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  1. Hehehe, what? If I was a super hero, I'd be thinking the same thing? It's a simple request, Alfred! Geez!
  2. https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/a-home-for-christmas/ A new chapter of this story has just been posted! And I'm adding another chapter or two, but this won't be a long running series. It was just meant to be a short holiday story. And it will be an ebook soon as well! ( https://imagine-magazine.org/store/comicality/ )So enjoy! And let me know what you think when you get a chance! K? After "2 Below" and "Holiday Rush", I'm thinking that I can make another awesome Christmas story! Hehehe, even in late January! Wish me luck!
  3. "A Home For Christmas 2" I began to wonder whether or not I had been too forward or aggressive in my approach when Blake began avoiding my eye contact. Almost like he felt a bit ashamed to ask for my help, even if he needed it now more than ever. Chicago Winters are no joke. People, legit, die out here if they don't have some sort of decent shelter. I won't lie and say that I don't have my own selfish reasons for wanting to spend the day...the night...maybe even the whole weekend, wi
  4. The first wave of emails has now been released! Working on the second wave...so let me rest for a bit, and I'll get back to work soon! Love you all! And I'm so sorry that you had to wait soooo long for me! I want to get back to you TODAY!!! No more bullshit! So I'm working on it, ok? It doesn't take me much to say thank you! So expect a second wave before I go to sleep tonight! K? You guys mean the world to me! And you've helped me to become the man I am today! Talk to you soon!
  5. Already reaching the 60 answered emails mark! My fingers are a little tired, so I'm going to take a bit of a break. But I'll get right back to it soon! My apologies for making you guys wait so long for my replies! I always read through every word and answer personally to touch on what ever it is that you sent me! And I truly love you guys for it! So hang in there with me, and I'll send all of these out tomorrow night! Cool? I'm working super super hard on it right now! Hehehe, and no time for sleep! I'm pretty sure I can lose a few winks for my friends! Love you lots! And I'll seezya soon!
  6. Oh yeah, I'm bringing out the dreaded 'S' word for this one! Hehehe, calm down...take a few breaths...and smile for me, k? I won't make it too painful for you to read. Promise. Loosen up a little bit, geez. Now...I've been writing for over 20 years in the gay erotica genre. And thanks to Myr and the folks at GayAuthors, I KNOW that a vast majority of you guys read the sexy stuff on this site! Polls don't lie! LOL! It was something that I was actually kind of curious about, as trends change and interests vary depending on who's reading the stories on this site. But, as it turns out, sex is still just as popular now as it was when I started. So that's awesome! Hehehe! I love it! It is for me too! I do understand that a lot of people still have a lot of...well...I don't want to say 'hang ups', when it comes to sex...but I understand that it can be a little awkward for some people to comment on publicly. Even more awkward to write for some authors who get to the naughty parts of their story and suddenly pull all of their punches for fear of being judged for it by their peers. And, of course, there are people who just aren't interested in detailed, graphic, descriptions of sex because they just don't feel the need to. Opinions vary, I suppose. And to each their own. However, hehehe, when I'm in that 'sexy trance' where I want my characters to get together and strip naked...don't expect me to hold back too much. You will be getting it live and in full color. Believe me! And I enjoy writing those sex scenes, and allowing my past memories mix with my current fantasies to create something truly special between my main character and his love interest. I work hard to make it as hot as I possibly can, but I also try to make these scenes an emotional and erotic experience for everyone involved, and everyone reading. I want my sex scenes to be intimate. Touching. And visceral in the best possible way. I know that there are people who skip over my sex scenes, and that's cool...but I do include a lot of detailed emotional inner dialogue during these scenes as well. An experience that ties in to the rest of the story as a whole. In the story, "My Only Escape", the main character, Zack, is being penetrated by his dream boy...and he is a victim of horrific domestic abuse. But tied in with the sexual experience, I go out of my way to mention the contrast of being hurt and abused at home with the gentle and sensual plan of having his lover moving in and out of his most private area. The sex takes the spotlight, yes...but if you skipped over the whole thing...you might be missing some of the little intricacies of story that I throw in there to give