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  1. Probably me too! LOL! I wanna experience that too! But not that available here. Maybe somewhere in the far future.
  2. I'm planning to study French. And I may or may not end up with a dozen tongue-bites for the next few months. Yikes.
  3. Yessss. Not everyone is a native english speaker though. I'm fluent in 2 languages but I want a 3rd. Just enrolled for it, actually. Lol. Then maybe a 4th, 10yrs from now.
  4. Anyone here tried to learn a new language during their adulthood? I'm curious regarding the experience.
  5. I remembered hiking on a mountain before and it rained really hard. Because it was muddy, my shoe was torn off and I had to walk through a good portion of the hike bare-footed. It was all going well when we had to walk over an anthill and I didn't have any shoes. Plus it was kinda on a ledge, so if I skipped over it, I might fall off to the side of the mountain. It was that or get bit by a swarm of huge ants because I had to walk over them. Thankfully, there was a huge banana tree beside it and I cut off one of the branches, and laid it above the swarm of ants then crossed as soon as I can. Otherwise, I may still be stuck on that mountain trail. Ant bites are really badddd.
  6. Goodnight, @Reader1810. I hope you have a good night's rest. There's a 12-hours difference between us, though. So the sun is up high and mighty right now.
  7. Wow. Congrats, molly! I'm sure you'll ace it! Ouch! We don't have those here. But I hope the itch goes away soon. Still...ouch. I think I read somewhere that fire ants have really nasty bites.
  8. Hello there. How is everyone? I'm getting morning sickness everyday. I feel like puking every time I wake up and I don't have appetite. Maybe I'm pregnant or something. I just skimmed this page and all I saw was about a cliffhanger and BBC. Of course my depraved brain would think of something naughty. Please, do forgive me.
  9. Hello, heartbreak. We meet again.

    1. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Oh no! What happened?

  10. Hullo, awesome people. My skin is so tan from all the cycling. I'm hitting a hundred miles a week for now. Meanwhile, I did something really stupid. I tried to borrow via loan from the government and gave the wrong bank account. And I ended up adding an extra digit. Takes too much time to cancel the thing so I can re-apply for it. Ugh!. S-T-U-P-I-D.
  11. Oh. The thumbs up became colorful. What happened? LOL.
  12. @KittTrust me, at that point, I'm already tempted to do something creative with horse crap. Bad mouthing or backbiting is already a done deal for at best. You're not over-reacting at all. Hugs, though! Keep moving forward.
  13. People can fit more of those today than ages ago. Sooooo. 🥲
  14. Rest in peace, Common Sense. May Reason and Responsibility rise up to the vacant space that their father had left in the world.
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