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    Abattoir Boy

    Thanks for this! Delightful in every way! Except for the blood pudding, of course; never could get past an unfortunate introduction to it in early childhood! Dashi still with you? Copper still in the area? Nice to be reminded of them here, at least, I assume Pakak and the anonymous horse could be them...
  2. Copper is back with you? Nice. Now you're gonna make me feel guilty about not using my greenhouse, I just know it. ;-)
  3. Hey Lisa, many happy returns of the day! (I never understood that phrase when I was younger...) I hope you [will have] [are having] [have had] a very happy birthday!
  4. jess30519

    Sunday, Sunday

    This story takes place in the 1990s, so no Facebook or other social network sites to make it easy to meet. Even email would have been unlikely unless Shawn had access at a university, for example. I think our boys will just have to get together in Boston and see what happens!
  5. I bet his friends notice a new level of eye contact with Shawn tomorrow night!
  6. Yay, Montreal! I grew up there... good times. Looking forward to this story!
  7. jess30519


    I did *not* see that one coming! Wow! Awesome, just awesome. Sasha, if you have more characters like Ger and Faris milling about in your head, you'd best write them down, the sooner the better. Penned up inside like that they'll make you crazy, but out here they'll make us very, very happy! Thanks, Sasha!
  8. Speaking from zero experience, I'd think that just telling Goblin what's happening like it's the normal course of events would be best. Without in any way letting him see that you're worried about his reaction. Of course, you might consider buying him a tractor - that is always a good idea!
  9. jess30519

    Chapter 5

    I actually have the Larousse Gastronomique! :-) Only not in French, although that wouldn't be a problem. Not sure why Tobias would want to get through the whole thing, but there is a great deal that I don't know about all these demons. Someday I hope to back up and read this series from the beginning. Someday! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Su Yin and his adventures immensely. This was the perfect antidote to a soggy, dismal day. Thanks, Sasha!
  10. AC, Lisa and everyone else involved: thanks so much for doing this. So very much appreciated.
  11. Myr, I take my hat off to you and your team - doing a major upgrade like this while maintaining continuity with the previous database is like juggling chainsaws while riding a unicycle! All your preparation and testing certainly paid off, IMO. People who expect every small detail to be perfect just have no idea how complex and inter-dependent code like this has become. So, thanks for all your hard work, long hours and dedication!
  12. jess30519

    Chapter 4

    What do I have to do to get to live in a house that does the dishes and laundry for me? Being around flowing magma and hot lava seems almost worth it! OTOH, there are some pretty strange folks there, too; not at all sure I want to deal with them. And apparently no trees. I need trees! It will be very interesting to see how Su Yin gets on with his new neighbors, but I have a feeling that he will be more than able to hold his own in any confrontations. Great stuff, thanks Sasha!
  13. jess30519

    Chapter 13

    This ending works out much better than having the two of them circling each other with no resolution while still in school. Even though their future isn't defined here, either, at least we can comfortably leave them, knowing that they have both matured into functioning human beings! And there's a good possibility of them getting together now. I loved this story; it rang a lot of bells with me. Thanks Sasha!
  14. Hey. It unpublished itself again, apparently. Says so on my iPad, anyway. 16:34 EDT Monday... and I haven't read the last chapter! *sobs* oh wait! Now it's working! Yay!
  15. jess30519

    Chapter 3

    Not surprising that Su Yin is hungry, after all that, um, exercise! But he was leading the way at least half the time. Zhihao had better watch out; Su Yin definitely knows how to get what he wants. And he knows what he wants, too! It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to figure out how Hell works, and how to fit in. Not long, I'm thinking! Thanks, Sasha!
  16. jess30519

    Chapter 12

    Things are good between Marty and Leon. Things are (still) good between Marty and the band, apparently. Things are even better between Marty and Hrishi! So now what? Does something lurk just around the corner in Sashaland? Sigh. Gotta wait to find out. Thanks, Sasha!
  17. jess30519


    Hrm. Status says "complete", so I guess this is a slice of life... as usual you have drawn all of these characters clearly in just a few brush strokes, and they are interesting enough to make us want more! Thanks, Sasha!
  18. jess30519

    Chapter 2

    Hard to tell who is in charge, here: Su Yin or Zhihao! For a naive virgin, Su Yin certainly knows what he wants and how to get it. And Zhihao is a particularly considerate and accommodating demon! If the boys back at the orphanage knew about this, there would be a waiting line for sacrifice duty! I hope they can take a break soon - Su Yin will need refreshment; not sure if demons can go forever. Probably! Thanks, Sasha.
  19. So beautifully written! I hope this came from your amazing talent and not from personal experience, but it felt very real. Thanks, Sasha.
  20. jess30519

    Chapter 11

    Wow - a whole new meaning for "agile software development"! Having distractions in the room while coding can be a pain in the ass, but I guess this wasn’t one of those times! *resists urge to indent code* Poor Leon, I thought he was having a heart attack, but it serves him right, barging into the room like that. After all, since he assumed that Marty was getting it on with some hot girlfriend, wouldn’t it have been prudent to at least knock first? At least Marty doesn’t have to hide from his best friend any more. Ah well, I hope the two of them can remain friends. Excellent chapter, thanks Sasha!
  21. jess30519

    Chapter 1

    Huh. I always wondered what happened to virgins when they're sacrificed. Doesn't seem so bad, at least so far. And I have a feeling that Su Yin is about to learn a whole lot about how Sasha's demons carry on! Should be interesting!
  22. jess30519

    Chapter 10

    Marty spends his time writing songs about Hrishi; I wonder if Hrishi puts dreamy references to Marty in the comments while he's coding. :-) The dynamics between those two seems to be changing, slowly, but I wonder if they really *like* each other - they certainly don't spend much time sharing their deepest feelings! Well, not verbally, anyway. An interesting relationship and not one I'd be inclined to give much of a chance of success, but then we're in Sashaworld so all bets are off! Thanks, Sasha!
  23. jess30519

    Chapter 9

    Uh oh. Marty really needs to pass that course, right? How is he ever going to manage that if the teacher now *really* hates him? Surely the prof would assume that Marty cheated somehow, if Hrishi actually is able to bring him up to speed. This should be interesting! Thanks, Sasha!
  24. jess30519

    558 - Eggs

    Eggs? Walls of fire? Umm. I don't know who any of these people are, but they sure do seem to be having a good time! I really, really must take some days off and read what goes before. Anyway, even if I'm totally lost, it was still a pleasure to read!
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