the story a few extra layers here and there. Hehehe! Don't be afraid to be horny once in a while! It's a good thing! But this article isn't just about writing sex. It's about sexual pacing. It's about knowing when and where it's necessary to give a drawn out, detailed, description of it all, and when to hold back and maybe give just enough suggestive detailed info to leave it up to your reader's imagination. Some of you fall into one camp or the other, and that's fine. I, personally, like to dabble in both. Sometimes I just want to 'close the curtains' and mention that my two favorite boys had the afternoon of a lifetime! Hehehe! And other times? It's like...come on in and watch. They like it when you watch. But it depends on the timing and the relationship that you've built up in the story up to that point. I don't really like to make my audience wait TOO long for them to share their first kiss, their first touches, or their first sexual experience. I don't want to give them blue balls if I can help it. But...even though I will admit to loving a few hot 'quickies' from time to time, when it comes to my own writing, I'm not a fan of thrusting two cute boys into bed after the first few paragraphs either. Not unless that was an intentional plot point. But...more on that later... Let me begin by saying that it can be a bit intimidating for some authors, especially first time authors, to plan out and execute a sexual encounter for their story. I get it. Trust me. But...at the end of the day, you're going to have to toss that awkwardness aside. Get rid of it. At least for a little while. What are you afraid of? Use 'erotic fiction' as your shield for an hour or two. Don't tell me that you've never thought about all of the things that you would do to that extremely hot guy you saw at the gym, that cute boy that dresses next to you in the locker room, or that pretty model boy that you see on TV or in that new music video. You've thought about it. Hehehe! Well...hold that image in your head. What do you see? What magical scenario have you worked out in the back of your mind where you two get together in a private room and finally spend some time alone. Don't be shy! This is YOUR fantasy, right? Well...what are you seeing right now? What are you thinking about? Describe it for us. You've got an audience to entertain. You're already writing gay erotica. So...who's gonna judge you for making it even hotter than what your audience might be expecting from you? This is your world. You built it from scratch. What are you getting all squeamish for? Hehehe! Understand...this isn't my way of saying that all stories have to have super detailed sexual encounters in order to be successful or capture anyone's attention. If that's not the story that you want to tell, and prefer to simply allude to anything sexual in your project, then definitely stick to that and write your story however you want to write it. I think this is more for some of the folks that I've heard from over the years who have purposely shied away from writing anything sexual for fear of being looked down upon, judged, or were just insecure about the idea in general. Because it takes time for a lot of us to open up to sharing our sexual fantasies with complete strangers. As it should be! Hehehe! I'd like to think that we weren't whispering these things to random people on the subway or on the school bus! I think the first step is accepting your 'writing world' as a separate space from everything else in your every day life. Relax. You have total freedom here when it comes to your writing. Just think about "50 Shades Of Grey"! LOL! You can do whatever you want, no harm, no foul! Start off with something simple, and then dig deeper with each additional story or chapter. Get comfortable with your sexual desires. We've been taught to suppress and keep them under lock and key for so long that it takes some work and real effort to unearth them to the point where we can write about it. So don't feel like you have to rush into it. But if there's something that you really REALLY want to write about...then make that your goal and work your way up to writing that particular scene. I don't care if you want to dress up like a circus clown and have a chicken lay an egg on your face while getting a lapdance from a freshly sheered, five legged, sheep and listening to Justin Bieber remixes on repeat! Hehehe, if that's you're thing? Write about it! Why not? You're a creator of worlds when you're writing! Sky's the limit, right? You make the rules. Hehehe! Seriously...somebody out there has been waiting his whole LIFE for that story! Share it with him! Get the email, respond, and find a new friend! There might be a whole chicken egg, sheep lapdance, Bieber, community out there! LOL! Stranger things have happened. That being said...let's talk pacing... When I first started writing these stories online, I was heavily influenced by what I had already been reading online on