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  1. @Comicality A little backstory about Greyson Chance.
  2. Hey, "Asher"! I love the name change!   :thumbup:   :hug: 

    1. Black Paper

      Black Paper

      Thank you.The Alias,🖋Black Paper, actually dates all the way back to 14 years ago when I was 12 years old and has a lot of hidden meaning for me. One being “It’s difficult to write on Black Paper.” also meaning- "not everyone can write what they wish to say" or "Sometimes, it's difficult to write/tell a good story." Invisible ink, the silent voice, Black Paper. It all means the same thing. So, I was able to have it approved to be my official Author's Signature/Alias to better represent me as a writer/author. It means allot of other things as well  Its special parchment. It’s a challenge.📜🃏♠️♥️You have to master the black paper in order to use it correctly.🎭🍷🎩👑

  3. @Comicality In my opinion, Ruel needs to put out more songs. Enough for a second album, at least.
  4. @Comicality Shame that the screen is is small and dark. But the song, OMG!
  5. Page Scrawler

    Birthday cake

    Daaaay-YUM! That looks delicious, Thorn! Happy Birthday!
  6. The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson, by Quinn Sosna-Spear. In the humdrum town of Moormouth, Walter Mortinson’s unusual inventions cause nothing but trouble. After one of his contraptions throws the town into chaos, Walter’s mother demands he cut the nonsense and join the family mortuary business. Far off on Flaster Isle, famed inventor Horace Flasterborn plans to take Walter under his wing, just as he did Walter’s genius father decades ago. When a letter arrives by unusual means offering Walter an apprenticeship, it isn’t long before Walter decides to flee Moormouth to achieve his destiny. Walter runs away in the family hearse along with Cordelia, the moody girl next door with one eye and plenty of secrets. Together they journey through a strange landscape of fish-people, giantess miners, and hypnotized honeybees in an adventure that will not only reveal the truth about Walter’s past, but direct his future.
  7. Page Scrawler

    Pretty Poison

    Cookie dough is delicious. Even without eggs.
  8. Page Scrawler

    Pretty Poison

    I look forward to the next chapter.
  9. I have an article in the works, about a certain "Amazing" drag artist. I'm still trying to edit the piece, but hopefully I can get it ready in time. If not, there's always the June issue.
  10. @droughtquake He makes this sound so much better than the original, in my opinion. He goes for a lower key on the highest notes, instead of screeching out the lyrics.
  11. Money can't buy happiness.

    But, it can buy macaroni and cheese.

    Which is basically the same thing.

    1. Thirdly



    2. dughlas


      Is it four cheese mac 'n cheese?

    3. Page Scrawler
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