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  1. you can do that ... i try not to use plastic and it's too loud and violent. i just like to be quiet for the most part i put cheerios in a plastic bag once and used the rolling pin ... it took ages .. should've just put them in the food processor
  2. Mikiesboy

    About Time

    These are timeless. Who among us has not felt this way or will not? You are not alone and you've pulled back the curtain we all shiver behind.
  3. A Thing What i Learned This Week: i like to bake i buy whole nut pieces cuz i'm cheap i hate cutting those whole pieces into small ones yesterday i thought what can i use to cut up all my pecan pieces? after a few minutes i thought ... yes, try that! one cup of nuts cut up in under 5 minutes.
  4. geez .. take care rick. all the best to you and your brother
  5. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do nothing? If you’re like us, it’s been a while. Being in a state of overwhelm feels like the new norm and when we do finally slow down, we’re just way too hard on ourselves. Society has conditioned us to think that if we’re not being productive, we’re just being lazy. Let’s reframe this belief because 1) it’s nonsense and 2) we literally need breaks. Rest activates our parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress, boosting creativity, and improving our health. You’re not what you accomplish, so consider this your permission to relax. from the Sanvello Team
  6. The story is developing ... i've written bits but i am in the middle of writing Kidnapped... just finishing ch 11 ... i really dont want to do much on Oliver .. just keeping notes atm.
  7. There could be more ... it's often in my head. If you don't know La Campanella... it is among the most difficult pieces for the piano.
  8. A dream i had: “Can I play your piano?” Oliver gazed at the baby grand that sat in the corner. Luckily the lid was down and the fallboard covered the keys because the instrument was coated in dust. Oliver turned to his john. He smiled. “Do you mind?” Ken tightened his bathrobe. “Um, sure, if you want. Not sure if it’s in tune. It’s not been tuned since William moved out.” “You should cover it with a piano cloth you know. That’s the best thing to do to keep out the dust and stuff.” Oliver ran a long finger over the dusty fallboard. “Do you maybe have a cloth I can clean it with?” “Mmm, sure. Just a second.” Ken blinked and then walked into the kitchen. Maybe bringing him here wasn’t such a hot idea. He pulled a kitchen towel from the drawer and some furniture polish from under the kitchen sink. Then he returned to the spacious living room. “Here. Dust away.” Oliver smiled and took cloth. “Thanks. You should never use that stuff on your piano. It’ll mess up the finish.” He used the soft cloth to push away the dust. Ken watched gray fluff settle onto the hardwood floor. That’s just fucking great. Thanks. Once the dust was off the piano, Oliver pulled out the bench and sat down. He stretched his fingers. Then he clenched and opened his hands several times. Ken took a seat on the sofa. I wonder if he can actually play that thing? "Um ... do you need music. William left some in the bench." "I don't need sheet music except for the first time I play something. After once, I can remember it." Oliver picked off a bit more dust and released it to join the rest on the floor. "Seriously?" "Yes. I can remember every piece I've played since I was eight." Ken nodded in silence. Oliver played some scales for a minute or two. He turned to Ken. “It’s a little out of tune, not badly though. I think we can make music together.” And then Oliver Bagosian played. Ken found himself leaning forward. “Jesus.” The pianist’s hands flew. And then it was over. Ken got to his feet. “Ollie, shit. That was .. Liszt.” Oliver smiled. “Yes, La Campanella. Was it okay?” “Okay? Where did you learn to play like that?” Oliver placed the fallboard over the keys. “I learned as a kid. I think I said that." “Why don’t you play?” "Like professionally?" After standing Ollie pushed the bench back to its original position. “Well. That’s a long story. Short version … I’m too insane.”
  9. and then it's done - the day the tide's washed proof of us away sand weed was witness to love our secrets bound in its silence
  10. These are both lovely and should be read aloud, slowly, like savouring a perfect wine. i've not read these before, these i would remember.
  11. Not a huge fan of speech tags for myself but there are times they are needed. You don't want readers having to reread to sort out who in the group of characters is speaking. I was told said is a good option, kind of mild and passive ... more like a stage direction. You're a good writer Cassie, use it as you see fit.
  12. You've done a beautiful, caring and humane thing but yes, you need to look after yourself as well. Your partner, when you find them will be lucky to have you.
  13. i liked this book very much. i don't read to like characters, there are people like david out there, i want to read their story, even if it's sad, or contemptable. It was well written, not happy, but not all of life is. It was interesting and of its time i think.
  14. i bet she cried too .. when she told Him that Congratulations, honey to Phil Sir and you. xoxo
  15. it all came out nicely. Dinner was good, it was a fresh pasta sauce with lots of our fresh veggies.
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