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  1. The news are all over the place, people are panicking cause snow is in the forecast for tomorrow! There's an orange alert.

    I can hear the Canadians and those in North USA laughing all the way from here :gikkle:

    1. Valkyrie


      fail hold my beer GIF by Action Point

      We have 1-2 feet in the forecast for tomorrow.  :rofl:  

  2. Morning all In between regular light showers the sun is shining though the wind is cold. A couple of towns 30 minutes south of the parents' woke up to a dusting of snow. I went shopping with Mom late morning and got burger at BK on our way home. I have asked for no tomatoes, no onions and ketchup instead of the smoked sauce and got all 3 and no ketchup I hope your day is as bright as the sun shining here
  3. Today on Twitter I've checked someone (who follow someone I follow) 's profile. This woman had made a tweet about her son's death having been caused by a pill he was prescribed (it has been certified by a medical examiner): Pregabaline. Bells start ringing in my head. Pregabaline is used against epilepsy but also against pain from a neurologically cause. Mom's been taking pregabaline since this Autumn when she's start having pain in her arm from what the doc thought might be from the radiotherapy she did to treat the metastasis on her cervicals. Some side effects from pregabaline: dizziness, vertigo, drowsiness, hallucinations, confusion, difficulty to focus, emotional lability, memory losses, muscular contractions which mom is suffering. Thinking back they all start since this Autumn... We thought it was from her condition, the radiotherapy on her brain, the different pills she's taking... I'm no doctor but now I'm questioning if maybe this pills could be the reason or at least play a part in it. She has less and less pains so she'll go see her doc to start decreasing/stopping some pain meds. Sigh
  4. We had potatoes pops with leftover roast chicken and crepes with melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream for dessert
  5. Watching a TV program about cold, theres a segment about Canada. They showed how all the snow in Montreal is collecte and put someplace outside the city on some kind of mountain of snow equalling 3200 Olympic swimming pools!!!
  6. Hello all Droved my great aunt back to her apartment this morning and came back home this afternoon. Quite a bit of wind. Sometimes it felt like the car was on a flying carpet! Albert, here are pictures of my laundry baskets turned potatoes towers
  7. Tomorrow. I didn't had my phone with me and now it's night here
  8. I only wear my birthday suit Laundry baskets (1,99€ piece) are way way cheaper that what they sell as potatoes planting bags (4 to 8€ depending). I add geotextile (that dad has from work) to close the holes all around the basket and to add height.
  9. Happy Sunday all Lazy morning, follow by a couscous (roast chicken, merguez, veggies, semolina) for lunch then despite de grey weather I planted potatoes in laundry baskets and a couple of freesia in a small planter for the kitchen window.
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