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  1. I am alive I think.

    1. thebrinkoftime


      Descartes would agree.

  2. Pain sucks

    1. Nephylim


      Indeed it does my friend

  3. Been an interesting day off from work. Could of done without one little incident though but other wise cool day off. Back to work tomorrow kinda sucks but oh well.

  4. I

    1. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      Men in tights are hot. Prefer Speedos :P

  5. I need a new new job I hate this place

  6. Another day at the grind about to begin at least im off tomorrow

  7. Waiting to get out if here

  8. I want to get out of here

  9. Why can't a cute guy flirt with me why do I attract the troll looking ones. Would I even know if a guy was firting or Just being nice

  10. I Just don't get some people sometimes

    1. Stargazer


      I don't get most people most times.

  11. So far still employed still waiting I know something will happen

  12. Could be a long day at the grind or an extremely short one time will tell

  13. Been a nice day still really worried about tomorrow but gorgeous day out none the less

  14. Going to the beach yay

  15. Well I feel like an idiot

    1. Phantom


      Happens to the best of us :)

    2. Nephylim


      Absolutely. If I don't feel like an idiot at least once a week I'm not doing my life right :)


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