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  1. For some reason, rain just makes us emotional or something. It's a sad reality that we don't get over it. But they'd be happy for us because we kept moving forward. That's a hassle! Good luck with the crown, though!
  2. I swear Jonno boy is everyone's son or something. LOL.
  3. As long as the train doesn't run over me and it's going to take me out of this seemingly never-ending pandemic tunnel while inside it then I'm good to go! 🤣
  4. If my figurative "hanging" could be turned into biceps, I'd be more than happy to. Lol. 🤣 For the west, that is. 3rd world country sucks tho. Our gov mishandled everything and it's like we're back to Mar 2020 again. This time, the number of cases are higher last year. We're already on the 2nd week of lockdown. I do hope humanity learns from this.
  5. I felt better a day of resting. I guess I didn't turn out to be covid positive. That was still quite a scare, though. My friend flat-lined for a few minutes a few weeks ago due to covid but he's fine now. This pandemic is rly getting me paranoid. Lol.
  6. OMG! Happy Birthday to my fellow hoomans, @mollyhousemouse and @Reader1810! Enjoy your day! Sending my virtual hugs.
  7. The flight was uncomfortable. I would shift my butt on my seat every few minutes or so, and it was driving Aiden insane. He was just watching the news on his phone and would sneak a look at me every once in a while. Mr. Horikoshi, on the other hand, was meditating on his seat. His eyes were closed, but I knew he was wary of our presence. Thanks to our sudden connection in SIGMA, we had access to one of their private jets that would be able to protect us from the surprise re-testing of H-Scores. It was all too convenient. I told my companion that we should be more vigilant about this. He j
  8. Looks like I got it. I'm feeling all fatigued and woozy. I may have to self-quarantine.
  9. That's great! Happy for your family, molly! Meanwhile, someone on our street turned positive again. Oh welp. Not gonna go out for a while. We're still on lockdowns anyway.
  10. Hope you had a great weekend! Buckle up 'cause it's Monday. No cycling for me on a week, though. Our cities were placed in quarantine again.
  11. Same! I mostly do stress eating which I vent out on cardio exercises. But regarding traumatic experiences on bike, I fell into an open sewerage once because I was trying to imitate some kids who can bike with no hands. Jeez. What a stupid thing to do.
  12. Yikes! I remembered busting up my knee from an accident and I could barely walk for weeks. It was literally bent slightly to the side like a broken toy and each step hurts like hell. Had to use crutches for almost a month. Though I was still in High School back then. Good thing it was summer vacation or else I'd have to climb the stairs every single day at school.
  13. Wow, I vanished again. Lol. I found a new hobby to shed some of my lockdown weight. I'm currently biking 50km a day. My legs are screaming every night but it still feels so good! How have you guys been?
  14. Thanks for sharing the details of your craving. Sadly, I can only receive the power of that craving through here. But not the stuff I am now craving for. 🥲🤤
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