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  1. Dark mode is part of the reading preference bar at the beginning of a story chapter. The "button" on the far right puts the screen in dark mode - my tablet refers to this option as night mode. It's supposed to make it easier on the eyes at night time, I think is its purpose,
  2. We had an update on Jan 12 I think it was. The new look takes a bit of getting used to if you ask me.
  3. Okay, you got me. I ant to make the banana bread, the carrot cake, the brownie in a mug and the lava cake ( them!). PS: He’s got a new subscriber.
  4. @kbois’s right, aloe works. I didn’t have any when I accidentally poured boiling water over four fingers - yep, missed the mug, because I wasn’t paying enough attention - so I ended up slathering on Aveeno hand cream because it’s main ingredient is oatmeal, which also works on burns.
  5. Good night molly and the rest of the DiC clan...the sweetest of happy dreams
  6. My username Reader1810 - is comprised of two parts (obviously ). The first part “Reader” is self explanatory. The second part “1810” represents my place in the line of grandchildren - 18 and 10, respectively - in both sides of my family.
  7. Alex heard Jesus speaking to him in the church, so he beat a hasty retreat. As for me, I was ambling along just following Alex to see where he would end up, but wouldn’t you know it, screeching tires distracted me. Yep, that’s right, that last line was like screeching tires, so I had to stop and “look”, of course. Quite ironic where Alex ended up, eh? As always, well done, tim, well done.
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