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  1. Hey, Dugh, Mum, and Thistle. *scratches Thistle behind the ears*
  2. The local Meijer supermarket in my town is still having issues with stocking items. I believe it's a question of supply chains, rather than a lack of employees. As I think has been mentioned before, branch stores in areas with denser population take priority over branches in smaller towns. Once, a few months back, the peanut butter was almost emptied from the shelves. Peanut butter!! Now, eggs and milk, soap, baking supplies, or pasta and tomatoes, I could understand...but peanut butter? I didn't think that many people ate the stuff.
  3. That bit about the smoked hot dogs has me reminiscing. A certain big-name brand that rhymes with Hostage Buyer had these hot dogs which were made with bacon. That's right, they put bacon in the hot dogs! Those succulent salty, smoky wieners were delicious while they lasted, but after two years or so, the company stopped producing them. Such a pity. Oh, but on a more cheerful note, I figured out the name of the town and the amusement park!
  4. We had an early dinner of Eggs Benedict casserole with Hollandaise sauce and asparagus.
  5. @Comicality A little something from "A Million Little Things". I definitely gotta watch this show! So adorable!
  6. Neighbor: "Hey, Marty, what are you doing tonight?" Marty: "Oh, I'm just gonna set fire to the old garden."
  7. That book is pretty good. I'd give it 3/5 stars.
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