Nifty and a few other places. To the point where I was really worried about posting a first chapter of anything without a really descriptive sex scene included. "New Kid In School", "A Class By Himself", and most other short stories...all had the boys get together and have sex in the first chapter. It wasn't until years later that I began the story, "On The Outside", where that wasn't the case. I was taking a risk, as I kind of saw the whole gay teen erotica genre as a demand to have some sort of 'payoff' before anyone would want to read any further. Understand...there were very few writers even attempting to break that mold at that time, and the few that did inspired me to start writing stories of my own. I just decided that I wanted to be one of them. So huge thanks goes out to those pioneers for giving me the courage to do what I'm doing now. They made all of this madness possible. The thing is...times have changed. And we kind of live in a 'swipe right' generation right now. Something that I never could have imagined when the Shack first started. Hehehe, I have to say...thank GOD I didn't have this hook up social technology when I was a teenager! Omigod...I can't even imagine what mistakes I would have made! LOL! It's fine for other people, I guess...but I know that I would have gotten myself into a lot of trouble. Dick pics and all. No thank you. When I'm writing, I definitely make an effort to sort of stay in my lane and write teen relationships realistically as I, personally, remember them. That doesn't mean that I was an angel when I was 14 years old or so....HELL no! Hehehe! But there's a balance that can be found in the pacing when it comes to writing stories of my own when it comes to sex. I try to really concentrate on what it was like to be a teenager, horny ALL the fucking time, and just wanting to stick my erection in ANYTHING that would stand still long enough for me to get off! That's how bad it was sometimes. ::Giggles:: What??? I'm being honest here! See? You're still being squeamish! Climb down into the gutter with me for a few minutes! It's not so bad! Ok ok...let's brighten things up for a little bit. Many of you might have seen this already, but I want to share one of my all time favorite gay boy animations of all time! Top three, definitely! I can totally relate! But, getting back to the 'sexual pacing' idea for your stories...watch this, and remember what it was like to be wide eyed and excited and in love and feeling like..."I WANT HIM!!!!!!! Like NOW!!!! Like...like RIGHT now!!!" Hehehe, do you guys remember those days? Hell, you might still be going through those feelings now, no matter what age you are. Love is a hell of a drug! But, the thing about this animation (As CUTE as it was!), is that it shows both sides of the kind of sexual pacing that I'm talking about. Of course, there's no sex in it, but this is what I'm talking about. You've got the emotions going haywire, the desperation, the endless craving. The heart is like...I need this boy in my life right NOW! Let's go! Let's go get him! But...on the other hand...there's fear. There's doubt. There's public ridicule. You can't just run up and kiss him and tell him you're gay and you love him and then go off somewhere to have sex. That's not how these things work. Not when it comes to someone you really care about. There's an excitement and an urgency to chase him down...but there's also a hesitation and a fear of rejection involved. These two emotions are very powerful motivators, but they are in direct conflict with one another. When it comes to setting up the sexual pacing of your story...USE that. Because that conflict will be much more interesting than the lazy line of, "Wanna fuck?" I mean...if you're trying to keep the word count down to 2000 words or less, I guess it's ok. But anything more meaningful than that? You're wasting your opportunities. I'm just saying. Look...sex happens. No need to be afraid of it, or intimidated by it. Especially when it comes to horny teenagers, college students, or adults finding their first gay boyfriend. Don't avoid or shy away from that. If writing sex isn't your thing, that's fine. But if you're just sidelining it because you're worried about...I don't know...whatever you might be worried about...DON'T be! K? Find a balance in your story where you feel like a sexual encounter is needed, and follow your instincts. Don't force it if you don't want to write it. But don't hide from it just because it makes you nervous. The beauty of writing is knowing and finding confidence in the idea that this is your world, and you can make it into whatever you want it to be. Everybody else is just a visitor. Give them a show that they'll remember. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this little dive into the gutter. Hehehe! It's kinda cool down here, don't you agree? Drop by anytime! I kinda keep my mind in the gutter most of the time anyway. So I'll be around. Happy writing!
