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  1. Hey, Dugh, Mum, and Thistle. *scratches for Thistle*
  2. Hey, Gary. Hey, Albert. How are you and Steve?
  3. That jerk of a cousin, "Junior", might be cute, but I think his life expectancy is probably gonna be, like, three or four episodes at most. Or, maybe Chucky will get tired of Jake's squeamish attitude and change hands! As long as nothing hurts Devon, I'm good with either one!
  4. A childhood friend and neighbor of mine owns a horse ranch down the road from my parents' house. One of my favorites was a female Appaloosa which he named Martha Washington. Her snout, stockings, and tail were a stormy gray color, while the spots on her back were closer to charcoal. Other than those areas, she was pure white, and she received many compliments from boarders and staff alike. Sweet as she was, she turned out to be too skittish for showmanship. The big crowds upset her, but my friend and I were happy to run with her in the corral at home.
  5. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and apple fries.
  6. LOL! Here's Jake's a-hole cousin (Teo Briones). And even "Charles Ray Lee, age 6" is a cutie! (David Kohlsmith)
  7. I went to Kohl's today to shop for some cute new clothes for Fall. I also found a cute young man's face on the wall.
  8. Just watched the first episode of the new show "Chucky" last night. It was amazing! The show has some very cute lads. The protagonist, his jerk of a cousin, the boy he's crushing on....Even the little fellow who plays Charles Ray Lee as a six-year-old is adorable! But more than anything, I just love the creepiness of the story! Definitely a worthy follow-up to the original movies.
  9. Hehehehe! Just saw the first episode tonight! Jake's "love interest" is played by Bjorgvin Arnarson! D'aaaaw, so cute!
  10. Wouldn't that mean the area is called Auxi-le-Cateau? Nor do I. How odd that some people react differently to a humble rhizome.
  11. You've never had onions on pizza before? 😛
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