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  1. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    I’m not and I barely understood it either. Is it something in the air, or it just us?
  2. I had to google this because I had no idea what you were talking about.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vessel_(structure)
  3. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Yes, but so does this... right?
  4. Reader1810

    Getting to Know You

    Three peas in a pod is what they are. Knowing what Max has been through it was good to see him just be a carefree teenager (well, mostly) during his visit with Don and Louis. Now that the decision to live with them has been made, I wonder how quickly it’s going to happen? Soon, I hope. Another excellent chapter, tim.
  5. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Who’s cutting the onions....?
  6. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    I think I actually held my breath when I read this...
  7. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    So, there’s a bit of a gap between my last comment and this one - I finally settled down and got my attention set to reading - but this one I just had to take note of as it’s a wonderful example of just how good and secure Max is feeling. He’s always going to miss his parents, but he can be happy and enjoy himself. In other words, he can live, and that’s okay.
  8. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    This reminds me of someone, but I can’t quite remember who. Hmm... This sounds familiar, too,
  9. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Magic words, they are
  10. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    A loving smile, but a knowing smile acknowledging Louis’s efforts Maybe, I’m reading too much into this, and maybe a smile is just a smile.
  11. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    I realized that makes sense, because, of course Badger would hear Louis, and hearing those words would/might confuse him. He’s a smart horse, but I’m guessing he’s not trained to obey them only when they are spoken by his rider.
  12. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    That whole bit about the bathroom break? Awkward... But handled so well by Louis thanks to: 1. his experience with Don 2. his innate kindness and compassion.
  13. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    Clever and cute way to describe them, tim. it.
  14. Reader1810

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    The easy repoire between Donny, Louis and Max is proof this new family relationship is going to work. Sure, there will be bumps in the road, but engaging this easily with one another so soon has to be a sign of good things to come. PS: It also shows us what a wonderful boy Max is. His parents raised him well.

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