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  1. Mikiesboy

    Crazy Life!

    How wonderful!! This makes me smile. i am so very happy for the three of you. much love xo
  2. A very well done and engaging story. It isn't pretty, in fact sometimes it is brutal. It will anger and frustrate you but read it all. It is worth your effort and time.
  3. Seems you did remember, renee ... feel better soon! @Dodger 's story is a great read!
  4. Mikiesboy

    Don't Go There

    On the sad side, but nicely done ... 💖
  5. i don't believe in muses ... only our spirit, that's where our words come from; our spirit, and our hearts. While i like the poem, i prefer the prose, your descriptive paragraph is beautiful.
  6. a gorgeous rose, AC, it highlights your tanka wonderfully xo
  7. Mikiesboy

    gilded in grime

    They may be meager, as you put it, but the messages within them are not. There is love, and sadness here, but more, there is strength, maybe more than you realized you had. Thank you for sharing these brave and rich poems.
  8. No worries, AC. Life is like that for all of us sometimes, right? Thanks for letting us know.
  9. Mikiesboy

    Bone Deep

    mmm sounds just like doing the poetry prompts ....
  10. Mikiesboy

    Here We Go

    i know ... it's not really my fav either, except when it comes to exercise..LOL In that case i am extremely sensible. almost rock-like. 🥌
  11. Mikiesboy

    Here We Go

    I just knew you could spell sensible. I wasn't so sure after the 11 mile walk; you must have looked like the energizer bunny on steroids that day.
  12. https://gayauthors.org/story/ac-benus/zero-to-hero-a-guide/8 Excellent essay on rhymes is located at the above link!
  13. I post this very old poem from the older set of prompts, because AC's comment on it was about the rhymes ... and i am grateful, and lucky, both, that AC sat me down one day and spoke to me seriously and said i had to start to take my work more seriously, and to use rhyme correctly. He said in the comments for this sonnet, that two rhymes gave him pause, before deciding they were right. Can you guess which ones? simple sonnet #1 As a child my world was full of wonder full of smiles, and of games and make believe, but as I grew there was often thunder; My mum died and then dad forced me to leave. My life out on the streets was frightening, and drugs and tears were my only comfort until you showed me a love enduring; together we made our lives a concert. We chose to marry, be partners for life, it won’t be easy, dark skies may loom; prepared though we are to meet any strife, we’ll need to work hard to keep love abloom. Life is full of disappointment and pain Together though, we can keep out the rain. Thank you AC, for that chat, this poet will be forever grateful to you ... xoxo
  14. image.png.1b4458b3c95183fe7d7c4b52d8f1b8bb.png


    Thank you for your poems, and essays for the 2019 Pulse Anniversary Project, which you have already sent to me.

    This is for all members of GA ... authors, editor, members ... anyone who wants to share.

    Please send me your poem, or paragraph, two lines or one, of your thoughts.

    All are welcome.  If you choose not to write, please read, comment, and like on June 12, 2019.

    Thank you.

    1. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      Thanks for the work on a really worthy cause - you and @AC Benus.

    2. Reader1810


      I second what Wayne said. I’ll be reading and Liking come June 12. :) 

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