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  1. Hugs @just4hugs and discreetly take back my crown
  2. At first i thought it was flipping the bird Not scared
  3. Oh shoot there was the same kind of green goo on your breakfast and you didn't noticed.. bye bye Val Now all mine!
  4. Seems @Zombie left "his mark" Bye bye Wayne... well he was a nice guy
  5. You're right *locks all of you in a high security asylum * Now Mine!
  6. Oooh someone is in for a good nuking!
  7. Dang I've almost forgotten what that is! *sigh* in an interview the president said college student could go back to classes 1 day per week for the rest of the semester and that we would not be going back full time until next September. I haven't told dad yet. I really hope I can find a job to help pay for my apartment rent... or letting it go...
  8. I don't have classes tomorrow I could sleep all day if I'd want
  9. Because you love me? And it was not an insult, I'm just looking out for you, I wouldn't want you to get hurt
  10. Old people tend to get shorter you better wear a very flamboyant hat or you'll get step on but good things for Gary's and Dugh's cheeks octogenarians also have less teeth
  11. This makes me thinks of my grandma. Often we would arrive late evening and she would be eating soup and salad and kissing her cheeks I'd say "ugh you've got salad breath" she loved lot of shallot in her vinaigrette for her salad. I miss her so much.
  12. Dang my Sexy Lumberjack that shower last night did wonders on you, you seem rejuvenated
  13. You've just killed a beautiful and very rare butterfly! Bad, bad penguin! You don't deserve the clearly
  14. It's the same on my phone. I click the share button and choose "copy the link" then come here and paste it in the reply
  15. Just copy/paste it. It will automatically show the video
  16. It's grey with temperatures around 10°C. Minion is back out today as the wound has been closed and cleaned for 3-4 days now and the fur is growing back. Plus he was annoying. Apparently he doesn't approve of me being upstairs for classes (wifi is being difficult and not high enough to reach the bedrooms so I moved to the office above the living room) he would cry loudly and jump on the desk and when I'd go downstairs he'd lead me to the bed I hope you're all having a nice day
  17. Sneaks in while the kids are busy fighting Mine!
  18. Admit it you wanted to take val's spot and now that's your machiavelic plan has been put to light you're playing it cool to not suffer her rage
  19. Of course that's much more reassuring #oldpeople
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