  7. But we've recently lost one of our Shacker family members. He was very dear to us, and it hurts to know that he's gone. Akoplay has passed away, and it's still kind of hard to wrap my head around that. My heart goes out to his family. And to all of you as well. He was a good friend. And he'll be missed. RIP Ako...
  8. Do it, dude! If there was ever a show that came dangerously close to crossing the line, it would be this one! One of the best things that DC Comics has ever put out! I LOVE IT! Oh, and the Harley Quinn animated series is ignorant as hell too! LOL!
  9. This is...by FAR...one of the most hilarious fucking shows that I have seen in a long long time! "Peacemaker" is GENIUS!!! Hahaha! I could not stop laughing! And the action sequences in it are pretty phenomenal too! If you can, check this one out! Hahaha! This one is definitely one that you need to send the kids out of the room for! By the way...there are plenty of reasons to get John Cena as close to completely naked as humanly possible. And you know what? I approve! The opening credits alone is worth the watch! I'm totally gonna learn every move of that dance! Especially with that song playing on repeat in my head all day long!
  10. Youtube decided to start censoring all gay teen short films, and wiping out all favorite lists that include anything that MIGHT make the gay youth feel okay and normal about who they are. Just out of nowhere, for no reason. Saying that it violated their 'child safety' rules and regulations. But that's bullshit! So I'll be posting ALL of the stuff that I had suddenly 'removed' from my youtube account without warning. You guys please feel free to stop me when you find a short film that you think is 'dangerous' (Their words, not mine) for gay teens. K? What's so offensive about liking and sharing the stuff that I find on Youtube? Why am *I* getting a strike on my account??? Wednesday is now "Gay Like Me" short film day. Since 'shame' is the agenda for those who don't have to live with it these days. Every week! Every Wednesday! I'll be right here with another one! FUCK those people! Seriously! These are all gay short films that I had on my account that, for some reason, they found so dangerous and offensive. Like I said...you tell me what YOU think about them, and why they needed to be erased from my account. Is *THIS* what they were so afraid of??? Maybe I'm missing something here. Enjoy! This week's Short Gay Film - "Check Mate"
  11. I have been getting a bit behind while writing new stuff, but I always miss you guys when I don't get to talk! So Ill be sending out more emails and working on them all day this coming Sunday! Cool? ((Hugz all around)) In the meanwhile... I leave you with this to keep you grinning. Hehehe!
  12. I'll be totally honest here and say that I've never really been very good at the whole dating thing. That's not to say that I haven't been on dates before, but as far as initiating things, especially when it came to another boy...I always find myself being like a deer in headlights with that kind of thing. What I will say, though...is that it has always been my experience that going out to a movie seems to be the best way to go when it comes to a first date. You see, movies are quiet for the most part. So you get together, or you meet up with someone there...and then you can find a seat, maybe spring for some popcorn or candy if you've got the extra cash for it (Or you guys can split it if you don't), and then you find your seat and catch a decent flick together. The reason I think this is better than a dinner or a lunch or whatever is because it cuts down on a lot of that awkward pressure to have a conversation. You have a little bit of that, sure, but there won't be a ton of awkward silences or reasons for you to try to think up something to say. You talk and laugh a bit before the movie starts, and then watch the movie together while sharing some popcorn, and then when it's over...you've already got the movie you just watched together in common. If it was an awesome movie, you have something to talk about. If it was an awful movie, you have something to laugh about. Hehehe! It's a win/win situation, and you almost always leave on a high note. So that would be my advice for a first time date. Then again, if you two already have something else in common or some other kind of shared interest...you can go do that instead. Go to Comicon, or a local bar, or a sporting event...whatever. Match wits with your date on a personal level. Money doesn't matter. Looks don't matter. Just be confident, witty, and maybe a little bit flirty. I know that being subtle and romantic can seem like a lost art in this Tinder/Grindr, 'swipe right', generation...but if you can touch someone's heart by appealing to their intellect and their very core...you'll always be the most attractive person in the room. Always. K? I'm currently writing a new story for Imagine Magazine called, "Tell Me How", about this kind of thing. So I'd love to get some more input on the idea from you guys if you get a chance. After all, like I said, I'm pretty terrible on the whole 'asking a cute boy out' idea. LOL! If only I knew then what I know now, I might have gotten a lot more practice.
