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  1. Hi, Avi! I missed you! You guys have been gone for a while! If your big bro doesn't make "Shazam 2" soon, you might have to end up taking his place! Hehehe!
  2. Thanks, you guys! I am feeling better. I'm at about 80% right now. A good night's sleep should have me back in working order by tomorrow. ::Fingers Crossed:: I appreciate the love! ((Hugz)) Also, DK Daniels...I have an email coming your way soon!
  3. Very true! But its better to just let people know the truth than have them speculate. They always head towards the worst case scenarios! Giggles!
  4. River's been super busy the past few months, but keep an eye out. Maybe he'll have another question out in the near future. He'll be happy to know that he sparked an interest.
  5. ...I've been a bit sick over the last four or five days. Don'tt know where it came from, or why, but I'm recovering at the moment. I only told few people, and rumors get weird. NO! It's not covid or anything like it. I'm just plain old' sick. K? Promise! Anyway, I'm still here. Feeling good! I even went to the chat earlier tonight! Had a blast with you guys! 'Well, do it again some time soon. I'm just...tired. Sooooooo tired. And you KNOW how much I hate hate HATE sleep...but my body isn't giving me much of an option here, Love you lots, seezya soon!
  6. A new chapter of the series, "After Practice" is up tonight! So have fun! And please take a moment to let me know what you think when you get a chance! Cool? Enjoy! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/after-practice/
  7. "After Practice 3" With every step, I felt as though I was becoming more and more enchanted with his very presence. Dallas could do no wrong in my eyes. I found myself trying to put up some sort of invisible wall between us, simply because the emotional connection to his personality was too strong for me to consider my actions being anywhere NEAR predictable. I mean, I felt so lost. So out of control. The only thing that I had to hold on to for some sort of stable foundation in my life was this pretend facade that I wasn't falling head over heels in love with this boy! Dallas was a
  8. The weird thing is...they KNOW they're in the wrong. Youtube can't shut down the actual videos because that would be discrimination. But they can shut down any list or channel that PROMOTES these short films. They literally erased my whole playlist of gay teen short films without warning one day...but the movies are still on Youtube. I guess they just hope that teens will never find them? Who knows? It's just so silly to me. How petty are they to even bother to go through the motions of doing this shit?
  9. A little. But nobody beats my Stefan. I've got such an embarrassing crush on him. Hehehe!
  10. Youtube decided to start censoring all gay teen short films, and wiping out all favorite lists that include anything that MIGHT make the gay youth feel okay and normal about who they are. Just out of nowhere, for no reason. Saying that it violated their 'child safety' rules and regulations. But that's bullshit! So I'll be posting ALL of the stuff that I had suddenly 'removed' from my youtube account without warning. You guys please feel free to stop me when you find a short film that you think is 'dangerous' (Their words, not mine) for gay teens. K? What's so offensive about liking and sharing
  11. As all of the side stories are now beginning to intersect and make sense, I'm happy to bring chapter 3 of "GFD: Sins Of The Father" to the site! So enjoy! And let me know what you think! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-sins-of-the-father/ And be sure to look for the many OTHER "Gone From Daylight" spinoffs in the "GFD: Worlds" section as well! There's a LOT more going on than you can even imagine right now!
  12. "Sins Of The Father 3" As the men flooded into the area, I held my blade ready. All human. Hooded ones with mirrored masks. A shame. The other clans would use his human allies as pawns in his deadly game first. A cowardly move, but a strategic one. However, unlike some...I have no conflicts when it comes to cutting down any enemy that dares to stand in my way. They get one chance to come to their senses, and one chance only. After that, whatever happens to them is out of my hands. I know they weren't expecting a creature like me to be here to help get Takeshi Ogata's chil
  13. Comicality

    Chapter 8

    Thanks, sixxone! Mwah!
  14. Wait...MORE??? Jesus! That actually looks kind a funny!
  15. And his voice changed too, but he can still hit high notes as smoothly and effortlessly as he ever could before. It's kind of amazing to be honest...
  16. A brand new chapter of "MOTW" has just been posted tonight! So, go on over and check it out if you get a chance! And be sure to let me know what you think when you're done! K? HUGE thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday! MWAH! Love you all sooooo much! And I had a good time! So, life is grand! Enjoy the new chapter! And if you've never read this series before, you can start it from the beginning at the link below! Cool? Seezya soon! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/myonetrueweakness/
  17. "My One True Weakness 8" "This can't keep happening every day, you know?" Colin smiled as we walked towards the back door. "Hehehe, do what?" "Just hang out every day like this." "Why not?" I asked with a smirk. "I'm willing to bet that we can do this as much and as often as we want to." He sighed, brushing his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, but...at this rate, we're going to end up accidentally becoming friends or something. And that's going to be weird. Hehehe!" "It won't be weird." I told him. "And it certainly won't be 'accidental', not by any means."
  18. Comicality


    Hehehe, see? I told ya movie energy and feedback was much better! Marvel knows! ::Nods:: That is a LOT of movies coming in the next year and a half! Geez! How can they just keep going like this? That's crazy!
  19. Good LORD, that's a lot of movies!!! How can they just keep going like this? That's crazy! Guess I might as well start saving up for the future movies now!
  20. Stefan gave me an early B-Day prezzie! ::Swoons:: Thanks, babe...
  21. Comicality

    Story Folding

    There are plenty of times when I like to just throw in a few extras with my stories when I'm writing. Sometimes, it's just for a little nod and a wink to the readers and fans of the many stories that I've written over the years. And other times, I do it to poke fun at myself. Hehehe! Because I think it's important to have a sense of humor when it comes to even my best efforts to be error-free, and to giggle at my biggest mistakes and failures. Either way, it makes for a good time, you know? It's fun! However...there's something else that I really love to do that can be fun as well. T
  22. Hiiiiii...Greyson! ((Snuggles)) Now, by your own admission, you said, "Oh no! I don't dance!" Hehehe, looks like you're doing pretty good to me. See, you've got a little bit of groove in ya! Sex-ay! "You'll be begging for me, hot and heavy, in the morning!" Hehehe, yes, Greyson! ::Nods:: Yes, I will!
  23. Happy birthday, Maxwell Jenkins! Give Chicago a big ol' hug for me, Party Boy! My best friend, Mike and I have been sort of partying long-distance for the past week! So I'll be back with you guys right after this weekend! (Sunday is my birthday! And then things will return to normal!) Cool? HEY!!! I think Max took a dive there! >:O I lost 50 GRAND on that fight! Dangit!!! Love you all and I'll seezya soon!
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