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  1. Oh look how fast that part of your body is growing!
  2. For dinner I'm having a bruschetta with prosciutto crodu and smoked raclette cheese omnomnom
  3. You can't catch it but out of nowhere you can develop a sensibility or a full on allergy. The last one happened to me about 10 years ago. I had never had this problem and suddenly I was sneezing and my eyes and throat were itchy. Ever since every year around end of May/June it's the same scenario, the symptoms are more or less strong depending of the weather and where am I.
  4. There areso many mêmes about that. Like you don't buy yarn just for a specific project but because it's beautiful and soft and squishy But I swear that last order is for 2 specific projects
  5. Hi my Sexy Lumberjack Looping doesn't care for yarn, he's great about that, only that I don't pay enough attention to him when I play with yarn
  6. Happy Sunday guys. Yesterday I went out for lunch with my great aunt and to a concert with my dad and aunt. It felt so good to be surrounded by the energy of so many people. Today I'm staying home, doing some reading for classes and drinking tea. Oh and I was bored so I ordered more yarn my bank account isn't going to be happy Hope you are all having a nice weekend
  7. Hey I thought I'd told you those pictures I've send you were to stay private! Now that's they are all distracted... Mine!
  8. The apartment is only one big room unless I lock him in the bathroom. Usually he's a great sleeper at night. He either sleep on the couch or in the corner at the end of the bed. Dont know what go into him last night
  9. I've read something similar a few days ago. A guy had trained his cat to steal jewelries in the neighborhood
  10. The day I have to get up early Looping has decided to spend the night having a blast playing with a paper ball, running around the apartment, knocking things and doing this jump/slide on the bed. Now I'm dead on my feet and he's snoozing on the back of the couch It's decided, I'm shipping him to Gary! Sorry my Sexy Lumberjack but hey he makes a great foot warmer in the evening
  11. Ah! Aaaah! sorry I hadn't catch on to the joke. Good one Pagey, good one!
  12. Auxi-le-Château yes, it's at the border between the departments of Somme and Pas-de-Calais in the north west of France
  13. You guys are not making it easy to make me want to try those
  14. That might sound creepy but I think I've found his house on Google map with street view
  15. I'm a bit disappointed by some details when looking closely (it's cheap board with a cover on top so yeah) like a little knock at one corner, a tiny scratch there thought nothing on the good side of the main boards, and the drawers handles were in a little plastic bag with screws so they're scratched too.
  16. Check this out: a young tiger or lion has been wandering somewhere in the north of Somme for the last 2 days!
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