  13. The newest chapter of "Savage Moon" is now up on the site! So go on over and check it out! And be sure to check out the ebook versions as well when you get a chance! Enjoy! https://comicality.gayauthors.org/stories.html Also..."Gone From Daylight" is returning soon with TWO new chapters soon! Hehehe...what? You didn't think the Jeweler and his hunter sidekicks (Strings, Bookworm, and Minefield) were going to be THAT nice about all this, did you?
  14. "Savage Moon: The New Breed 38" As soon as Virgil got into his bedroom...he shut the door up tight. Then I could hear a very loud, distinct, series of clicks as he began to put multiple locks on the door to keep us out. 'just in case', I guess. Then I heard the familiar sound of a beer can being popped open as he walked over to his bed to sit down and open up one of his dresser drawers. Then I heard a few more clicks of a different nature...but still so familiar. It
  15. I am finishing off the next few projects, and will make sure that they are all something special! So be sure to check out GA Premium in the near future! You have no idea what you'll be missing in the near future! ::Wicked Grin::
  16. It took a LOT of waiting, but it was sooooo worth it! Hehehe! I wanna see more though! I wanna see him completely lose his shit! XD
  17. Basically, it's Marvel's super violent, bi-polar, schizophrenic, version of Batman! He might take you to jail...or...he might just beat you to DEATH with his bare fists! You never know with him. Hehehe! Either way, some people are definitely gonna get fucked up on this show! YES!!! So much yes! Hehehe! And Oscar Isaacs is perfect casting too! Bring it on! Can't wait! PS- HI, Ethan Hawke! Where did you come from? ((Huggles))
  18. Nervous, strange, awkward, scary. That describes the idea of going out on that first date with somebody. And not just when you're young and have never been on a date before...but it happens in adulthood too. Hehehe, what? Did you think that the love game was going to get easier as you get older? No, it doesn't. It's just as exhilarating and amazing as it was your first time out. We just have more tools to work with, and a slightly better understanding on what to do in these situations. That's all. But when you're really interested in someone and want to take your shot at being with them...it's just as scary as it was when you were a kid. And it brings life to you in a way that you never thought possible. It's an AWESOME feeling! It really is! So, the question is...what do you do on a first date? It doesn't matter if you're in your teens or your twenties, or in your 40's or 50's! What is your idea of a good 'first date' plan? How do you ask someone out when you like them so much and are basically trembling in their presence? Hehehe! Does it matter whether you know that they're gay or not? Does that make things any easier, either way? What do you say? What activity do you plan to get involved in? It can't be as easy as asking them to come over to your house and saying, "Let's fuck", right? So...first dates! Give us your thoughts! Give us some details! You never know...there might be someone reading this who could use the advice! Let us know what you think in the replies down below! Love you lots, and I'll seezya soon!
  19. Oh man...I'm sorry! I don't know how that happened. My brain must have been winding down that night. Hehehe! I'll make sure to get it fixed. K?
