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  1. I see! Thanks for letting me know! How was the Holidays for you peeps? I think I gained at least 10lbs. Stress eating feels so gooooooooood. 🤤
  2. Yeah. But it looks rly great tho! There was also message that there will be a “dark mode?”
  3. I just took a short vacation and the GA site already looked like a different planet. What is going on? 🥲
  4. Some people are just so...entitled in causing unnecessary mayhem for others. It’s frustrating. I feel that.
  5. It seems that the earthquake was caused by a potential volcano eruption a hundred kilometers away from here. Exactly December last year it was active for a month and erupted around January. That monster has awakened again. It’s scary because it’s a brother to Yellowstone and potentially as disastrous. Our city could literally be wiped off the map if that thing went all out. It could hit VEI 7 or 8. The whole thing is approx equal to 5 Manhattans worth of land area. 2020 just reminded us this disastrous year isn’t over. Sorry to be a bringer of grim news on Christmad Eve. I could barel
  6. Amen! Meanwhile, we got hit by another earthquake over here. I thought I was just dizzy with all the stuffing of stuff in my stuff. Or maybe my neighbors are doing some good stuff again. Our earthquakes are getting more and more frequent lately. And getting stronger, too. EDIT: News reports said it was a 6.5 magnitude. Yikes!
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. I'm stuffed with a lot of...stuff. But I won't say what stuff I stuffed in my stuff.
  8. Was supposed to be my day off then my sleep was abruptly interrupted at 2am coz of an earthquake. My bed was literally shaking! but the first thing my mind thought of was my neighbors were having...wild fun. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
  9. This song is so sad. I feel like crying. The bridge part sounds like he's actually crying.
  10. Just tired. Bout to sleep. I usually get around 40 customers a day. Got around 90 this time. I’m 💀 .
  11. Solus Magus

    Chapter 9

    *waits patiently for a Kotik and Count Raudh action*
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