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  1. And back to me again. The Professional House Cleaners will be serving Apple Dumplings as a special today. Despite all the different weather models used, the weather forecasters still can't quite get it right. There was no more rain in my area for the rest of yesterday.
  2. It rained here during the night, but not at the moment. According to the hourly forecast it should rain most of the day. It's International Listening Day, so shut up and listen to me. Todays menu consists of Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Guacamole and Paw-Paw fruit. National Pawpaw Day on the third Thursday in September provides a taste of the great (forgotten) American fruit. Take a bite out of a creamy mango-banana flavored pawpaw to celebrate. An uncle had some trees on his farm. Before I forget it. The menu items, except the Paw-Paws are mad of Play-Doh.
  3. And back to the mighty raptor once again. As part of our Online Learning today, we will learn how to make Felt Hats, Cheese Toast, Linguine, Double Cheese Burgers, and Creme de Menthe. Sounds like a nice, full day.
  4. Okay, everybody. It's Parent's Day Off. They will get to eat Hoagies and Cream Filled Donuts furnished by Virginia. Remain Sober and we'll finish the day off with Ants On A Log. And now back to me again.
  5. And back to the mighty, morphin Raptor once again so early in the morning. Beware. It's Kid's Take Over The Kitchen Day. The secret ingredient will be Peanuts. To the folicly challenged, Bald Is Beautiful.
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