  20. There is a light that I truly believe shines within each and every single one of us as human beings. Whether we believe in it or share it with others...it's there. We know it. We feel it. However...the brightest of lights can cast the darkest of shadows, and sliding from one side of the spectrum to the other can be a very short trip, depending on the current circumstances. And when it comes to creating villains in your writing, being able to blur the line between 'good' and 'evil' can truly create a threatening opposition to your protagonist. One that will end up being menacing as well as he is memorable. Remember...every villain is the hero of his own story. At least the way he sees it. This is an important part of building an epic conflict between your main character's motivations and the villain's, with both sides trying to succeed in reaching their goals while beating out their opponent for the desired outcome that they've been working towards. In the last article, we talked about the 'Anti-Hero'. This time...let's take a bit of a stroll on the wild side of the equation. I want to talk about creating compelling, maybe even sympathetic, antagonists in your work. I think that it makes for a much more captivating narrative in the long run, personally. It connects your readers, not only to the conflict within your hero, but with your villain as well...forcing them to eventually pick a side. Eagerly waiting for one of them to do something awful to make the choice easier for them. Hehehe! This is something that you can play with for quite a long time if you see fit! It makes for a fun, albeit frustrating, read for a lot of people. The thing about villains...it's not always enough to simply make them the 'bad guy' anymore. I mean, sure...there are people who are mentally ill or have severe issues in general...and there are people who just kill people for the sake of killing people. Sad but true. But when writing your own stories, especially if it's a series told at length through multiple chapters, this can come off as lazy or uninteresting. Even when the hero and villain have already been defined as such, such black and white thinking can cause your antagonist to appear flat, cliche, and underwhelming. You want to avoid that at all costs if possible. What kind of cheering section is your main character going to have if he's going up against someone who's just...there to give him something to fight against? How long is that fascination going to last before they ultimately get bored with the idea? You need a little bit more than a maniac with a bloodlust to be your bad guy, right? So...how do we accomplish this? For starters...let's take a second to take the roles of your protagonist and your antagonist...and reverse their points of view. This is a surefire way to begin figuring out why your villain doesn't exactly feel as fleshed out as they should be. Imagine this... A guy has gone out of his way to infiltrate a gathering of elites in a skyscraper party on the top floor. He passed all the security checkpoints, went through the trouble of falsifying a badge and an invitation, and when he gets to the party, he blends in with the other patrons, hoping to get close enough to put a bullet in the head of the billionaire who happens to be hosting the gala. Now, your protagonist is there to protect said billionaire, and he dives in to take on the assassin and save the day! Your readers have spent the better part of your story with your protagonist, and so it's assumed that they know his motivations and reasons for trying to thwart the attempt on his client's life. Right? Ok...now, imagine what this story would look like from your villain's point of view. Why did he do that? He can't just be some two dimensional nutcase, right? It's not like he's some screwball stabbing people on the street at random, right? I mean, that guy needs to be stopped too! Hehehe, but that's not the main villainous psychopath of your story, is it? Try to see his actions through his point of view...even if you don't reveal his motivations until later in the story. Why would he do that? It can't be that he's just crazy or evil. He planned this. He got dressed up for it to blend in. Found the time and place. Infiltrated security. Brought a weapon with him. Found a way to select a specific target, and made his way through the crowd to execute his plan to perfection until your protagonist stopped him. Well...a LOT of thought had to go into that ahead of time. In your villain's mind...your protagonist is the villain from his point of view. So...what happened there? What would make someone go through all of that trouble to commit such a dastardly crime? He's NOT just crazy. He's not just a bad apple that fell from the tree. What was his motivation? What pushed him over the edge? What events came before this murder attempt that led to this particular moment? If you don't have definitive answers to these questions already floating around in your head while you're writing...then your main villain needs work. He'll become forgettable, uninteresting, and virtually unnecessary in the scheme of things...because your main character doesn't have a viable threat to fight against. It will cut fifty percent of the tension out of their conflict, and that will weaken your story structure in the long run. This all comes down to MOTIVATIONS. Why are these people doing what they're doing right now? Both your protagonist and his rival should have strong and well defined motivations that make sense and appeal to your readers, even if they are in direct conflict with one another. Each character thinks of themselves as the