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  1. hope you all had a nice Sunday.. have a good evening/night
  2. it was cabbage roll day... lots of work.. but we have nine nice meals in the freezer now and that's Saturdays dinner too. Also made chili so another six meals there. Next week we will make some spaghetti sauce. Hope you all had and will have a good day.. xo
  3. haha no it wont ... i promised to knit it a nice cover! lol
  4. you can tink them.. or back knit.. tink is knit backwards. or frog them.. which is ripping out stitches by the row. i rather support local jobs since they make these pillows and forms right here in the city. I agree, Amazon is over priced most of the time.
  5. yessss ... i have a chart yet, still manage to mess it up sometimes..lol
  6. oh. i drop stitches .. luckily i know how to fix them ... or lots of times i have to tink them...undoing row by row until i fix what i messed up. Believe me.. a good knitter can get these blocks done in under an hour ... it takes me a lot longer. But that's okay. I enjoy doing them. I found a local place that sells pillow and cushion forms and other things like that. And the prices are so much better than Amazon. Geez. 4 of the polyester filled cushion forms at HomeTex.Ca are $21.28 and the same from Amazon is $45.10.
  7. Thanks, but really, it's not. it really is easier than it looks, you just have to give yourself time to get comfortable carrying the colours, and remember to pick up the floats (the colour that's not being used) so you keep them short on the back. I've started another and have decided to use 3 colours. Mine are far from perfect but they are okay and look nice enough. The patterns are charts on graph paper, where each square is a stitch. If you can knit, purl, and count, you can make these. The charts are all online. And believe me.. i have undone them, and redone them more than once, but it is how you learn. Here's the back of the Love block... those are the floats... and you need to keep them short. it's very simple and done as you knit by picking up one colour over the other sort of picking up the not in use colour as you go, to keep the float short. I'm not sure about some of the beautiful sweaters made with stranded colour work or fair isle as it's called. Clothing is another kettle of fish where your tension has to be very good. i need more practice before i even go there.
  8. he has his old one.. the new one is .. custom work.. nothing off the floor for him.. but its good and will last him
  9. Peter is waiting for 19 weeks for a new sofa ... I'll give him a new cushion for it.
  10. more from me i'm a bit obsessed with this now.. have a good day all!!
  11. Mikiesboy


    i enjoyed the title as much as each poem.
  12. Good night all ... it was nice to see everyone. We are watching a very well done, but very odd show called The Third Day.. Night
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