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  1. I'd definitely do that if he wasn't on the other side of the world. LMAO!
  2. Laughing at myself for falling for it. Is this what the younger generation called as ghosting? Sweet one moment. Then one day, it's as if you don't exist. Sucks.
  3. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I think I'm going through an ambiguous break up lol.
  4. My birthday is in April and it's in the middle of summer since we're a tropical country. That's why I looooove pool parties. LOL. Also the perfect time to look at some of those bits cool down the heat.
  5. Hmm. I see, I see. Personally, I like throwing swimming parties for some reason. When I was in my teens, I think there was 6 or 7 consecutive years that would always be a swimming party. LOL. But now? I box of pizza if fine by me. So you're right. We tend to celebrate less as we get older.
  6. Genuine question though. Are birthdays a big deal in the west? Here, it kind of is. It's the norm to feed people during your birthday. Lol. I heard some of my friends in west doesn't really make too much of a big deal about it. Even close friends wouldn't bother greeting you extravagantly.
  7. Yeah, that's about the good news. I got a new work and I just to suck it up since we're obliged to render a month before we finally get to resign. On the upside, one of my bosses is now Kendall Jenner. That was unexpected. I guess I'll be receiving her tequila more often. LOL. But I may have to give it away since I don't drink anymore Haha.
  8. Today has been quite pissing me off. Just how do you deal with bosses who micromanage everything? Hmm. I hope everyone is having a fun day though!
  9. Congratulations! But I kinda felt the hurt that your family didn't make it. This covid thing is such a huge disaster for everyone. Hearing stories like these make me wonder how awful my cry would be on the day of my wedding. Whenever that is LOL.
  10. Thank you. Planning to take a short vacation as well. I mean, being present at work is a good thing I guess. But a 100% attendance can't save my sorry butt if I burn myself out. Yeah. I heard that the unemployment rate there is going bad. Employers are willing to shell out more to save their own business. If only it was that easy to find a job there that accepts from here, I'd be more than happy since the pay is not worth the work here in a third world country. But of course, I can't be choosy when there aren't really a lot of options. At some point, this situation will end. We just need to keep moving forward.
  11. Good to be kinda back here. Had to take one for the family and feed a family of 5 since both parents are jobless due to the pandemic. The past weeks were really toxic from juggling jobs to make sure everything is paid for and there is food on the table. The responsibility consequentially fell on me since I'm the only one who's employed. Finally, there is a shot for stability and financial recovery. The burden really took a toll on me and I'm close to burning myself out. *sigh* At my age, I should be looking for a partner to settle down with, not living out my life as a single dad to my siblings and parents. LOL.
  12. Hi there. Not sure what I did but I lost my notification for this forum and I got lost in the site or something EDIT: Nevermind. I found it.
  13. Probably me too! LOL! I wanna experience that too! But not that available here. Maybe somewhere in the far future.
  14. I'm planning to study French. And I may or may not end up with a dozen tongue-bites for the next few months. Yikes.
  15. Yessss. Not everyone is a native english speaker though. I'm fluent in 2 languages but I want a 3rd. Just enrolled for it, actually. Lol. Then maybe a 4th, 10yrs from now.
  16. Anyone here tried to learn a new language during their adulthood? I'm curious regarding the experience.
  17. I remembered hiking on a mountain before and it rained really hard. Because it was muddy, my shoe was torn off and I had to walk through a good portion of the hike bare-footed. It was all going well when we had to walk over an anthill and I didn't have any shoes. Plus it was kinda on a ledge, so if I skipped over it, I might fall off to the side of the mountain. It was that or get bit by a swarm of huge ants because I had to walk over them. Thankfully, there was a huge banana tree beside it and I cut off one of the branches, and laid it above the swarm of ants then crossed as soon as I can. Otherwise, I may still be stuck on that mountain trail. Ant bites are really badddd.
  18. Goodnight, @Reader1810. I hope you have a good night's rest. There's a 12-hours difference between us, though. So the sun is up high and mighty right now.
  19. Wow. Congrats, molly! I'm sure you'll ace it! Ouch! We don't have those here. But I hope the itch goes away soon. Still...ouch. I think I read somewhere that fire ants have really nasty bites.
  20. Hello there. How is everyone? I'm getting morning sickness everyday. I feel like puking every time I wake up and I don't have appetite. Maybe I'm pregnant or something. I just skimmed this page and all I saw was about a cliffhanger and BBC. Of course my depraved brain would think of something naughty. Please, do forgive me.
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