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  1. If anyone is waiting, I'm still working on Pitch Perfect. I won't give up! My real life has just gotten super busy and I have a couple other stories in the works which will eventually make it up. Stay tuned!

    1. asamvav111
    2. Jammi


      that's great to hear :) looking forward to more of luca and sam!

  2. Ah, the elusive Matt. You're totally right. Thanks for all the wonderful comments
  3. intune

    Chapter 14:Mistakes

    Yes, Jeremy...Jeremy. What to do with him? Well, he's had it kind of rough too so...? Hopefully he still has some fans. Thanks for the review.
  4. Love definitely can be complex. Thanks for the review!
  5. Glad you like the Lucca/Sam pairing. Hopefully things work out!
  6. intune

    Chapter 10: Plans

    Well, thank you for taking the time out in between chapters Made my day!
  7. Uh Oh! Just make him read it too? Mutual love! Thanks for the comment.
  8. Haha, I swear it just always seems like a convenient place to end them. Maybe it is a bit mean....
  9. Thank you! I love getting reviews! Glad you're liking the story.
  10. Haha! Everyone seems to think I'm creating a mess, I swear there's reason to it all! Thanks for the comment
  11. Are you saying they're getting tangled? I totally agree.
  12. Lucca doesn't know what he's doing haha. He's just trying his best. Thanks for the review!
  13. Glad you're into the new characters
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