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  1. I was hesitating with one like this. Choosing only 1 when at least 5 are making eyes at you is tough
  2. Also I had a nice surprise in the mail at the apartment. A check of 194€ from the ministry of ecology to pay electricity, gas or for homeowners renovation as I am a poor student
  3. I've spent the day with my great aunt in Amiens. We had lunch in a crêperie where I had one with ground beef, a merguez, and egg and cheese and one with salt butter and sugar for dessert. It was delicious! Then we went window shopping. The weather started very cloudy with a light drizzle but the sun made an appearance while we were eating and stayed all afternoon. I am now waiting for my dad to pick me up to go to a music festival! Mask not mandatory but a vaccination certificate or a certificate of a negative testing of less than 48h is necessary to access the site.
  4. Today is friendship day! Happy friendship day my friends is still mine though
  5. It's all Chris's fault he's trying to corrupt little innocent me
  6. Hey my Sexy Lumberjack his balls look tasty and juicy
  7. "Genetically enhanced to be more faster and more aggressive " "Venenous fangs", "devious mind", "gorgeous, fluffy thricobothria" Hmmm... kinda sounds like someone who know here... Me thing they're mini Val
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