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  1. I was watching a show last night called Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation. A couple was searching for a place on Galveston Island, Texas. After finding their ideal location, they set about converting the unfinished basement into a guest apartment. However! Galveston Island is a barrier island, which is essentially a large sandbar. Most houses in such an environment are built on pylons or stilts, with a storage area or maybe an outdoor shower stall underneath. Why? Because, hurricanes. When hurricane season starts, that guest room will be under 10 ft of water. The whole time I was watching th
  2. Poor Artie! Must be so hard to concentrate with Scotty in the room! I guess the plan worked a little too well? Scotty seems to be attempting to hold on to his crush for Tristan, at least for now. Can't say that I blame him, though. He clearly doesn't want to be "disloyal" to Tristan.
  3. Doing well, thanks. We had takeout from Don's Drive-In.
  4. Hey, Bertie. How are you and Steve? Spotted a snowy owl on my way to work today. Hey, Gary.
  5. @Comicality Hehehe, Benicio is so different now! It's crazy how much a person can change in just a few years!
  6. I'm surprised @Drew Espinosa isn't celebrating with some indiscriminate nuking.
  7. Nolen first found a love of dance and theater when he was all of four years old, after his parents took him to see a production of Billy Elliot: The Musical at the Stratford Festival in Ontario. It was then, he knew, one day he would be performing on that same stage. And so four-year-old Nolen began taking dance classes at the Caulfield School of Dance in his hometown of Port Moody. Since then, he transferred to Pulse Dance Centre in Port Coquitlam, where he's been training for 20 hours a week! In his first performance, Nolen was cast as Michael Banks in Theatre Under the Stars' productio
  8. OH! And we're at 500 replies now, so here's a new video by Johnny Orlando to mark the occasion!
  9. @Comicality I knew Finn Wolfhard was a great singer, but who knew all of the boys were so talented?
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