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  1. Ugh yeah autocorrect Don't ruin our fantasy Marty!
  2. You mean red hair everywhere and strong tights in kilts huh
  3. Dad says black krim are sweeter than classic grappa
  4. There isn't too much juice, it's more flesh inside. I couldn't tell you about the taste as I don't eat tomatoes. We ate the potatoes roasted in a pan in olive oil with chicken skewers marinated in thyme and lemon. It was delicious
  5. I've lift the first round of potatoes last night and we had them for lunch today and I've also picked the first tom tonight (it was actually 3 smaller ones that somehow merged together to formed a big one), it's beautiful
  6. You both make me laugh. As a french in school we learn UK english but growing up watching series/movie/shows in American English so I understand both and don't get confused, I just get it. So yeah when you "bicker" I'm like yeah duh it's the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. Wow my ambition are much smaller than Albert's. I'd rather quality over quantity. One big straight zucchini is better than 10 small crooked ones If I get, let say, 10 fruits on each plants (8) I'd be very happy. Only dad eats tomatoes in this house. The rest we'll give to grandma, my uncle, my aunt and the neighbors. And if I really have that much I'll try preserving.
  8. Well you're always finding "excuses" not to work on those walls But I see you're also sneaky and just want the eye candie back
  9. Hey you Sexy Lumberjack I desperatly wish we'd get some rain. Last time it rained it was a small shower around June 20th *sigh*. After the heatwave Thursday and Friday, it was brutal, we were supposed to have thunderstorms and a drop of over 10°C but nope, it's still "only 30°C". The rain collector has been empty for weeks. Bright side my tomatoes are getting some nice colorings. I think I'll pick the first one, a black krim, in a couple of days. The cucumbers plantes are exploding, making "branches" in every corners. I had to take them out of the greenhouse as they were running around the tomato plants. I should be able to pick the first in about a week.
  10. Once again you dont sound too motivated to work in the house Marty
  11. You know the heatwave is here because the cats, especially Minion, are coming in to sleep at night and are lying alongside me on the bed to enjoy the fan. It's still 28°C at midnight. Tomorrow is forecast to be hell with 30°c at 12am am and up to 40°c late afternoon 🥵🥵🥵
  12. My brothet is taking me blueberry picking on an abandoned path alongside the river. I've never heard of blueberries around here, they usually are in the mountain... but he's insistent they're blueberries and not blackberries. The other option is poisonous berries... 

    So if I'm lucky it's blackberries. Otherwise, if you don't hear from me in 24 hours, it means he either pushed me in the river, left my dead body in a shady footpath or poisoned me with berries :unsure:

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    2. spikey582


      Didn’t they have someone for that in the Middle Ages?  Like as an actual job?  Just in case someone tries to poison Lord Thistlebottom, were going to pay you to eat these suspicions berries we found...

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      @clochette  you also got the chance to make fun of your brother on GA :lol:  I'm trying to come up with a guess at the identity of the 'tree with blue berries' but no luck so far. Was it a small tree or a large one ? Was is a broadleaf or a conifer ? Any pictures ?

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      @spikey582  the Danish jobtitle is Mundskænk - which (Google) translates to Cup bearer. But I suppose food taster would be more accurate. :unsure2:

  13. I had homemade lasagna for dinner *burp* sooo good
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