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  1. That was beautiful and brilliant! Dare i say the best chapter yet? Loved it, thanks AC xoxxoxo
  2. Mikiesboy

    Through the Pain

    It's much sunnier today...thanks Wayne. xo The poem is lovely.
  3. Thank you for sharing here. you are right, it is a permanent choice, if you manage to succeed. you are also right in that there are other ways, there is help. i know. i've tried a couple times over the years but was lucky enough to be found before it was too late. it's a haunting thing, but it is a reminder when each day is good, that there are other ways ... and that life can be good, and fulfilling. Thank you for this, for your honesty and your bravery in telling your story. We are so glad to have you with us in the Drop in Centre. i am glad to have you as my friend. xo
  4. Thank you, Sir. poem one and two are related .. the third is due to conversation i read that was rather cruel and egotistical. So all of your adjectives are what i felt on those occasions. Kissing is too much fun...i'd never punch anyone there, Sir ... hehe Thank You again for reading and for your excellent comments.
  5. Thanks very much, Reader. i am glad you like them. i appreciate you reading them xo
  6. Um, yeah .. you have a mystery on your hands and we'd like you to solve it please. I will wait there ... in the corner on my mediation stool. Don't be long.. it gives me a backache.. muah. LOL.. i joke.. seriously Def, i am not joking. Think about it.. and write more. xoxo
  7. I don't know Parker. I shouldn't have thought any, or many. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it.
  8. Thank you very much, Fae. i appreciate you reading.
  9. Thank you, Michael. I appreciate you reading them. xo
  10. At First When you’re as broken as I seem to be What do you do? How to fix me? Should I take a survey of all that I know? Read about ego? Learn about control? Should I sit and pray to an unknown god? Talk to the shrink? Keep a record? Usually to myself I am unkind, not so some say I am really that bad? Cruel and callous are the words which repeat Nasty and cold; but I wasn’t aware I am not worthy Should I just disappear? After Consideration I think about what you have said to me Maybe I shouldn’t be this way or that As you ride your white horse of righteousness Telling us how to feel, and what to think Badgering us with your own agenda While telling me I am causing you pain Perhaps you should keep your words to yourself And repair the cracked mirror of your life Before taking a cruel hammer to mine. The Truth Once it was words, were important How things felt, look and what’s real Today it’s being loud, rude and brash That seems to attract; make people feel But it’s true, it’s the ugly we recall That is what the verbose and loathsome are Their bragging and constant need for attention Written over and over again on a star It’s a star though, with no substance And sooner than later its shine will wear Leaving behind its exposed truth Its fallaciousness will discordantly glare And the meek will then inherit Their pure truth will win out and shine Bullies and braggarts will sink in their mire Then destiny and stars once more will align ****
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