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  1. No A/C ... breeze blowing in the windows...it's very nice.
  2. Thanks C, Myr and whoever submitted the question. That was very insightful and interesting. I enjoyed reading about the history of this place. And did you overshare? Nah, we had the hottest July in the past 84 years in Toronto, so i get the nekkid on the sofa with the A/C on. It is nice and cool this morning however ... i need a t-shirt and a hot coffee both paired well with this great read!
  3. An interesting piece. Written in first person. I felt the characters were a bit under developed and didn't feel particularly sympathetic to either of them. It was also a little rough as it could do with an editor. However, it wouldn't need much. I like the realism here, and I understand that happily ever after just isn't realistic in every story. Thanks for posting this brave piece.
  4. Hmm.. @chris191070 is being rather cheeky today... i think his sense of humour is showing!! Hahaha
  5. Luckily for me ... i do not know either one of those things.
  6. I find my job hard because i keep getting told by outside sources that multitasking is not effective but i am supposed to chat and email customers at the same time. I'm really NOT good at doing that.
  7. Do you procrastinate? You should stop... maybe. Read this.
  8. just ate some cereal .. heard from my poor paranoid and anxiety ridden nephew... He and his BF are working on getting back together... they were very serious and then Peter f'kd up meeting the family ... I am sooooo happy right now for them. breaks over ... nope its not Friday but Thursday is close
  9. thank you, Ashi Morning, chris. do we have to be up? ugh... have a good day everyone.
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