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  1. Hi all.  I know I've been absent for FAR too long.  I had a lot going on while ago, and unfortunately lost my creative mojo. I feel horrible that I have left Ripped unfinished for so long, and so close to the end.  My family  threatens to get out the pitchforks on your behalf more and more often.  I honestly can't say when I'll finish at this point. But I don't think I would post any chapters without having completely finished it because I wouldn't want to leave you all hanging again.  When I post, you'll get it all on  consecutive days (assuming I can still post... lol).  

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ancientrichard


      Welcome back!!

      I loved all your stories.


    3. Librent


      Welcome back. Just gives me more time to enjoy your other stories. Real life has to be priority, but hope you  get your mojo back. Look after yourself and your loved ones. 😊

    4. Hunter Thomson

      Hunter Thomson

      Welcome back Craftingmom! I'm just relieved to know you're okay and planning to get back into it when you're ready to do so.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


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    2. wildone


      Merry Christmas Crafting Mom :hug:




    3. spike382


      Merry Christmas!

    4. Valkyrie


      Merry Christmas :hug: 

  3. craftingmom

    Chapter 26

    Thank you 😊. You all have been more than patient with me. I appreciate it.
  4. craftingmom

    Chapter 26

    😨 *ducks the pitchforks* I am sooooooo terribly sorry to still have not finished this story. Not to offer any excuses, but I think the reason I've been so bad about it lately is that I'd slowly fallen into a state of depression over the last half of the year without realizing what was happening until recently, mostly because of health issues. But I've been working on making some significant changes over the last three weeks, and I'm starting to feel a lot better. I promise, Cachondeo, that I will finish it. My daughter just told me that if I can get on her about her homework, she gets to get on me about writing again! Thank you all so much for your concern and inquiries about where the next chapter is. I need to do a little re-reading just to get back into groove of Ripped again.
  5. craftingmom

    Chapter 26

    Hehe, maybe just Christmas! No, seriously, thanks for the nudging; it does help motivate me. I admit to being a little lazy lately. (At the moment I'm watching the NNL (National Ninja League) qualifiers for the 13-17 age group on Facebook Live. My daughter Taylor is up to compete soon!) UPDATE: YAY! She Placed FIRST!!
  6. craftingmom

    Chapter 26

    😊 you're welcome! Happy birthday!
  7. craftingmom

    Chapter 26

    Chapter 26 --Declan— They sat for a while cooling down and resting before they tackled the last of the yard chores. As he hefted a bag of mulch with ease, Declan couldn't help but flex his muscles a little more as Bailey watched him. The bags were more cumbersome for Bailey only because his arms were smaller and the bags were bulky. They plopped them down around the flower bed before grabbing a hoe and rake to help spread the mulch. Afterwards, Bailey grabbed the hose to
  8. Thank you Litlover for such a wonderful review!!!! (And thanks Tim for pointing it out.... I missed the posting yesterday because I was at Kings Dominion, and pretty exhausted afterwards!). Kayden is still one of my favorites as well!!!
  9. Just spent the last two days at kings Dominion with my girls.  After being told repeatedly, the weather would be raining and bad storms the whole time and we should make other plans, we went anyway figuring we have rain ponchos, why not.  And it was perfect ( one 10 bad storm last evening, then sun back out), a couple light sprinkles today, but we were in the water park anyway.  AND because of the strong threat of rain, practically no one else at the park!  Pretty much walk onto every ride.  Anyway, so I'd sent the next chapter of Ripped to editors before I left, so you should have an update in the next couple days as I get back.  Take care everyone!

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Did you see the blog review of your story ?


  10. craftingmom

    Chapter 19

    Oh, hell, if that were the case, I'd be serving a life sentence!
  11. craftingmom

    Chapter 18

    Parker was sooo helpful in working out all the scenes with the administration and helping to make them so much more real. I've relied greatly on his knowledge of the workings of private schools. I was a public school teacher for several years, but there are some major differences with a residential private school.
  12. Hey all, I'm working on catching up on comments I missed 'liking',  working on Ripped first, but I hope to get through all the others as well (until I run out of 'likes" anyway).  So if you suddenly get a notice on comment you made ages ago, you'll know why.  So sorry if I missed it earlier.

    1. spike382


      Just glad you’re seeing them eventually.

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      You won't run out of likes. That doesn't happen any more, after the big update.

      And now I know why I had so many notifications today. ;) 

    3. craftingmom
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