hero, and their opposition as the villain. If you can pull that dynamic off in your writing...you can create some of the most amazing and compelling villains ever! Thanos, King Kong, Dr. Frankenstein...they all have certain relatable intentions that readers can identify and relate to...even if they never go quite that far with their pursuit of it. This is how you can create a 'non-villainous villain'...and it works. Believe me. The most engaging and captivating part of getting to know the villain in your story is figuring out where he came from. What happened to send this person down such a dark path? Or...at least a dark path from the protagonist's point of view? (As well as your readers'.) This is where a competent backstory for your characters can really come in handy. Remember...the BEST villains, the ones you remember most...came from somewhere. You get to see the change in them along the way. You get to find out where they decide that their evil deeds are necessary in order for them to survive or accomplish their ultimate goals. If you ask me...there is nothing more terrifying than a villain who can't be reasoned or bargained with because they truly believe that their cause trumps any and all compromise. Even if it's a crazed serial killer stabbing me with a butcher knife, and crying and apologizing, like, "I'm sorry...but if I don't do this...the voices in my head won't stop!" That's a horrifying concept in itself! Yikes! But it actually builds bridges between your antagonist and your readers...and, if done with the right amount of finesse...creates a serious conflict within them as well. Because they get a glimpse into the villain as a somewhat normal person who just so happened to wander off of the civil path. Instead of embracing that 'light' that I talked about earlier...they found more comfort in the darkness instead. When I talk about this sort of thing, I'm brought back to the same principle that I used in previous articles. Pain, fear, heroism, and villainy...all come back to the same two categories. Justice, and injustice. These factors greatly influence the ways that your readers see the characters that you use to populate your writing projects. So learn how to wield those ideas as weapons when setting up whatever plot you have in mind for the two to inevitably face off against one another. Because there are a lot of major villains that really started out as good people. People who just wanted to do the right thing, and have enough faith that other people would do the same. But that's not always the case, is it? We wait, and we struggle, and we swallow our emotions whole, and we fight off those dark shadows for as long as humanly possible, because we KNOW right from wrong! But... Eventually, something crosses the line...and we're left with nothing but sadness, pain, disgust, and rage! When you experience this in a well told story, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the origin of an iconic villain! Hehehe! You just kind of shrug your shoulders and think, "Those assholes DESERVED it!" I mean...it's not like he didn't try to stay a good guy, right? He really did! I want you to take a quick look at the videos below.... In the first, while "Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones" is probably one of the slowest of the prequel trilogy, it definitely has its high points. One of them being a young Darth Vader who was trying to keep himself under control but was pushed beyond his limits and ended up doing something seriously evil! The deed was evil, but he wasn't. (At least...not yet) The second clip was taken from the "Gotham" series, where we got to meet a young teenage 'Joker' for the first time. I, personally, think Cameron Monaghan was one of the best live action representations of the Joker ever put on screen! Hehehe! He fits right in the middle between Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger! His portrayal on that show was phenomenal! But again...this was a character that was pushed over the edge by his circumstances, and ended up becoming something that the world wasn't ready to deal with later on. That brings us to the third video...another one of the most iconic villains of all time, Magneto from the "X-Men" comics and movies. A Holocaust survivor who discovered his powers during times of extreme stress and anguish, but was still just a boy and didn't know how to control them yet. The man who brought him in tried to force him to move a metal coin with his powers...or he's going to kill his mother on the count of three. An innocent child, who had no criminal or sinister plans at all...suddenly transforms into the X-Men's greatest enemy for future battles that will ultimately cause a lot of damage and death along the way. For all three of these clips...imagine what could have been if these iconic characters hadn't been driven to this painful extreme. Keep that idea in mind...and enjoy... 