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  1. My first thought when I saw the white hair guy was "Marty!"
  2. That's her spirit. A few years ago she wanted us to go to London for a girl trip. In truth her dream was to try driving on the left side
  3. She is. She's my grandma's little sister. She's like this crazy old lady who tells naughty jokes and asks if every men I encounter is sexy she never got married and has no children and she was always around so we're like her grandkids too. Your receipts always sound so delicious I could almost be tempted to eat those evil things growing in the soil
  4. It's a beautiful day here. 16°c and bright with a big blue sky. I hope yours is going well too I'm knackered. I didn't slept well last night. I got to think about my mom and my grandma (my cousin having a baby is stirring things in me...) , then I heard some noises from the upstairs neighbor and worried he'd need help once again. I ended up taking a little pill to relax. I was supposed to go home this afternoon but I rather get on the road tomorrow morning well rest with a clear head. This morning I took my great aunt to her appointment at her bank for an annual "check up". Awkard moment I hadn't seen coming when she told her banker to transfer me the money to pay for my eye surgery when I told her it was too much, that I couldn't accept she told me to shut up, turned to the lady and said "I've got all my head, right? So do as I said". She might look old and weak with her cane and hunch back but she still has a fiery personality. Then we went to have lunch at our usual creperie downtown, it was delicious! Now I'm lounging on the couch and I'll probably catch some zzz.
  5. Happy birthday Bertie enjoy your special day
  6. Taking with me down to the gutter
  7. Blind you all with fairy dust while I run away with the
  8. Exactly. That's what the prime minister said in his speech. Of course it's not easy, it'll take efforts but they're not that bad but it's necessary. The bait (? I thing that the word) on the short terms is to save Christmas, to not reach the point where a lockdown will be necessary by Christmas time for the mental health but also for the economy.
  9. It's official, almost half the country is under a 9pm-6am curfew starting this saturday for 6 weeks, not just the bigger metropolitan cities. Strangely, Somme - where my apartment is - isn't but all the other departments around are. Good thing I went out with my bff last Saturday! Also Strasburg has canceled its Christmas market. It had only ever happened during WW2...
  10. Wow the french president is making a speech during a ceremony in la sorbonne in honor of a history teacher who's been murdered last friday by a terrorist and he clearly has misty eyes and trembling lips. Very moving words
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