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  1. Solus Magus


    That's true! It was also pointed out in one of the chapters. But bear in mind that Mentals have an upgraded brain function. They may be able to understand concepts beyond their age group. Thus, they may speak like adults.
  2. Happy Friyay to you, too! And yes, I hate paying bills but it feels so fulfilling as well if everything is paid for no debt is left. Carrying a balance sucks sometimes and it bothers my peace of mind. And paying for something I benefit from makes the money purposeful.
  3. Thank you for making me so excited. But some of my friends who migrated in place where there is snow said that it gets old quite fast because it's literally frozen rain and you get wet due to snow. I just hope I can pass my DELF so I can apply for my MA degree in Paris. I wonder if some of the ppl here are around EU. Maybe I can meet up or something. LOL.
  4. Oh no. Sorry to hear that! I have never seen snow yet in my life since I've never left this tropical country yet. If everything goes fine, then I'll finally be able to move to Paris next year! Can't wait! Then I can finally experience snow and understand all the rants people have about winter. LMAO.
  5. Happy New Year, everyone. Sorry for being gone for quite some time. Was really super busy spending with family during the holidays. I hope you enjoyed yours, too. Plus, I've been hitting the gym for a couple of months. Gonna get that beach bod ready for summer!
  6. Solus Magus


    Yes, I do need an editor because it has always been a weakness of mine to skip minor details. Those things can really get out of hand. If you enjoyed my world-building, and writing style, I do hope you can check out my other story when you have time. I'm not sure if you're into that kind of genre but it offers a more complicated plot. It's my main passion project that's why I wanted it more exposure. Like Mentally, the first book is already done. I hope you understand. Thank you so much! Didn't need for that standing ovation, though! LMAOOO!
  7. Solus Magus

    Kieran Klein

    Damian is quite the lovable little tyke, isn't he?
  8. Oh boy, I keep wondering why you and @DaveinLAthink that. LOL! But we'll see.
  9. Hmmm. You're onto something!
  10. Solus Magus


    Oops. Big mistake right there. I'm caught red-handed. Yeah, I do admit that these small details are really easy to miss out when I'm focused on the bigger scheme of things. Thank you, though! I better watch out for inconsistencies. But in the dude's defense, it was probably beyond his knowledge that Kieran's mother had a stash of money somewhere. Lol.
  11. Solus Magus


    Interesting. I wonder which gave away that for you to go through that line of thinking? Hmm.
  12. Solus Magus


    Yeaaaa! That plot will be uncovered by the next book.
  13. Solus Magus


    Yeah. At that point, it's not only a physical battle, but also a mental and an emotional one!
  14. Solus Magus


    When I opened my eyes, I was in some sort of medical facility. Everything was white and looked like a modern hospital setting. Beside me was Aiden, who was still dozing off. I saw a bandage where his arm used to be and couldn’t help but wince inside. It must have been awful for him to lose an arm. And knowing Aiden, he must have had a strong urge to kill Damian. If I had to win back my best friend, I had to convince this other guy to forgive him, too. Otherwise, they will just end up killing eac
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