0000 To paraphrase an old saying...'I love my enemies...because I made them.' In those examples above, I believe that we get to the root of a lot of fictional villains who end up being memorable parts of many classic stories. A villain with a purpose, and a clear motivation, and a goal that they feel is worth fighting for. Even if it means severe damage on sacrifice on his part as well as the lives of many others who stand in the way. Your writing should explore a bit of both sides, even if you have clearly chosen a side as the author. Never be afraid to give your readers something to think about. In the clips above...what would you have done in those particular moments? How would you react? What murderous action would seem 'justified' to you? Think about it...hold on to that idea...NOW, write your villain with that in mind! Emotion and all! One story that I've written where I really play around with this concept is a werewolf based story called "Savage Moon", where the main character (My protagonist) isn't meant to be a villain at all. But the whole theme of the story is the idea of being seduced into evil without even knowing. It's about temptation and acceptance and how easy it is to be corrupted when everything that is supposedly so 'bad' is actually working in your favor. The main character, Wesley, is a teenager living with his parents, his father is a preacher in the local church, his little brother is the perfect example of sweetness and joy for the parents, as well as being the baby of the family...and Wesley is the one who feels left out. Alone. He's gay and in the closet, the teenager, the rebel who gets blamed for everything. And he meets up with a group of other teens like himself who show him freedom, tolerance, and embrace him as family...where his real family falls short. You'll have to read it to see where THAT goes! Hehehe! But, evil isn't something that you're born with or without. It's a constant struggle. The light and the shadow. And it's human nature to follow the path of least resistance, sometimes. This is where yourbest villain ideas can be found. From a reader's standpoint...nobody wants to think of themselves as being evil or irredeemable. This idea will (even if only subconsciously) disconnect them from your antagonist. They won't want to relate to someone who is just an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Nobody wants to be that person. BUT...if you can give your main villain a motivation that makes sense, even if they are going to evil extremes to reach those goals...your audience will feel a bit more in tune with what the villain is trying to accomplish. Even if they don't agree with their methods of getting it done. It creates a bridge of understanding that doesn't exist when it's just somebody who's a psycho and wants people to feel pain because he likes it. Again...there are stories out there that are like that, and some of them are awesome. But I prefer to add a little complexity to my antagonist's motivations wherever and whenever I can. Something that I also want to stress before I wrap this up...is that when I use the term 'villain', I'm not just talking in comic book terms. K? This works in all genres of fiction. No matter what you're writing or how you're writing it, the concept of there being a villain present still exists. For fans of my "New Kid In School" series, you might remember that there was a time when 'Tyler' was the villain of that story. But as the chapters progressed, I allowed people to have a glimpse into his life as a human being, and his motivations and reasoning became more clear. Something that eventually made him a hero in the series over time. When I say that a character is a villain, it simply means that it's someone who has goals and a driving motivation that directly conflicts with the main character of the story. Nothing more. Sometimes, good people do bad things. And vice versa. It depends on how well you set up the situations surrounding them. What creates a so-called villain? Past trauma, maybe? Heartbreak? Bullying? A feeling of powerlessness? A major tragedy? Sometimes villains aren't really villains at all...except for the fact that they've allowed a sense of desperation and fury dictate their current actions, and therefore have to be stopped before things go too far to ever be set right again. That brings us to our second short series of video clips... The first comes from the "Daredevil" Netflix series, where The Punisher is portrayed as one of the main villains...but here, you get some of the backstory on who he is and why he does what he does. The second clip is from "The Rock", where a general is also explaining his motivations in detail. The third clip is from the movie, "John Q", where a desperate father just wants to save his son's life by getting him a new heart. In all of these examples...you have people who have tried and tried and TRIED to do the right thing...but it just ended in tragedy. It wasn't effective enough. They couldn't get people to give enough of a shit to DO SOMETHING! And that's when desperate measures become necessary. So...they're technically villains here...but the readers can't say that they don't understand where they're coming from. Again...if it was you...what would you do? 0000 So, in closing...writing villains, or maybe I should just say antagonists, in your stories...if you really want to cause a bit of emotional turmoil and mental discomfort in your readers, gluing them to the screen and getting them even further invested in your characters and your project as a whole...take whatever you find useful from this article and keep it in mind. Everybody wants to win, everybody wants to be loved, everybody wants to be the hero. But the perception of the actions they use to get them there makes all the difference. A sympathetic villain with relatable motives will carry you much further than just some sinister bad guy cackling at the top of a tower somewhere with lightning and thunder crashing behind him. Don't take the easy way out of this. Give your antagonists the same attention that you give your other characters in the story. Give it a try. You'll thank me for it later. As always, I hope this helps! Take care! And best of luck on your writing! Your masterpiece is always just around the corner! Don't ever forget that!
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