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Fanfic 3


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I honestly don't know where the last week of my life went! It's like...gone. I remember being disturbed certain events in the world last Saturday...then being severely angry, to the point where I couldn't sit still and work on much of anything...then the "Defenders" binge...then the eclipse on Monday...and now I'm here. Hehehe! So I made good use of a couple of hours and I'm drawing a blank on the rest. Weird.


ANYWAY, back to work!


Andrew, and the love of his life, Christopher Margo, are back for chapter three! So check it out, and let me know what you think if you get a few seconds of free time! K?


ALSO, GayAuthors has recently had a major update behind the scenes for the website, and it's now easier for you guys to review the chapters and stories that you read. As soon as you reach the bottom of the current chapter, you can review and reflect right then and there (Before you get lazy and think up an excuse as to why you should, umm...'hide', or whatever.)




PLEASE remember that it's the only real incentive we authors have to keep providing quality entertainment to you guys for free. It won't cost you a single cent to click a button and say, "Hey! Great chapter!" That's the BEST donation you can ever give us! We put our hearts on our sleeves for you guys...we only ask for a tiny sliver of a response to let us know that it was worth our time, and inspire us to do even more to entertain you all. If you've got time to read, you've got time to respond. Right?


By the way, HUGE thanks to tor200534...who is there to send a short note on EVERY single chapter posted! And I mean EVERY chapter! Thank you sooooo much, dude! There has to be some sort of reward that I can give you for being so supportive for so long. Drop me an email some time. Comicality@webtv.net so I can at least say thank you for taking a few seconds to keep me going strong. Love you lots, dude! Every word is appreciated, so love and hugs to all of you out there who are providing us with 'author fuel'!


The above link will tell you how to support all of your favorite artists at GayAuthors, and it even comes with a video to demonstrate how easy it is to do! (And yes, the video has close captioning as well. GA Videos will be including that feature from now on)


Alright, that's it for now! And don't worry, I didn't forget "Billy Chase"! I've just gotta cook dinner first! Be back in a few hours, folks! Billy's gonna be a hot one! ::Giggles::


Seezya then!

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