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  1. Safe? With you? my poor Shiny would be as safe with you as it'd be safe with Val The banana wasn't an euphemism, there just wasn't a gif with a hand so I took the next body part available but if you contradic me your banana might be my next victim And for the record... *drum rolls* I AM QUEEN CLO
  2. You know what some countries do to robbers? 🤨 You'd better keep your dirty paws away from my
  3. He'd need the good wishes now that he's sick, not when he'll be better you always make me laugh bertie
  4. The sun is out and shining bright A good day to you all gang
  5. Morning Mister T, I'm doing good. Had an 8h night of sleep and woke up a few minutes ago. All is well so far. School start at 8am and will end at 6pm today. I'm glad you're still negative and that Aod is okay
  6. I had an 8 hours night of sleep so I'm ready to tackle this day and defend my
  7. What are you doing half naked!?! Went to get hot in the woods, huh? Go get dress!!! Nice bouquet very artful
  8. That's a cute movie, I'm sure he'll enjoy it You're a great dad Pagey, he's lucky to have you as his father
  9. Happy hump day gang Grey and foggy here with 3°C. Studying is done for the day. Now time to enjoy a tea and grab my hook and yarn. Hope you're all having a nice day
  10. Ahahah it's over 6am the day after opposite day so thank you Queen Clo!
  11. I don't even think french thermometers can go that much down! Seriously stay safe and warm my Sexy Lumberjack take a cat or ten to warn you up
  12. I've received a text from the neighbor (at my dads) with pictures attached... Just this weekend dad was telling me he barely sees Minion... now we know why and that he's not shivering in the cold outside
  13. who knows their CPR?! *runs around like a maniac* We need help here!!! Of course in such a situation is absolutely not my priority *repositioned crown on head*
  14. Green suits you well And I'm not a fly, I'm the Winged Queen
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