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  1. How do you know Steve is the lady, maybe Albert is
  2. Hapoy birthday to him. So how young is he today?
  3. Yeah somehow I doubt Albert's meat is still fresh and juicy
  4. Aww thanks Albert. I always need more meat All good meat is welcome
  5. Bonjour Albert and the gang It's a bit overcast today and there was a few drops of rain when i was on my way back from the hospital. It's quite warm with temp nearly reaching 20°C
  6. That's reassuring Yeah let's not call victory too soon. After all it's Gary we're talking about Not that I don't have faith in you my Sexy Lumberjack
  7. Hopefully not cut off any of his limbs... 🤞
  8. Lol he wasn't ugly, just... hmm bland 🤷🏻‍♀️ 40-something-family-man
  9. Happy Tuesday gang Another beautiful speing day here. The gas boiler maintenance guy finally came this morning after 2 previous appointment cancel at the last minute in the last month. I did some studying while he was busy. This afternoon I got busy in the garden, sow some green and yellow beans then went to a friend for a bit of chat and crepes in the sun 🌞 and finally had BBQ sausages for dinner and text with a friend. I hope your day was enjoyable
  10. Grabs while Weasel is busy with with an old "friend"
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