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    Chapter 15

    I am in awe of your writing and story telling ability. I wish I could be half that creative. As for the story I know someone in another review mentioned that maybe Carl killed his wife and that seems like a fairly good explanation but I have another possible idea that could draw several things together. Carl did try to sell his son, maybe he did the same with his wufe. She could be bead or still being held by someone and maybe William might have had a hand in that as well. Any way I am sad that it will be coming to an end soon. I really hope you write Carl some very painfull and humiliating
  2. Hey Brat, I have been reading the story since you started posting and I love it. It flows really well and has a great plot so far. I cant be the only one who sees the connection here between the call the Judge got at the hospital about the Governor or Lt Governor position and the murder and planted evidence but I see some real career problems for detective Flemming in the future. I guess if I had a complaint it is that the chapters dont come quick enough. I am looking forward to the next one so dont keep us waiting too long LOL. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
  3. Once again we bow to the master. That was NOT what I expected to happen. I am finding it hard to imagine all the convoluted thinking that went in to this part of the plot. Oh! before I forget, I surrender, yes I know you dont just walk in to a hotel (at least one that doesnt rent by the hour) and pay cash but I still say Charles is a morron for not getting some friend or some other method to cover the tracks. And I think he proves the point by accepting the honeymoon deal from the father (or was it father-in-law). I guess I am just a suspicious minded kind of guy but all the coincidences
  4. I feel like I am just repeating myself over and over again but I cant say how much I love this story and will miss it when it ends. Looks like it is beginning to get to that point soon. However, I do have a small complaint about this last chapter. Either Joel's dad's character was not developed too well or I missed it but apparently he is a complete moron. I mean unless there is a second set up going on here, he goes to the place where the real reception is being held and reserves it with a credit card? Seriously? Seems like the surest way I can think of to tell someone where you are eve
  5. Wow, another great turn of events. I speculated early on (back around mid 20s or 30s) that Julie would be coming back but I did not have her pegged as a bad guy. I hope she enjoys her payoff from Bridgette. I also hate to see Gray get away scott free but there is still time for him to meet up with an agressive alagator or some other sticky end. And I have to give a huge bushel full of cudos to CJ for the trick of planting Grays tracking device in that tape. That was a real stroke of genius and I love it. I am most certainly not looking forward to the end but am looking forward to the nex
  6. Oh my gosh. I cant thank you enough for that link. I had searched for several years for a sailing company that did what the Windjammer group did and gave up. I just went to the web site and all but the Yankee Clipper are there plus some and the voyage we took is there and I know I am rambling but I just cant express how much I appreciate it. If anybody else is reading my post, I can tell you, you wont experience any thing more thrilling and fun than to do a cruise on one of these sailing ships. Nothing compares. Thanks MikeL for putting that out there. If I can ever return the favor I w
  7. Just another great double chapter. I also loved hearing about Fantome again. My wife and I were actually on her the year before for cruise. Then about6 years later we had another cruise with the same line on the Yankee Clipper. Right after that the company went out of business and it broke my heart because those were the two most enjoyable and memorable vacations of my life. I would love to know where the Yankee Clipper ended up, if you happen to know. Anyway, I really loved the way you got that bomb deal out of the way, and cant wait to read the next installment. I hope Gray gets caugh
  8. Just another great example of the subtle cliff hangers. I dont care what anyone else thinks. I mean Bonzer and Bluey doing a little hair color change and taking a cruise? And changing the pole mounted radar? All that means one more time trying to pull the old switch-a-roo and now the cliff hanger is, which boat actually got the explosive and which one got the tracker, as they sail off in to the wild blue yonder. I'm betting that Atlantis has the explosive and since CJ went to such great lenght to point out that the trigger was "line of site" and if the tracking speed boat is following th
  9. First let me say, I wrote and tried to post a message to the topic a couple of weeks ago and thankfully, my connection died and the post didnt make it. I say that because it probably reveals a lot more about my personal life than I would like to have out there. Having said that, I am going to reveal some things that I have only told maybe 3 people in my entire 54 years and beyond that only 2 others know but since they are the ones who caused it....well you understand. I have had a hard time reading this story. It is one of very few that dealt with abuse that seems to capture all the em
  10. C.J., First let me say how sorry I am for not posting the last few weeks (or maybe couple of months). It was not because I was not reading and enjoying your ability and the entire story. I have told you often enough that I hate to see it end I am enjoying it so much. All I can say is sorry and no excuse of life and things happening is appropriate. Having said that, I will say it again. A great read that deservse mainstream publication in my opinion. Even the title would be good because those of us still standing in the shadow of the closet door would not feel any apprehension about carr
  11. I agree with KevinD. Circles and I am getting dizzy. However I love the evil minded way that the Goat thinks. I am not a stupid person but I just cant imagine so many different convoluted plots all being driven by one seriously demented super villan. I love the way this story keeps us on our toes. I still say that Trevor and Shane find the missing information but that will be the start of what might be the biggest firework show of the whole story. I see Gray coming back in to play here to go after a bounty on one of the major players but just who that would be will be decided by whether
  12. Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything here. I loved last chapter. Its about time some good stuff happened for Trevor. I just wish he had taken out a little more frustration on Bassy. Love to see that guy writhing in pain. And I was glad for Trevors mom puttin the beat down on Bridgett. Wish it would have been worse.Now as to the reasons for searching the boat, I bet he discovers what is hidden there when he goes to look for a place to stash that gun he "forgot" to hand over (and attaboy for that plot also). I still have a question about Joels family in all this. Fairly earl
  13. I just found the story and have tied a whole afternoon up in getting to the end of chapter 17. How often do you post and do you keep email lists that you notify when new chapters go up? If so please add mine. I love the story so far. Only thing I keep thinking about though is how quick people heal. If I was Oliver in that last chapter, i seriously believe I would be in the hospital and besides that where are the school administrators in all this. Seriously it sounds like the inmates are running the prison right now. Thanks for sharing and I hope you keep the story going.
  14. I am going to beg you here....Please let all 4 of them escape this thing. I agree with RobV that just the description should be enough. If not then lets see B'stoke get the bite instead. I just cant imagine what it would do to the story to see any of these 4 not make it. Anyway as usual good stuff. I am so adicted to my Tues morning reading that I am going to have serious withdrawals when it is over. You should share your insurance card number so I can charge my psychiatric visits to it.
  15. Well there is one other angle on Julie that we might have to consider. She could have been placed there to try to draw Bridget out but that doesnt seem likely since she willingly sent both Trevor and Lisa to her and I just dont think that would play out. But she may still be an intregal part of the action and may show up in time to stop B'stoke. Maybe she is good and maybe she is bad. Hard to say at this point. I really like Cjames taking a firm stance on if we will see her or not. Just like a bunch of politicians I know.
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