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  1. Born in 2008, Pierce got bit by the acting bug very early in life. Anything in his hands would become a "microphone", and any room he happened to be standing in would be his "stage". At the age of 3, he was placed on the cover of a local magazine for the children's science and technology center in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Talent agencies started scouting him immediately, and by the age of four, he was toddling down the runway as a clothing model! From there, Pierce started doing print ads and photo shoots for local businesses; however, at the age of 6, he was featured in several episodes of Supernatural, and things have only gotten busier since then. Pierce has featured in commercials for NASCAR, Pennzoil/Shell, Volkswagen, and Power Rangers, just to name a few! Aside from Supernatural, he’s worked on the films Chasing Grace and As Good as You (both 2015), Almost a Jingle (2018), and The Holy Heist (2019). Again, just a few examples of the long list of his accolades! When Pierce isn't performing onstage/onscreen, he enjoys dancing and playing basketball. He also participates in a kids' Improv group at the local theater, and he loves writing, music, and history. In his personal life, Pierce can usually be found causing havoc with his three brothers. Whew! Sounds exhausting, hahaha! Who knew a kid could do all of those things? I'm interested to see what he'll bring next! (Pictured below is his brother Paxton, who has also made a few appearances onscreen.)
  2. We had eggs in toast with oven-cooked bacon.
  3. I only said "IF"; I was speaking hypothetically.
  4. If Albert was going to pimp out anyone, one would think that Bucket would be the most likely person to be pimped.
  5. You say naïve, I say creatively optimistic.
  6. Oh. You're going to buy a couple of kittens?
  7. This movie, which just hit theaters today, is based on a true story. Reid Miller plays Jadin Bell, a young man who publicly comes out, and subsequently commits suicide after being relentlessly bullied at school. His family (Maxwell Jenkins, Connie Britton) is devastated, but Jadin's father (Mark Wahlberg), sets out on a journey across the country to speak out against bullying and raise awareness for LGBT+ youth. Despite the obvious tragedy involved, I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. It's "gritty" and it's definitely gonna hurt, but it's the kind of movie we need, you know?
  8. Just wanted to keep it fresh. Update it now and then, y'know?
  9. Yup! All good here. Took the words out of my mouth.
  10. "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."--Ernestine Ulmer
  11. Hehehe, D'aawww! He even looks cute with a little beard!
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