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The World Beyond the Mirror

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Erin is a seventeen year old guy with an interesting, if sad, past. Unfortunately, the only things that can distract him from that past - a rebel among rebels and a necklace that's not a necklace - end up being the very things that lead him back to it. Erin's curiosity might meet its match with the secret he uncovers, but that might just be a good thing.

After all, the past may be set in stone, but the future is what you make it.

As always with the stories I write: there'll be a decent amount of swearing, sex between consenting minors, and in this particular one there'll be a fair bit of violence. Also, not everything will be explicitly explained, so don't be afraid to make assumptions. I'd love to hear your theories on anything about this story, so feel free to message me here on GA or email me at _uno_@writeme.com if you think you're onto something that shouldn't be posted in a review grindance.gif

Oh, also, there are absolutely no werewolves or vampires in here, so if it's starting to look like that don't worry XD


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Awesome man. You have got me hooked. Waiting anxiously for chapter 11. Don't hurry though. Take your time.

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On 01/16/2015 12:40 AM, Waqar Ahmad said:
Awesome man. You have got me hooked. Waiting anxiously for chapter 11. Don't hurry though. Take your time.
Thanks :) I'm posting chapter 11 right now, and hopefully 12 will be sometime soon :D

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