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  1. Page Scrawler


    Cute. I'm not much for Pokémon, but I'm sure everyone will love it.
  2. Hey, Mikie. Just wondering where you are, and hoping you come back soon.  :hug:

  3. Hey, buddy. Missing you.  :hug:

  4. Page Scrawler

    It is alive

    Nice! It looks cute AND cozy!
  5. Page Scrawler

    SWEET!!! It's official for Ruel now! XD

    You're welcome, Comsie. He finally has a page on Wikipedia, so I guess that means he's big on the media radar.
  6. Page Scrawler

    SWEET!!! It's official for Ruel now! XD

    @Comicality Thought this might interest you.
  7. Page Scrawler

    Chapter 42

    I love the bond between Trace and Mikey. I hope that now, Trace will lay off the booze and the weed, and look after Mikey properly. I can tell they love each other very much.
  8. I love this flow-chart based on Love, Simon:gikkle:



    1. VampireMystic


      This is relevant to my interests. 

  9. Page Scrawler

    Chapter 3

    Maybe 10% of the LGBT community. About 1% of the general population in the U.S., in other words. And Jesse did come out as Ace to me, a while ago.
  10. Page Scrawler

    Chapter 3

    It's great that Kate is so loyal to her friend, but one shouldn't assume a person is gay just because he's not interested in girls.
  11. Wow. November 9th, 1913, four of the five Great Lakes were struck by the "White Hurricane", sinking 19 ships and killing at least 250 people. It began on the 7th and ended on the 11th, though the 9th was the peak for violent conditions. The estimated damage for all ships cost $5 million ($123,805,000 in today's currency).

    1. drpaladin


      The Great Lakes have always been dangerous and unforgiving. Collectively there have been an estimated 6,000 ships lost there.

  12. so-it-begins_o_2483781.jpg

    @BHopper2 @BlindAmbition The caption says "There are two kinds of people when Christmas decorations appear in stores". The photo on the left shows Will Ferrell from Elf. The picture on the right shows King Theoden from Lord of the Rings standing in the rain, with the subtitle "So it begins".  :lol:

    1. dughlas


      Last night I realised there is a house not far from me that already has it's Christmas lights up and turned on.

    2. BHopper2


      I am 100% Theoden. Christmas decorations and music are not allowed until after the USA Thanksgiving!

  13. Page Scrawler

    Brush Bronzewing.

    Almost a week ago, there was a news story about a Mandarin duck taking up residence in Central Park, NYC. All the way from China!! How on Earth....? BTW, nice picture. Such a beautiful bird.
  14. Page Scrawler


    The clowns at the Cherry Parade in TC make bubbles bigger than that, but said bubbles don't last for long.

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