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  1. @Timothy M. and @Slytherin Having a sleepover at @Valkyrie
  2. Don't go giving them ideas or those two young idiots will compete to see who has the highest and who can climb higher
  3. They get attached just as quickly and strongly as we do to them. Looping is the same with my brother. If my brother hasn't come for a few days Looping starts to be restless, doing his sad meowing and going in to my brother's bedroom looking for him. Or when my bro stops for a few minutes and doesn't go see him, when he leaves looping is looking after him, looking everywhere and scratching at the front door
  4. In normal circumstances I'm sure it is, but up that ladder you were squeezing it so tightly...
  5. I'm sure Gary's being extra careful by having Cookie hold the ladder still. Maybe you need to get a Cookie too
  6. Good, good. Well not good but good you're being cautious and careful
  7. You mean... You're saying... You're being cautious and reasonable while being on a ladder? 🤯
  8. Happy Thursday gang It's a HOT! 30°C I feel like heat is irradiating from my body *fans myself* I baked Gâteaux battus this afternoon. For 5 brioches the receipt calls for a total of 24 eggs!! 4 whole and the 20 others just the yokes. They turned out great. I'm kinda proud of myself

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. clochette



      At 2.00 minutes it show how the dough needs to be "beaten"

    3. Zombie


      Looks very artery-friendly... :unsure2:  :funny:

    4. clochette


      @Zombie you have no idea... 260g of sugar, 80g of fresh yeast, 830g of flour, 4 whole eggs and the best for the end 20 egg yokes and 660g of butter! For only 5 cakes!

      But we'll Picardie is the country of butter cooking :gikkle: and it's sooo good ;)

  10. Tonight we're having pork filet mignon on the BBQ
  11. That would teste your faith and love in him. Brave man
  12. Hi all It's hot here! The weather report had predicted around 24° but it's 28°C! It feels like summer. I went to pick up a covid19 protection kit for Mom - apparently she's still on the registers as a child minder so she gets 2 face masks, a little bottle of hydroalcoolic gel and a visor - in the city and there was a lot of people! Took me half an hour to find a parking spot! Not much people in the shops but walking around window shopping, sitting on a bench having an ice cream, just walking and talking and enjoying being able to meet friends and enjoying the sun. It was a nice sight. I then went vegetables shopping and there too lot of people but social distancing was always respected.
  13. Oh I like a having a good handful of nuts in hands
  14. me trying to do what Marty' said Though that soap doesn't sound like it'd smell good
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