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  1. And back to after catching the fly trying to hide. The unofficial menu for today is Lasagna as we celebrate Garfield the Cat Day. It's time to watch the Watch on this Watch Day. On the International level we have World Sauntering Day, World Juggling Day, and World Martini Day.
  2. Morning LGO. Wanna Get Away today? Go Fishing. Splurge today, Take Back The Lunch Break today. Be sure to wear your BLUE Flip-Flops today.
  3. Talk about sucking up to the boss. Eat Your Vegetables today so that the Global Garbage Men don't have much to do. After your veggies, you can have some Apple Strudel and/or a Cherry Tart and Stewart's Root Beer to wash it all down with. Don't for get to share your snacks with your Mascot.
  4. And let's not forget who usually decides when to end a round and give the shiny to someone else. Today, we'll play LPW version of Iron Chef. The secret ingredient is Fudge.
  5. Now I expect to still have the shiny when I return in the morning or there'll be no treats tomorrow.
  6. And back to the mighty raptor once again so early in the morning. If I was you, I'd stay out of the water today. It's Megalodon Day. It's also Photography Day so get out the Smile Power, unless you're a Megalodon.
  7. The Penguin sending her minions after the fly must mean she has thing for it. Alright everyone, it's International Bath Day, so go take one to be ready for today's party, when announced. New Mexico will be serving Bourbon and Strawberry Shortcake. Gather round the Flag 🏳️‍🌈 pole and we'll play a game of Pop! Goes the Weasel.
  8. And back to me once again. For our Random Acts of Light today, let's get the Kitchen Klutzes of America out of the kitchen. Instead, have the Weed Your Garden instead. Don't let Children play with The Sewing Machine.
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