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  1. Reader1810

    Geography #2

    Nobel, Ontario, Canada
  2. Reader1810

    Story Submission

    Hi Hasren and welcome to GA. To find out how to post a story on GA, check out the Authors and Stories System sections in the Help & FAQ list. Good luck! https://gayauthors.org/help/
  3. Reader1810

    Good News Thread

    @Defiance19 What a truly wonderful “story” you have shared for us to read. You carry the torch well, my friend. this.
  4. Reader1810

    Remembrance Day, November 11, 2018

    I appreciate your words very much, tim.
  5. Reader1810

    5 Letters #2

    VISIT Various individuals sited Ivan’s theatrical.... INFLU(ences)
  6. Reader1810

    Word Chain #2

  7. Reader1810

    Geography #2

    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
  8. Reader1810

    Linked Words #2

    akimbo pose
  9. Happy Birthday Zeke! :wizard:



  10. Reader1810

    A Lethargy

    Life is not a race, tim. It’s one step at a time, which I know you can do. PS: I know you know you know this, but just to remind you in black and white in case you need it reinforced, Mike, his parents, Peter, and your friends in cyberspace have your back 24/7/365. xoxo
  11. Reader1810

    Geography #2

    Kennebunkport, Maine

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