-Bit Nintendo was about to make way for the next gen systems, but they were still a long way off) And we always gave each other shit just to laugh or whatever, but I remember us pushing one another a few times. We were both lying on the floor on our stomachs, propped up on our elbows, and at one point he wanted to turn the page but I was still reading something and we sort of tore the page in the middle of fussing about it. And the next thing I know, we were practically tackling one another and rolling over each other while goofing around. And this went on for a while until we were both pretty exhausted and out of breath...and I gave up. So there he was, on top of me, and I could clearly feel the hardness in his jeans. Weird how I noticed his before I noticed my own. But neither one of us said anything about it. It was like...to have somebody even think that you were gay and might spread that around school would have been...BAD! But we did kind of lay there and sort of hump each other for a few minutes, and then he lowered himself down and put his head over my shoulder and we dry humped for a bit. Then, for some reason, we started kissing. No real reason. Just lost in the heat of the moment, I suppose. And then he rolled off of me and we laid side by side on our backs, slumped down against the wall. And as scary as it was, I unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, and he did the same. Both of us were sticking up, extremely hard and bouncing with our heartbeat...and we felt each other up a bit...but that was it. No big romance or hot sexual experience, I'm afraid. Hehehe! Real life is never as cool as erotic fiction in these situations. But, at the time...my mind was blown. Too bad. He was CUTE! Anyway, we never talked about it again, and no repeat performances. But don't think I didn't try! LOL! I was eager to see if I'd ever be able to get a mouthful! No such luck. ::Shrugs::
  9. It's your experience! That's EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks, PS! ((HUGZ))
  10. I had some fantasies of wrestling, or rubbing on another guy when I was a teenager, but I never had any friends who were really "physical" enough to try it with. My cousin tried wrestling with me once (in a non-horny way), and I discovered that fantasies are very different than reality. I didn't like the feeling of being pinned down, so I told him to stop, and he complied. Thus ended my wrestling fantasies. IDK, I'm not very "sporty" or physically active. Sorry if this isn't what anyone is looking for, but it's all I've got!
  11. Give us a 'wrestling' story! Hehehe! It doesn't have to be from a team of regulated sports or anything, just something from your past where you and someone else were tusseling about and maybe triggered something in you or in them that you didn't really know was there before that very moment. It's something that all boys do at some point! Hehehe, that Testosterone gets introduced into our system, and the next thing you know, we're all broken arms, shattered windows, and rough and tumble football. I'm not sure how this works for our ladies out there, but I'm assuming that there's a female version of this somewhere in your formative years. (And no, I don't mean that Hollywood 'Let's have a pillow fight! Tee hee!' stuff either!) So, do any of you guys have a wrestling story to share with us? Was it with someone you liked? Was it arousing? Did you plan on it ahead of time, or was it just a spontaneous thing? And what happened afterwards? Did you go back to 'normal'? Or did things possibly escalate into something...else? Just being curious! Give us your memory of it! Give us a couple if you like! Anonymous answers always welcome! Talk away, tough guys!
  12. William Harker’s Journal, Entries: https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/the-seducer/19 https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/the-seducer/20 https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/the-seducer/21
  13. But I'm still here. Either my computer is doing some kind of big update, or it's some certain 'news' that came out this morning that's crashing the country's internet. Hehehe! But, either way, it's sort of working itself out and getting back in line. I'll be back later on tonight when it does. It's just really hard to work like this. Ugh! Seezya then! ((Hugz))
  14. An Italian Beef and two kids. It isn’t as good as Hot Pockets…
  15. @Comicality Hehehe, Wyatt is turning into quite the cutie!
  16. Hahaha! Nooooo! MORE love! I need more! Mwah mwah mwah!!!!
  17. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know! It takes Comsie an eternity to do ANYTHING!!! Yeah, I get it! No need to try to embarrass me any further! Hehehe! This has been a long LONG time coming, but "S-K-Y-L-I-G-H-T" is a series that I really believed in and wanted to finish, as it was a challenge for me to even pull it off, you know? So I fixed up a few errors in the earlier chapters, and now you guys have a brand NEW chapter to dive into to carry things forward! Cool? I really hope you all like it! And let me know what you think when you get a chance! A little something new, from me to you! Seezya soon! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/skylight-phase1impact
  18. https://imagine-magazine.org/releases/ It's the 15th of the month, you guys! And that means a brand new issue of the Shack's online magazine, imagine, is now live and ready to go! So dive right in and have yourselves a private party in your pants! Hehehe! I won't watch...promise! ::Turns on creep camera:: Have fun! And remember to hit that green 'Up Vote' button at the bottom of every page to show the authors some love! Enjoy!
  19. Oh yeah...I don't update the story status on my stuff anymore. Just so you guys know. So, unless the series is 'complete', I don't really waste time trying to keep up with that whole thing. ALL of my stories are always in process, and never 'on hold'. It just takes time to get them right so I can work the kind of magic that I want to work with every chapter. Cool? Just assume that the next chapter for everything I write is just around the corner. Mwah! Love you lots, and I'll seezya soon!
  20. https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/a-home-for-christmas/ Hehehe, don't worry, I was listening to my favorite Christmas music the whole time that I was writing this to keep myself in the mood! Especially since it's been a few years since I've seen actual snow! ::Pouts:: I MISS YOU, CHICAGO!!!! Anyway, a brand new chapter of this short series is now up and ready for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy! Check it out, and let me know what you think when you're finished! "Quid pro quo, Clarice!" Hehehe! Bonus points if you get that reference! Seezya soon! We're not done yet! Not by a long shot!
  21. https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-children-of-sunset/ A new chapter of the "Gone From Daylight", gay teen, vampire, Western, spinoff is now live! So go and check it out when you get a chance! Cool? Hehehe, enjoy!
  22. OMG! That is so cool! I've gotta admit, I got a little misty eyed watching that.
  23. Hehehe! Any girl (or boy) would be lucky to have a kid like this propose to them!
  24. Whoah...I ummm...did NOT expect this today! 😮 Yeah...Skrulls are a problem. A big...BIG problem! Damn shapeshifters...hehehe! Hehehe, they really went a different route with this one! I kinda like it! (Sooooo...maybe a Moon Knight cameo? ::Fingers crossed::)
  25. Droids come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. This one, I think, is more along the lines of R2-D2.

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