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Beta Readers

  1. Cole Matthews
    • Signature Author
    • 57 Stories

    A former bartender and restaurant cook, Cole is now a paralegal for a nationwide law firm. He loves writing mysteries, love stories, and tales about gay men and their view of the world. Currently, he's working on a novel/mystery which is called So Weeps the Willow, a story in three parts. He's also going to Florida to do research for his next novel, set in the Sunshine State. He collects antique cookbooks, gardens and loves travel and biking.
  2. Valkyrie
    • Site Administrator
    • 55 Stories

    Valkyrie is new to fiction writing and finished her first serial in May 2014. Her work generally centers on flawed individuals who tend to go through some pretty tough times before reaching their happily ever after; if indeed, they do reach it. She is a big fan of animals, especially cats and horses, and they feature in quite a few of her stories. She is also a fan of sappy romance; although she tries to keep that to a minimum in her writing.
  3. Parker Owens
    • Signature Author
    • 54 Stories

    Parker Owens writes poetry about the natural world mathematics, and heartache. His stories speak of loneliness, longing and love. Follow him on the back roads to places you've never stopped to visit.
  4. Aditus
    • Signature Author
    • 53 Stories

    Aditus writes character-driven short stories, novellas, novels, and occasionally poems. His protagonists often stand in their own way, some identify as chaotic good. While not favoring any specific genre, Aditus likes vampires!
  5. Renee Stevens
    • Classic Author
    • 46 Stories

    The majority of Renee's stories are contemporary, but she does dabble in the paranormal and hopes to branch out into Sci-Fi. Regardless of the genre, her stories are about love and overcoming obstacles. While her characters tend to be put through the wringer, it is usually worth it for them to persevere to the end.
  6. AC Benus
    • Signature Author
    • 45 Stories

    With a degree in Fine Arts, and a long professional career in design, AC brings unflinching attention to detail to his writings and poetry. He strives for emotional realness in all circumstances, and excels at structure and dialogue. A love of history, philosophy, and the humanities informs his work, while having honed his craft from his adolescence has allowed him to delve into the workings of the human heart. He also has a wicked sense of humor.
  7. Cia
    • Site Administrator
    • 43 Stories

    Cia's writing involves stories with budding relationships. She doesn't allow herself to be boxed into one genre, instead her stories can be spread out through multiple categories, including: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern, and even mixes of those and more. The common thread that binds them all is the realization that you never know what is going to happen next.
  8. comicfan
    • Classic Author
    • 31 Stories

    Fairytales, fables, myths, nightmares, and more are what I write. Escape from the mundane and enjoy new and familiar worlds.
  9. Trebs
  10. ricky
    • Author
    • 22 Stories

    I write of young teen love that gives them hope.
  11. Mikiesboy
    • Signature Author
    • 22 Stories

    Mikiesboy’s journey as a writer began when a generous woman gifted him a book of poetry while still a teenager. It started a period of earnest reading and writing, which became a warm refuge in an otherwise cold reality. Much of his remarkable early work was focused on aspects of survival, and he’s brought this clear-sighted, journalistic approach to all he continues to do. Now, all his works are injected with humour and realism as he explores the human condition and many aspects of love.
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