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  1. Thank you. I'm constantly fascinated with how my stories have wormed their way into readers' hearts. The fact my characters can move someone's a responsibily I do not take lightly. Those responses make the work involved in completing and sharing each chapter worth it.
  2. Morning, @dughlas Did you see me wave at you and mom when I stepped outside on the deck a little while ago? I'm next door. In Georgia. As Ritch ends his time as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, I figured it was time for him to acknowledge the influence his family's had on him. I experienced some of that last night. Had dinner with my brother, his wife, and their two daughters. Both my nieces celebrate graduations this month. One from college last week, one from law school today. Both young women's success is partially due to their parents' influence and guidance. Th
  3. Instead of leaving Friday afternoon after his commitment to the Academy was fulfilled, CJ stuck around for another night and treated The Wing to dinner. Ritch rented a plane the following morning and flew his brother to Denver. CJ had agreed to appear on the President’s behalf at a campaign fundraising event. The Republican Party, weakened by Trump’s coup attempt three years before, was spoiling for a fight. Multiple candidates sought the party’s nomination in 2024, and while the President did not face opposition in the Democratic primaries, helping build cash reserves for the general election
  4. This is a no-spoiler zone, so i'll refrain from confirming or denying your suspicions. However, by now I think you've figured out I do plant seed which may not germinate for a while. I've always claimed CJ and Chipper are the most alike of the group. Both have goals and are driven accordingly. We'll see if he can really read our boy.
  5. Carlos Hazday

    Mary's Place

    Harley turned out to be a reader favorite. People think CJ's me, but a talkative, pothead biker's probably more autobiographical.
  6. Carlos Hazday

    Growin' Up

    At some point while writing Summer, I realized there was more to CJ's story than one season. I see the first five stories as a five-part book. The open endings may be jarring in serial publication, but would be easier to swallow if part of a long tome. Binge readers like you have an advantage over readers who had to wait. You'll figure out why I had the helicopter crash soon enough LOL
  7. LOL Reverend? I'm pretty sure I mentioned it somewhere, but I'll have you know I actually went to services at a local Episcopal church before I wrote this chapter. And while in Australia in 2009, I actually visited the one CJ's at. My complicated relationship with organized religion definitely influenced my writing, but CJ's feelings are not an exact mirror image of my own. I'm glad I was able to surprise you with the sermon. Hopefully pleasantly. You're a man of the cloth? Glad you're enjoying it so far. Keep reading and you'll see CJ grow and some of his attitudes evolve.
  8. Carlos Hazday


    @BlueWindBoy Thirty-Seventh Avenue? I think you mean 37th STREET? Ooops... You'd think after walking it a few times, and referencing it several times in the series, I'd not screw it up. Blame senility. It was a chance to grab a drink, use the bathroom, and for Liebe to get a fresh diaper. -- Ah, the quotidian details of existence! LOL I'm not entirely comfortable writing toddlers, but last night Liebe had a tantrum in Mexico City. Let's hope I got it right. I mean, I can't ignore her existence so diaper changing will be a regular occurrance for a bit. You have to realize whe
  9. Carlos Hazday

    Embers 13

    @WolfM Was that the same author who ended a story with the MC arrested and multiple other cliffies? I'm so proud of you. Keep them guessing!
  10. Carlos Hazday

    Embers 13

    Thanks for the distraction. Spent the morning dealing with offshore customer service reps I barely understood, and I'm ready to kill somebody. How accurate are the downtime conversations? The sexual banter I assume you expand for the story, but I'm wondering how much really goes on. As for the woman and Brandon being burnt, Ethan better be able to fix him and tell us who she was. My heart rate's going to take a bit to return to normal.
  11. Thanks, JR. You have no idea how much it pleases me you're liking the series. Get ready to spend a few days south of the Equator.
  12. Carlos Hazday


    @BlueWindBoy OMG! The kid's one of Q's tricks! You going literal on me? LOL He'll just tell Australia he's with CJ and the country will understand.
  13. LMAO I have enough African American characters, I try to inject a little Black Vernacular English into conversations now and then. I'm probably screwing it up, but what the hell.
  14. Wholeheartedly agree. I use alright when writing dialogue and all right in narration. I've even ventured into using a'ight.
  15. One of the best pieces of advise I've gotten. I've tried to follow it since I first heard it from you years ago.
  16. Every passing year brings additional items that should be included in school's curriculum. I'm not sure what the saturation point is, but at some point lessons need to be culled. Deciding what to ditch and what to retain can't be easy.
  17. Thanks, bud. Glad you enjoyed it.
  18. @Daddydavek The chapel's magnificent, and I hope one day to see it person. Renovation work's ongoing so I think I'll wait until it reopens. Should happen before Ritch's graduation. I wanted to show Ritch following protocol to a point, then laying down the law. Glad it worked.
  19. Thats how EVERY word's spelled in Spanish. Of course vowels having one single pronunciation makes it easier.
  20. Mann did exactly as you did. PIMP! When I described CJ's outfit. (Which I thought was perfect for someone coming from a few days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Can't wait to write that.) I DIDN'T READ AHEAD When Ed call's him the same. Thanks for all your help, bud.
  21. Thank you... Over 20 stories in the main series and spinoffs, I've tried to mellow CJ's violent tendencies and energize Ritch. Hopefully, as they continue to grow, they'll find the right balance.
  22. I'm not about to stop placing the story in the middle of reality. Hell, I couldn't make up half the crap going on around us. I have friends, New Yorkers, who years after the 9/11 terrorist attack still had difficulty believing it happened. That's me with the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Including such events in the story helps me deal with them. In my mind, CJ equals hope. Hope for a better, fairer future. There are people like him out there, of that, I'm certain. I just hope they put apathy aside and try to help our world. I'm inspired by my youngest niece. She graduated from college l
  23. Languages evolve and English is not an exception. Older individuals will often resist common usage and complain, but it's impossible to stop change. One helpful reader once chastised me for ending sentences with a preposition. I pointed out it was dialogue and as @Valkyrie explains, not something a decent editor would correct. People rarely speak the way an English college professor might. Some rules, like the preposition one, seem silly and outdated. I'm confident enough these days I often break them. Hun for hon's normal. Last time I stopped at Burger King the cashier called me tha
  24. At times. particularly with new readers, I can tell when they binge the series because of reactions or comments. I am aware others return to it now and then and you have no idea how flattering that is. Thank you!
  25. If you haven't read @Parker Owens latest story, Double Concerto, I highly recommend it. If nothing else, you should skim the final chapter. Parker introduces a character I referred to as a helicopter mom. He corrected me claiming she's a bulldozer mom. Brett, on more than one occasion, has talked about the value of travel as an educational tool. Of course, that gave me an opening to write travelogues, but I agree with his sentiment. Traveling, even if it's within our home state, province, or whatever, can expand our horizons. One example was a guy in a bus in Albuquerque who chatted me up
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