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  1. _YiTTriuM_


    Was never fond of short stories but this just made feel every emotions there is, in less than 2k words. I think ive changed my mind about short stories, this one was just amazing. β™₯β™₯
  2. I've read Colin And Charles, Donovan and Shane. I'm still hoping for (even a short one) SYWM update, I still love that story very much, you got me on that one with the song Next to me by Imagine Dragons. And yeah Nash definitely needed some straightening but it was Penn's family i was more worried about that they might just push the two soo far, and they'd end up going separate ways. Anyways best of luck on that new story ❀
  3. Yay Mr n Mr Pin Cushions I'm here for it. I almost gave up on them 😒, but that's the past. I really liked Penn here in the story, he's different than most characters I've read, idk how to describe it, i just wish we had more of his POV. Really loved story, i didn't know if the wait was worth it but seeing my birthday Oct19 definitely made up for it. Massive thank you for writing this, I hope you're doing well with life right now πŸ’“πŸ’“. And Happy No Nut November to everyone, i definitely wouldn't have survived that after reading this. 😺🐺
  4. This story is perfect. This is soo well written i love how the characters feels soo alive. The interactions with the younglings feels soo natural, it's definitely one my favourite thing about your writings. I've read "Hello, My Name Is" before this and I've fallen in love with baby Ethan and Liam. Tho this one is the only chapter with kids talking, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. (Ps. I forgot there's a second small part yeeeee) I hope you're well and healthy. Idk when you'll be back, but I'm still writing this comment in hope to fuel your soul and start uploading again. β™‘β™‘β™‘
  5. This just gets better 😭😭😭 how I wish wasn't 9 years late, jeez that's half of my life πŸ˜“, or at least wish you were active, you are becoming one my favourite writers. πŸ’πŸ’—
  6. This story is soo exciting, I was hooked from the very beginning. Now I'm annoyed that human beings has to sleep and it's 3.30am already ughhh. I love this soo much. This story is abit different with pacing compared to ones I'm used to, but I'm all for it. Thank you, this is wonderful. I'm going to continue tomorrow, but i couldn't not comment b4 sleeping. πŸ’πŸ’
  7. Thank God there's more chapters, i was worried you'd end the story with Jason and Penn, which i guess would have been fine 😒 but i ship PenNash or catwolf (idk a better ship name) Thanks for the updates tho. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  8. _YiTTriuM_

    Chapter 11

    The story was amazing, albeit short, I was expecting something the size of N&J. I wasn't totally surprised by the ending, you did something similar in N&J, being true to the story and less about writing what the audience wants (Tho I'd be lying if I say i dont want more lol). Thank you for this, looking forward to your next story. Best of luck Also is there a DM option in this site? if someone got the HINT plssss dm it to me. Thank youuu
  9. Wow didn't think you'd be back. I've recently finished "Noah and Jordan" loved it soo much, it definitely hit my top 5 stories in GA, it was amazing thank you. ❀️❀️❀️ I just wanted to ask if you've already finished writing this story somewhere, so ik i can expect regular updates. I'm not good with cliffhangers or suspense cuz they make me lose interest in a story. I definitely don't wanna lose interest in this, so I'd rather wait for this story to finish before diving into it.
  10. _YiTTriuM_


    This was really lovely. I like your type of writing i just found out you're here even though I've been following you from literotica for quite sometime now, I've always enjoyed your stories, Box Shaped heart is my absolute favourite❀️❀️.
  11. I would check every hour even b4 we got an ETA. πŸ‘€I thought I'd wake to the new chapter and start my day smiling, but well i did get the new chapter but @Mrsgnomiepulled a stunt πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ.
  12. Idk what to feel anymore. 😭😭😭 Goddammit Nash why'd you assume shits. 😩😩😩 Idk if it's even healthy for them to get together, i was rooting for Penn to still have his respect for Nash and try sorting the mess out, but i also think that would make his character a bit cheap. Ugghhhhhhhhhhh Also i was expecting a longer chapter πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” was So how many chapters are actually left? And when can we expect the next chapter, so I feel better cuz its killing meee. Don't make us wait, pls, i might be 18 but i feel like I've gotten 5 years older just from waiting for this chapter.
  13. Can you imagine she surprises us with the 2 last chapters? Me neither, its too much to expect 😭😭😭😭 I'm having to watch "love, Victor" to take my mind off of this story.
  14. I'm refreshing this page every hour, idk if u can handle it any moree 😭😭
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