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  1. @kbois your getaway plans sound wonderful. Glad to hear things are looking more positive with your youngest.
  2. So, I finally got the chance to use my leaf blower/vacuum, and it works great! Word of advice, when using the mulcher attachment, make sure the catchment bag is zippered closed. That is all for this service announcement.
  3. I read something, and it often triggers a memory. This is where pungle lead my mind...like, immediately.
  4. @kbois Feel free to vent/let of steam whenever you need to. As Kitt said, we may not know what to say, but we will listen, which, hopefully, lightens your load.
  5. That was insightful, thoughtful, encouraging and comforting, tim.
  6. I hope the therapist can help, and I wish you and yours well.
  7. It really is that right now, so, yes, this made me laugh.
  8. I did, thank you for asking. Hope you and Mike did as well. PS: Have a good evening, the two of you.
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