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  1. It just started, and this was the first thing that came to mind. Can you guess what I’m talking about?
  2. Okay, so both of these methods is what I found at first, so I looked a little more. Does your mask have a nose bridge? if so, make sue it is fitting so warm air isn’t escaping out the top. There are also DIY bridges. You can buy masks with a nose bridge or masks that can be shaped to fit the face. If you’ve decided to make your own masks, you can create a better fit for them by sewing pipe cleaners or twist ties into the top so they can be molded to fit the nose better. Haven’t found anything as yet, but there must be other quick fixes out there. Id ask Mr. Google and search Youtube because I have found some great info videos on there in the past.
  3. Just learned something interesting from the man who delivered our groceries this morning. There are no Lysol wipes to be had - anywhere he said - so he bought Lysol spray instead. He said just use it with a rag and it will work just like the wipes - that’s a little easier easier on the hands if you ask me, so I think that’s a better way of doing it overall. Another thing we talked about was hand sanitizer which I had seen in the Organic section of the store. said that’s good (tea tree oil based usually) but hand washing is truly the best method. Why you ask? His wife is a biologist so has learned knowledge when it comes to well, things biological. The virus has a fatty covering that is repelled by soap. We’ve all seen what happens when soap is added to a grease filled pan, and this is what happens when the virus comes into contact with soap. Not to say we actually have the virus on our hand (or face), but if we did... Anyway, that’s my two cents for the day. Have a great one DiCers!
  4. You know what’s coming, so I see your very valid point, molly.
  5. @mollyhousemouse at least you don’t have to wait as long as the rest of us. Course, as the saying goes...
  6. Poor Little Miss, I hope whatever is ailing her isn’t serious and resolves quickly.
  7. Something to make you all smile. Llamas deliver food packages to vulnerable people self-isolating https://mol.im/a/8347569
  8. Yep, doing well. Just got back from a walk, so going to rehydrate and vegetate for a bit. Have a great day DiCers!
  9. Poor kids with a mother like that. She’s defo bad news.
  10. I’m reading this story and recently came to the part where the MC makes stuffed French toast. What is that I wondered, so I googled it. Take two slices of fancy bread (never heard of the kind that was used, so don’t remember the name) though I suppose you can use any kind of bread you want. Spread cream cheese on one and jam on the other. Put them together as you would a grilled cheese. Dip both outer sides in the FT mix and then fry them as you would a grilled cheese. Top with maple syrup and enjoy. Talk about a sugar/calorie overload. The cream cheese and jam was just one of the flavour combinations I came across,
  11. No, that is not remotely normal family noise. I worked in a YMCA daycare when I was in high school and was exposed to a wide range of kids/parenting styles. Even the kids whose behaviour was unruly, they were angels compared to what you describe.
  12. The recipes listed at the bottom look intriguing, though I’m not quite sure about ‘Boozy French Toast’. Doesn’t sound like breakfast food. Maybe a ‘breakfast for dinner’ option?
  13. @Mikiesboy it’s unbelievable apartment rules aren’t tougher on this kind of inconsiderate and outrageous behaviour. I’d say I hope it stops soon, but from what you’ve said about these people before that’s probably not on the cards. On a happier note, the oatmeal sounds delicious.
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