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  1. Thank you! The Malibu house ends up being featured in Ranger, Cadet, and CDMX. And I'm sure if I keep writing, I'll have the guys visit now and then.
  2. Keep a sharp eye for ANY boo boos. Mann usually scales things back when I get too wordy, I think that comes through. Yeah, yeah, yeah... You're just taking CJ for granted. he won't like that when I tell him.
  3. When I plotted out CJ's life a few years ago, my intent was for the book covering his time at the Mexico City embassy to be named just that: Mexico City. Even while working on previous stories I was already plotting this one. I discovered Mexico City, which most locals referred to as DF for Distrito Federal, was just like Washington DC, not a real state but a separate entity. That changed a couple of years ago. It went from Ciudad Mexico D.F. to Ciudad de Mexico. That's abbreviated to CDMX as you found out, and it sounded cool to name the story that way. Yep. Even if I started weekly postings today, the "incident" wouldn't show up until the last couple of chapters. I'm working on chapter 30 right now, and that gives CDMX the largest chapter count of any story I've ever posted.
  4. I'm sticking to Fridays as my preferred posting day. Of course, I realize some of you would like me to post 5 days a week, but I ain't that good. Takes me forever to write. I won't make you wait until 22022022
  5. Unfortunately, I don't think that will be feasible. I cranked out almost 3k words today on chapter 30 (I cheated since the chapter covers the 2022 Oscars and I borrowed from Ranger,) and I could have as many as ten more chapters to write. That would normally not be a big deal, but the fact my editor is distracted with other projects at this time means he hasn't even started working on my story. As you can probably tell in the excerpt I shared, it's not as clean as it would be if Mann had provided guidance. As a last resort, if he doesn't have time for me in the near future, I'll start posting on 01/01/22 (tradition) even if unedited. I can always update the chapters once he's helped me out.
  6. In case anyone's interested, today CDMX's word count surpassed 100k. And no @Daddydavek, I'm not writing thousand word chapters this time around.
  7. Funny how as in real life, I now have to deal with an infant. I can't just have CJ and Owen fly off to Cancun or something without taking her into account. Ooops, wait, they do fly off to Cancun in an upcoming chapter. LOL Anyway, next snippet I'll try to post something introducing a few more of CJ's coworkers at the embassy.
  8. I miss interacting with readers. And since CDMX won't be published for a while, how about a look at part of chapter one?
  9. Carlos Hazday

    Burnt Down

    Thanks, Cris. Fun was my intent with these little stories. As for my way with words, it's still a work in progress. Hopefully my ability to turn a phrase has improved over time. Glad you enjoyed these.
  10. Thank you. The diversity was by design. Recently, someone made a comment about AAPI bashing in relation to my story. I reminded them the first friend CJ made was a Thai-American who ends up becoming his personal doctor. I recall sitting at a fraternity meeting and counting the number of nationalities in the room. I don't remember exact numbers, but at least hald the brothers were from outside the US. That experience, and growing up in a multi-cultural city, influenced how I designed the cast.
  11. ROTFLMAO I've not written an actual game. There. At some point I do describe Owen laying on his back after a hard hit. Does that count? Since we're using "WRITING" rules and regulations, how about I call up the good old showing is better than telling. Instead of saying CJ likes sports, I'd rather show him playing or watching while using the event or background to get real writing in. When you get to Roar, the chapter where he's at an NBA game comes to mind immediately. I used game attendance, the arena, and a couple of lines to set the stage for a conversation that advanced the story. Why am I being so verbose? I'm sober. Better go fix that error. Anyway, rugby's a recurring theme. CJ ends up investing in a pro team.
  12. LMAO Dude, I'm impressed with your speed reading! Next thing we know, you'll be reading about CJ going to college and-- never mind, you'll be there soon enough. Interesting I've yet to write a spinoff for Harley. It's next on my list so hopefully in a year or so. You'll be all caught up way before then.
  13. LMAO You're new around here, so you're forgiven for not having read my rants about rules and my delight in breaking them. If there's a sweet innocent boy with a big cock in book 1, at some point the author should have said sweet, innocent boy isert said penis in an orifice. Hold your horses, we'll get there. LOL
  14. Carlos Hazday

    High Hopes

    LMAO - A bunch of teenagers out on a catamaran may lead to a little skinny dipping. I always volunteer to chaperone the trips but they keep turning me down.
  15. Road trips are great for long conversations. Even teens can get philosophical.
  16. Harley ends up being a reader favorite. And yes, it took a bit to find out about his sexuality for sure.
  17. Welcome to the family! I love following how new readers are doing when they binge the series. There are usually a couple of readers doing it at any time. Whenever I get a comment or a reaction on these older chapters I always smile.
  18. @Mattyboy Without giving too much away, if you keep reading, you'll see plenty more rugby snippets. Hell, I'm working on the 13th book in the series and Sunday rugby matches play a big role in the story. I end up showcasing the Washington Scandals instead of the Renegades, and I may or may not have a couple of characters show up at the Nashville and Amsterdam Bingham Cup tournaments.
  19. I had to read the chapter to figure out what you meant. LOL It's been a while since I looked at this one. Not sure why I included the mention of a rugby match in this chapter. Maybe it was part of me setting up CJ's interest in the sport or a reaction to some of the characters yet to be introduced. I do guarantee the sport will be featured throught the entire series. Are you a fan?
  20. Thanks, Frank. As of today, 16 Aug 2021, I'm working on chapter 27 of the book set in Mexico City. I still have some writing left.
  21. I am NOT writing a spinoff with Lola as the MC!
  22. LMAO For the benefit of those not in-the-know, Lola's my series' MC's Sig Sauer. He has a thing for naming inanimate objects. So far, he's only fired it in a shooting range or at cans in an open field, but he did pull it out of his vest's holster and aimed it at someone's head once. Even though he's never shot at anyone,, the gun's created plenty of noise in the comment's section of most chapters' it is mentioned in. The anti-gun lobby now has me on its enemies list. @Kitt - Interesting comment about Mexico. No, Lola's at home in D.C. in the gun safe, but CJ mentioned it during a sparring session with embassy marines. He bemoans it's in the US but is told not to worry; his friend Lincoln has his and a permit to carry. Now, if you excuse me, I have to return to writing a Chipper concert in Miami with CJ and Ozzie in attendance. Ooops, I think that was a spoiler. Just for that I'll have to add a cliffie to the next chapter.
  23. Dude, throw me a bone. Write, revise, or edit something. I'm getting lonely.

    1. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      Lol! I meant to write you this morning and got sidetracked. Hold your horses.

  24. @WolfM has been deployed to the Dixie fire in Northern California for a while and will probably remain there until he reaches mandatory rest time later this month. In the US, the news have shown the fire's growth and devastation; it is truly horrendous. Men and women like him, who risk their lives protecting us and our property, deserve our thanks and praise. He claims the one bright spot is there are no koalas and kangaroos being killed as in Australia last year. Please keep Wolf in your thoughts.

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