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  1. That's quite a spiffy outfit he's sporting! I've been meaning to watch Lost in Space, but I keep forgetting!
  2. Lemon custard donuts! YUM! And The Filling Station has a new specialty on the menu. It's called the Reveler's Pie. Marinara, roasted garlic, oregano, sweet and pickled peppers, fresh spinach, red onions, mozzarella and smoked Gouda, with Andouille sausage from Poche's of New Orleans.
  3. Right? It appears there's a considerable amount of prep work to be done, but it looks worth trying at least once.
  4. Things are good. We're going to make a tea-smoked pork loin this Saturday. Gotta stock up on groceries tomorrow. https://teajourney.pub/recipe/tea-smoked-pork-loin/
  5. I just remembered this kid from two years ago. He sang the Olympic Anthem in Pyeongchang.
  6. Hey, Gary. That's a pretty good reason to return to bed.
  7. Hey, Albert. How are you and Steve? Hey, Tea Bat. Hey, Marty!
  8. Yeah, they focus on quality over quantity. I have yet to find a dish I don't like on their menu.
  9. Sounds good. We're going to 7 Monks Taproom.
  10. Hey, Dugh, Mum, and Thistle. How are things?
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