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  1. Reader1810

    Crazy Life!

    Sounds like the world (mostly) is going your way, Renee. I’m for you and yours.
  2. BB, I was hoping to be first out of the starting gate, but @Brayon had the faster steed. Oh wells, the sentiment does not diminish in the slightest. 

    Happy Birthday, dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day... :) 


    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      I love it!  Thanks so much.  I had an invitation to hike today, but I have a prior commitment that is almost as good - I'm doing public relations for the Pacific Crest Trail Association at an event in town here today, prior to a cherry pie event at my neighbor's place. :) 

  3. image_process.php?name=Graeme!&name2=&id

    1. Graeme


      Thank you! That looks absolutely delicious...

  4. When you’re feeling better, I believe this meal will be a good memory for you, Fae.
  5. Reader1810

    Birthday cake

    Looks delicious and I bet it tasted delicious, too. ! Oh , and yeah Paul for baking you a cake, Thorn.
  6. Reader1810

    A folly

  7. Sounds about right, to me, Fae. Wishing you all the best and for the outcome that should be.
  8. Reader1810

    Cats on Quilt.jpg

    Didn’t take them long to claim ownership.
  9. Good for you, Wesley!
  10. Reader1810

    Tiger Libra Tat.jpg

    to the nth degree
  11. Reader1810

    Tiger Libra Tat.jpg

    I take it back. That tat isn’t interesting, it’s awesome! The detail is so well done it looks like a picture rather than a drawing.
  12. Reader1810

    Close Trim.jpg

    Good news, it will grow back. Interesting tat btw
  13. I haven’t seen them this year as yet, but there’s some people in my area who ride their electric moped/scooters on the sidewalk. Not only is it against the law, but you can’t hear them coming (and they have never alerted to their presence as some bike riders do) which is dangerous.
  14. Nope, both scenarios are bad. I’ve been known to bump a shoulder to two as a hint now and then. Probably a wasted effort, mind you...
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