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  1. Mikiesboy


    Nice story, thank you!
  2. Mikiesboy

    Why Pride?

    i really enjoyed your piece. Wish there were more people like Myles in the world. My husband and i hold hands in public, but there are few that would challenge Michael. He doesn't care what people think or say and he's a big man so people are intimidated. i don't have that same confidence. Nice short, Wayne.
  3. I love this. Such fun. Thanks for posting it.
  4. Mikiesboy

    Chapter 1

    Brilliant. Absolutely loved it!!
  5. Mikiesboy

    The Runner

    Thanks. i think this is the first of yours i have read. i enjoyed it. And i am grateful for the sort of 'unending'. It's a refreshing and real choice. Not the usual and that's always welcome. There is plenty of usual around here.
  6. I need you to tell me the truth, He sat me down to say Will you, do you think? Or can you promise me That you won’t today? Promises from an anesthetized mind Are too easily unwitting lies made from sand and cloudy days But they are dangerous as the lies crafted by design my truth is a broken crystal. shards strewn across the floor Reality is a patchwork repair of glass, and dust and a bucket filled with tears * * *
  7. If you have the chance to watch the BBC show; TIme. It is not time wasted. Sean Bean and Stephen Graham star.. both are excellent. It's 3 parts and realistic and the acting and writing are both brilliant. Stephen Graham is such a great actor as is Sean Bean. If you'd to read more: Time
  8. Yeah caffeine headaches are awful. I drink less caffeine.. and sort of reduced it mixing some regular coffee with decaf. Maybe a slower withdrawal ? Sounds like you're most of the way there already. So that's good. I like spice myself but Michael is not as keen. So, I kind of make it Michael friendly and i can add heat for me if i want it.
  9. Changing your diet is hard. Michael went from from the beer/soda/candy/junkfood diet to the opposite in less than 24 hours. It wasn't easy at all for him. Most things can be substituted .. you need to change your expectations and learn to try new things. Eat less and healthier. I had reflux until they removed my gallbladder... i'd been on a zero fat diet for few weeks until then. Now that was fun. But it was preferable to the hours of agony. Still have to watch the amount of fat i eat. But there are choices. I hope your husband will try some new things or new versions of old fa
  10. aw, sounds like a great day ... i know the last part is sad, but at least they like to see you, want to see you. And hopefully soon you'll be able to have more mom/daughter days together. i hope everyone enjoyed the day! xo
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