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  1. nonni15

    Chapter 19

    I agree with Geemeedee, the ending was too abrupt. At the beginning of the chapter Lahja is still strugling with everything: becoming a demon, being able to control the light, not knowing what love is and if he ever find out. The next thing we know he is gleefully demonic, apparently in full control of the light, and he and Kiorl have all the issues between them figured out. It's not even the absence of the sex scene, although I would have loved to see that too. It's that we don't see how he got there. What happened to make it all "click" for him? What changed to make him embrace his new life
  2. nonni15

    Chapter 32

    I agree with Lux, this wasn't what I expected. I am a little perplexed by how much you shifted the pace of the story, and it is really evident here. You took over ten chapters to describe Kye's torment and confusion in excruciating detail (trust me, this is not a complaint), which really made us understand his state of mind and why he reacts the way he does. Yet you seem to just skim over his recovery process. Honestly, this chapter made me feel like you are done with this story and just want to finish it (and I feel bad for saying it, because I really love stories). I do like the chapter itse
  3. Thank you all so much for your information. I hope she resurfaces at some point, her stories were very good.
  4. The author profile and the stories are gone. Was there an explanation? Did the author go into self-publishing?
  5. Help please - I can't find a story that I've read not so long ago. It was about a young guy who lives in Lisbon and works in a tattoo parlor. One day he accidentally stumbles on a group of vampires turning a human into one of them and becomes involved in their world. At the beginning of the story he is mostly straight, but then meets and falls hard for an old vampire named Xavier. All the drama ensues. For the life of me I cannot remember the title or the author. Thanks,
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