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    Books, Video Games, Friends, Hip Hop Dance, Writing, Evening Jogs, Drinking Games, Parties, Kickbacks, Night cruising, Music, Hookah, Manga, Anime, Languages, Boba Beverages

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  1. Happy New Year~~~~ :hug:

    1. ChristopherBlanc


      Ty ty

      Happy New years to you! :)

  2. Sleep the whole day.

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    2. EmDee


      chat chat chat~~~

    3. ChristopherBlanc


      Im signed in on my nook but I'm not actually on when it says I am :o

    4. EmDee


      lol ah I see. xD

  3. Welcome to GA. If there is anything I can to do help give me a shout

  4. ChristopherBlanc

    Stuff stuff

    Pictures I took (random and assorted)
  5. Damned Umbrellas Killed Every Sprinkle BELTS
  6. I'm shorter than most guys. Accordingly, I'm always the bottom. >__>
  7. Christopherrrrrrr! Hi~ :D

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    2. EmDee


      Let me know when you get 5 posts and I'll tell you what to do next :)

    3. ChristopherBlanc


      I thinks you being harsh on yourself. And I haven't posted 5 yet...I think I posted 3...still browsing the forum

    4. EmDee


      Hehehe this time me being harsh on myself is justified >:D ...yeah your profile says you got 3. Almost there. Try not to post them all in the "Game and Humour" section b/c I think those don't count towards the 5 you need (but it counted when I did it, so I dunno)

  8. Reading Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare, and Dawn of Darkness by Daniel A. Kaine. ♥

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    2. ChristopherBlanc


      I like books that are branched out into separate books. I think it allows the author to flesh out the characters more and grow attached to them. Most of the books I read are standalone but I'm really starting to look into titles that are broken into a series. I honestly love Jem; more than Will. Jem is a saint and very kind. Will is cool too. He's funny, witty, and has this appeal but super polite nice guys like Jem win me over. I love them both. But, I think Tessa belongs wiyh Will.....

    3. Anya


      Most of the books I read are a trilogy or even an even longer series. I love it :D

      From the excerpts and stuff I've read I liked Jem a lot as well...I usually don't go for the nice guys in books but he's really sweet :P What are you gonna read now that you're finished?

    4. ChristopherBlanc


      Indeed, Jem is really likable. Too bad he's dying ...tragic.

      hmmm, I'm actually thinking about reading some of the stories here on this website. :)

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