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  1. Found this vintage recipe on Buzzfeed. There were over twenty horrendous fixings in one article, and I'm afraid it doesn't get any better from here. @Valkyrie Look away, Val!
  2. Hey, Marty. Things are going well, so far.
  3. Good night, Bumble B. Hey, Clo. Hey, Bertie. Hey, Dugh, Mum, and Thistle.
  4. I just got off a six-hour shift at work. I don't usually work Sundays, but I had to fill in for someone who was absent. Oh, well. At least I'll get more paycheck.
  5. Well! Just when I think I know what to expect, you manage to surprise even ME, Blackie! I didn't think Sascha would come on so strongly to Billy. I look forward to whatever surprises are in the next chapter!
  6. Yes, there's a bevy of beautiful boys, but only one of them is right for Billy. But which one? That's between Black Paper and myself. 😛
  7. That cake looks amazeballs, to quote @Dayne Mora. Although, it might have been too warm, because the frosting looks melted. We're having a honey-glazed spiral ham tomorrow.
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