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  1. I went for a walk earlier when it was nice and sunny. Now, I’m huddled under a blanket and my nose is cold. Funny how things change when the sun goes away… I hope you all had a great day.
  2. Reader1810

    CDMX • XVI

    I’m reading this and thinking but, but, but.. The last line silenced the but.
  3. Reader1810

    CDMX • XV

    It may be a calculated ploy to raise her appeal among the masses.
  4. Reader1810

    CDMX • XVI

    That is an excellent idea.
  5. Reader1810

    CDMX • XVI

    I see a “partners in crime” relationship in the making… I would have said cheeky, but playful works. Nice to see this side of Austin. That explains his playful mood. The afterglow has yet to fade. Just saying…
  6. Reader1810

    CDMX • XV

    The First Lady is 100% correct. This initiative is thanks to Infanta - and Lupe - and her positive interaction with CJ, Owen, and Liebe. Another nanny might have just come and done the job as required, but Infanta has gone the extra mile because that is her nature. She generally (I just knew there was something wrong with that word) genuinely cares about taking care of all of them and is not looking for Brownie points.
  7. Yes, I’ll admit that’s true, because my mom is one of those cautious slowpokes on our city streets. Mind you, they’re not all like that. I still remember hearing stories about my cousins’ grandfather tooling around town in his Mustang when he was 87. Yes, that’s right, when he was 87 years old.
  8. Hey now, I loved It’s a Small World. Mind you, I was eight…
  9. You forgot to mention there are alligators in every body of water in Florida. So glad I only had to think about sharks when I visited there back in ‘75. Saw sharks off the beach in St. Petersburg back then.
  10. I haven’t, but I’m sure she’s okay. Will keep an eye out for her, though.
  11. Reader1810

    CDMX • XIV

    I didn’t see an answer for this, but if there was you can ignore me. The original “squad” was the Elite Eight. Cesar, Brett, Tom, JP, Dragon, King, Chip and Matt.
  12. Reader1810

    CDMX • XV

    This is quite amusing coming from Brett. I am quite sure I can say with complete certainty, he did the exact same thing when he was her age, and probably beyond. Give him a little girl to dote on and suddenly, he’s Mr. Responsible.
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