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  1. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :)

  2. BOW WOW Puppy Power!

    Love from Joey~

  3. Wishing you a new year full of pretty things and happy Rainbows!!

    Love, Momma Rush

  4. Hoping you have a Fantabulous Birthday!!!

  5. Thanks. West Hollywood was great.

  6. Chuck Straight

    My Pix

    Pix of my partner, Richard, my son, Mark, and I.
  7. Hot pic from the Halloween! :D

  8. I went and checked your blog and WOW!! I couldn't stop reading til the end of the page! You are more than welcome to share what you want with us here. You could post your announcement on the eFiction section. I'll keep coming back often (for more).

  9. Smarties, I have been attending Richard's employee parties for the past 3 years. I like his coworkers, and on their invitations, it always says to bring "Chuck" instead of just a "guest". They treat me very well, and actually ask where I am if I wasn't able to be there with Richard for some reason. It's a relief for Richard knowing that he doesn't have to keep secrets at work, and he relates better to everyone because he can actually talk about what he does afterhours and on the weekends without homogenizing his conversations. Some of the girls at his office have asked if they could come with Richard and I to the gay clubs. They say they like the music better and feel safer for some reason. I myself haven't been bashed even once (I don't count high school experiences), or did I witness extreme verbal bashing personally, and I never have witnessed any physical bashing. And believe me, I know how lucky I am not to have witnessed any. So far, the only real "bashing" I have had to contend with is from my ex-wife, who didn't bash gays until after I came out. But I'll give her a pass because I know this whole thing was traumatic... for now (there's a whole story there too for some later time). Smarties, the entertainment world is literally a bumper-crop of gay people. And here in Los Angeles, there was a very good radio talk show host I used to listen to. He became very ill (not from AIDS) and had to give up his show. Like your guy in the UK, you didn't know he was gay until after listening to him for weeks. And I'll be listening to the link you sent. Maybe today while I'm supposed to be "working". I do appreciate it very much.
  10. Better late than never... here goes. My partner and I got into our usual heated debate about "coming out" on , oddly enough, National Coming Out Day. He's the type of gay guy who believes it isn't important to tell anyone you're gay, because straight people don't go around telling everyone they're straight (I really hate that argument). But, as I've told him before; you don't have to hold back and remain silent when you could be telling someone about: Your boyfriend. Who you think is attractive. Telling people your opinion on gay marriage, and why. Discussing your past relationships. On and on
  11. No, I saw them. It is a bit of a weird system how the comments work :-). thanks

  12. You left me a message, but I think I just replied to myself instead. Thank you for your kind words and support!

  13. Thanks! I'm still gettin' the hang of this thang! I think I was just leaving messages for myself.

  14. Thanks for watching out for me. I guess I was just leaving messages for myself. I'm gettin' it, slow but sure.

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