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  1. Mm good that they can beat the WBC at their own game but on one level why not change the game and make them play the game for us ? Brilliant idea by the guy who thought of it. Maybe if they realize how much money they are giving to people who they hate they would stop their utter nonsense?
  2. 1) Dogs, pretty much any type as long as they don't bite me 2) A nice ending to a nice story 3) Friday
  3. Really enjoyed the whole series though Doing It Right was the high point for me. This is not to mean that Let's Do It was bad or anything. Well I do think that the beginning of it was a bit forced and somewhat un-fleshed out but aside from this, I think DIR had a nice, fuzzy, "perfect" (so to speak) ending and to drag Davey and Brian through another journey kinda broke that up. Would be nice to have a 5th book to round up the story with another warm and fuzzy ending but even without one the series is solid and a definite joy to read. Kudos to Dan!
  4. Poet's perspective here but who knows this may be applicable or helpful for all the prose writers too! Okay what my friends and I do sometimes to jump start the writing is a simple exercise. Basically, all of us would prepare our paper and pens with one person being the leader. He would then begin by throwing out a random word that pops into his/her head... like for example "Bird" or "Green". The rest of us would take this word and write what ever gibberish that comes into our head for 1 minute straight - grammar, line breaks, sense and on-topicness entirely optional for that matter.
  5. I must say that Dom is one of the best writers I have read on the site. Somehow his characters always seem so ... I don't know, real? Like they're literally fleshed out such that I never felt that anything which happened was contrived in the least. Kinda scared to start reading "With Trust" though, I'm a bit afraid that I'd get sucked in and be trapped in limbo waiting for the next update heh
  6. Hey everyone, Been reading stuff from the site a loooong time (like more that a year) back and only got down to joining now. Newbie from a little place in Asia called Singapore here. Hope to post some stuff on here sooner or later but until then take care!
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