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  1. I couldn't agree more. It already feels like summer.
  2. This song isn't good enough! Too much Gracey, not enough Ruel! 😛
  3. 84/29 degrees here. The sun is shining, and there's a light breeze, but it's more of a tease than a relief. Went to the greenhouse and bought some more stuff, but had to wear a mask, of course. Currently inside the house with the A/C running.
  4. I'd like to thank my legs for always supporting me, my arms for always being by my side, and my fingers because I can always count on them. 😀
  5. I'm sure he misses "Papa". Hey, Gary.
  6. Hey, Dugh, Mum, and Thistle. *scratches for Thistle*
  7. Now let's hope Artie doesn't spill the beans about Jesse and Tristan. But something's gotta happen to keep things interesting...
  8. Page Scrawler

    Unholy Trinity

    I look forward to the next chapter! Poor Billy. On top of losing his home and having to acclimate to a public school, now he has to deal with petty idiots!
  9. Excellent first chapter! I really LOVE it!
  10. Well, that one is from 2015. The latest one I could find is from June 2018, more's the pity.
  11. That top "step" is actually called a "paint shelf", used for holding any equipment you might need. Unlike the other steps, it isn't built to hold the weight of a person.
  12. You didn't actually stand on the top?! That's strictly for paint cans or tools! You're turning into Gary.
  13. I like this song, but I wish there was a "stripped" version, without the bass, the auto-tune, and the other crap. Just a few instruments and the purity of his voice.
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