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  1. With its wonderful characters and relaxed storyline, this story embodies an ideal approach to talk about and promote an important cause.
  2. Gotta love when fond memories come to the surface.
  3. I read this and what immediately came to mind was an image of Liebe entering the restaurant and running up and plastering herself to Mama Bea to give the warm and loving - because that’s what she is - woman a big hug as only a small child can do. Speaking from personal experience, OMG, this is so true that little kids think like this. Cool. Learned a new word today. I really liked the “illustrations” added to the story. While I was seeing everything in my mind’s eye, the illustrations really made these images come alive. Overall, I really enjoyed this story - I’
  4. I’m very sorry to hear about your brother, rick. I hope he recovers well and feels better as soon as possible. Glad to hear you’re doing well, yourself. Take care.
  5. Good morning K. You’ve got rain your forecast, and I’ve got snow in mine. *sigh*
  6. Reader1810


    The same thing happened to me after reading tim’s poetry for the first time. Mad skills our tim has.
  7. Reader1810


    tim, that was absolutely wonderful! I see the imagery of your words in mind’s eye as clear as day and they make me smile. A lovely and unexpected treat you’ve given us tonight. As always well done. I’m still smiling...
  8. Reader1810

    GMA XV

    🤨... ... ... .... ...
  9. This is beyond awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.
  10. Sorry, but this made me laugh due to the customer’s idiotic ignorance. As for you molly, I feel your frustration and I see your eye roll all the way from Texas.
  11. I just knew I’d heard this word before... https://flintstones.fandom.com/wiki/Sam_Slagheap
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